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A Coven most hellish

"El Coven de Innocente", send all your wee ones here. We will be sure to handle them with care!

By Novel AllenPublished 4 months ago Updated 4 months ago 4 min read

"Send your children, send them young, send them juicy, plump and spicy. We will stew them, cook and boil them, as we feast, their youth our treat".

The witches of "El coven de Innocente" had been around for centuries. They were a mostly young and vibrant group who operated a school for the training and grooming of young witches. Many students had passed through the great and grand halls of the beautiful palatial halls of the school.

Parents of little witches everywhere, joined the long list of applicants who fought tooth and nails every year to enroll their offsprings into such a prestigious witching institution.

Yet it seemed that a great many students and their families always moved away shortly after the little ones graduated. The general consensus was that they all went to live in a special secret place for the protection of the youngsters and families. This made parents even more eager to get their kids into El Innocente.

Mae and Mina were twin witchlings, they did everything together. In 2066 they both turned 8. They were quite excited today, Saturday the 6th of June, it was the day they would be headed to witching school.

They did not have to go very far, inside their bedroom was the closet which would transport them to El Innocente, this closet opened on the day they would leave. After they left it would again transform into a regular closet. They could use it on holidays, in case of emergency and upon graduation. Then never again would it be anything but a normal closet.

Parents hugged, cried and wished their young witches 'well met' for now. Take care, be good, brush your teeth, eat healthy veggies, we love you, listen to the teachers and bye for now.

Inside the school, children were appearing in closets in all the little dorm rooms of the exalted and venerated top witching school. The corridors rang sweetly with the angelic voices of the lovely little darling witches.


From the upper dorms the older kids emerged, raising hell and claiming senior space as the tore through the hallway scaring the newbies clean out of their wits.

They all met in the great hall, got assigned their specialist studies, teachers and classrooms. They listened to all the rules, pledged to be good students and had a wonderful feast of all manner of delicious foods.

The weekend went well as they all settled in, arranged their rooms, made new friends and rested well for the first day of school. The grounds of the school provided great exercises and plenty of fresh air and distractions for the young minds.

But way down below the school in the secret basement, witches of the coven were busy cooking up a feast. They were now in a forest within the basement, a most disturbing place, with eerie bats and trees and generally ominous sounding whispering voices screeching through the air.

The newly graduated class, their parents and siblings were being hosted to a treat by the teaching staff. They were tears and begging, pleading and praying. For no longer were these witching tutors and teachers young and lovely, they were aged and aging even faster.

You see, every year after graduation, the entire class of, well this year it was the 'class of 2066', would be sacrificed to make the teaching staff remain young. Half of them were already done and tending to the students up above.

One by one students and parents were being drained of their youth and their souls. They wailed and moaned and tried to run, but their feet were tethered to the ground by the gnarled roots of the ancient witching trees which stood with bare limbs pointing here and there.

Zip and zap went the old aching bones of the witches as they were transformed into lovely young women once again. The screams of the humans died as quickly as they had started. No one would hear them anyway, the basement rooms were bewitched and soundproofed.

Now on the ground laid the dried out remains of over one hundred lifeless human forms.

The evil witches started the huge cauldron to boiling, in went one hundred plus sets of meat and bones.

"Lovely tender juicy children, eye of man, arm of woman, bodies, bodies boiling, toiling, stirring. In goes pumpkin, curry, bee pollen, calamus root, catnip, chamomile, lavender, licorice root, myrtle, periwinkle, dash of skullcap, spearmint, witch hazel, vanilla bean and wild yam root. Into the cauldron, toil and boil now double, add a dash of salt and herbs a'plenty".

So now we see quite clearly where and why the parents and their children always disappear completely after each graduation day. The poor things never moved to a safer place. They got themselves cooked and baked and served to the unsuspecting students to fatten them up for the next year on graduation day.


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  • Randy Wayne Jellison-Knock4 months ago

    Well, mother & father, this is a fine stew you've gotten me into! I thought you told me not to stew over things that are beyond my control. The good news is that I'll still be apart of the studies here, at least until everyone has had a good poo. Okay, that's enough. Sorry about that. Great story!

  • Catherine Nyomenda4 months ago

    I stopped skimming and today I took my time to read one of your great stories. Great mind, great story!

  • Hahahhahahahahah this was so dark and delicious! I wanna eat them too, please 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Loved your story!

  • Sid Aaron Hirji4 months ago

    haha 666 love it

  • Hannah Moore4 months ago

    More of a farm than a school then!

  • Naveed 4 months ago

    Excellent work 🥰😘👌👍💖

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