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7 Familiars of Zero

One-Shot chapter

By BlankmarksPublished about a year ago 31 min read

It was that time of the year again, Springtime Summoning Festival. The time when the second years of Tristain Magical Academy finally summon their own servant, a familiar. Most of the students were nothing short of excited! That’s because today they will finally have a loyal servant that would cater to their every whim. They would perform for them to the best of their ability.

Aside from that though, they were also anxious. Anxious about what kind of familiar they would get.

A summoned familiar mirrors their master’s personality and elemental affinity. Who knows what hidden secrets their familiars may accidentally reveal to everyone?

Despite that though, their anxiety was overtaken by excitement. One by one, every student summoned their enteral companion. Some got impressive summons such as a salamander and even an azure dragon.

Yes, all of them have tried and succeeded in summoning a familiar.

Well, all but one.

The small petite girl with strawberry pink hair, Louise Valliere. Secretly, she was desperately hoping to be actually forgotten for once. For she is not like everyone else.

She is Louise the Zero, the only one incapable of using magic. But after today, she will be known by a different name. Which name, will depend on her choices in the coming days.

But before fate has its way, a balding middle-aged gentleman put a crack in her hopes of being forgotten. His name is Jean Colbert, the professor presiding over this future historic event.

Colbert: “All right then, has everyone had their turn?”

But the one to fully shatter her hopes was her bully and rival, Kirche von Zerbst. The busty chocolate beauty.

Kirche: “No, not quite. Ms. Valliere hasn’t done it.”

Louise: ‘Brimir, darn you Kirche.’

Louise, in her hiding spot behind the student body, grumbled about her rotten luck. To be called out by her of all people. But it doesn’t matter, she has to do this. If she succeeds, it will prove once and for all that she is a mage.

Maybe then, she’ll be respected and can finally deliver some good news to her family.

She goes to the summoning area and prepares to-

“Louise the zero.”

“What do you suppose she’ll summon”

“There’s no way she can summon anything. We’ll just have another explosion and nothing else.”

Kirche: “With all your boasting, you should be able to summon up something more amazing than this. Right, Louise?”

She says while petting her red-scaled salamander with a flaming tail. The background insults and chatter she can stand, but she won’t stay silent when it comes to Kirche.

Louise: “Well of course!”

She says that, but it’s all hot air if she fails. This is it, her last chance to prove herself. She grips her wand tight and prays for this to work.

She didn’t know it then but, someone was listening to her prayers.

Louise: “My servant that exists somewhere in this vast universe! My divine, beautiful, wise, and powerful servant, heed my call! I wish for this servant from the very bottom of my heart! Answer my guidance and APPEAR!”

“And so the die is cast.”

Louise ignores the sultry feminine voice in her head and raises her wand. She twirls it before striking down with the power of all her hopes and dreams.

Silence, that’s all there was. For that briefest of eternities, all was still. But the new reality birthed here demanded expansion. In the next instant, a large explosion rippled through the grass courtyard.

Unlike all of the previous ones, this was bigger and nearly forced everyone onto their knees. But the storm did pass and all that was left was a cloud of smoke.

The students quickly collected themselves and began their favorite pass time.

“Hah, I knew it! Once a Zero always a Zero.”

Many, but not all, are of the same opinion. They started to laugh at the clear failure of their resident Zero. That was until every familiar in the area started to shiver and shake.

The one most scared was Slyphid, the medium-sized blue dragon summoned by the petite blue-haired Tabitha.

Tabitha: “What?”

Her question brought Slyphid’s head around to look her in the eyes. With their intimate bond, Slyphid was able to respond telepathically.

Slyphid: ‘I smell her! I’m Frightened! But…there’s…more than just her…a…Predator.’

The panicked voice in her head startled Tabitha. For a rhyme dragon of all things to be frightened…

Tabitha: “What do you…mean?”

As for Louise, she couldn’t hear their insults, something was…wrong. Something was missing from her, she felt incomplete. Whatever happened, it’s related to the shadows within the smoke.

Louise: ‘Wait!? Shadows?’

First, it was a low growl of something, bigger than they ever thought possible. Then came the heavy tension in the air, reality itself seemed to shiver from the amount of power gathered in one spot.

When the smoke cleared, something completely unexpected awaited everyone. Not only did Louise summon a human but she summoned multiple familiars.

One was a voluptuous woman with long silver hair tied up at the end. She also sports an impressive wardrobe fit for a noble. Her most striking feature was her sapphire eyes that are looking at her fellow familiars with mixed emotions.

The next one had an even more sensual body but with red lace lingerie and red long straight hair. She seems to be sleeping on the grass peacefully despite all the chaos.

Finally, the most distressing was an unconscious injured boy. He had a dark green shirt with black jeans, black pull-on shoes and black fingerless gloves. He had the strangest set of dark green glasses they ever seen. A band stretched from one side to the other securing them to his head firmly. The tinted black lenses didn’t let anyone see his eyes.

He also had some strange black earmuffs with steel rods and a black bag with straps holding it to his back. His skin was fine olive and his hair was silver, like the first one.

They would’ve mocked Louise for summoning a commoner, a whore, and a strange near-death child. But the one that caught everyone’s attention was, of course, the dragon.

Unlike the other dragons, this one more resembled a wyvern. Its front limbs were wings instead of proper legs. Despite that, its power couldn’t be understated. The silver-haired woman kept a close eye on the dragon as if her slender body could do something if it acted.

Considering the madness of the situation, it’s forgivable that they didn’t notice a black snake slithering away from the danger zone. Nor did they notice the puddle of reddish sludge on the ground eager for something to come close.

For a while, no one said a word. Tensions were high and death was a given if something went wrong. Colbert gripped his staff until he bled and students backed away slowly.

As for Louise, she just couldn’t look away. Especially after what happened next.

“Kolo Zu’u, druv los tinvaak dovahzul?”

Kirche: “Did that dragon just…speak?”

The silver-haired one held up a hand as if to say “hold on a minute.” She pulled a ring out of her pocket and started speaking to the dragon in the same strange language.

After a few moments of conversation and looking around, they stopped and looked at Louise.

“Okay, who summoned us?”

All eyes went to the stunned Louise. Clearly, she has to take responsibility for…whatever this is. Any excitement she might have had for summoning a dragon went out the window along with sanity.

Louise: “I-I did. My name is Louise Francoise Le Blanc de La Valliere.”

“Well hi Louise, my name is Raskreia or Rask for short. This dragon is named Dovahkiin, strange name I know.”

Tensions lower and everyone starts to process what Louise the Zero somehow accomplished. She summoned a dragon and more. Commoners sure but still multiple familiars.

Raskreia: “Now, I have questions but first I think we should help the kid.”

Colbert finally escaped his shock and agreed. He asks some students to carry the boy to the infirmary.

As they do, he takes a better look at his injuries. He has light pieces of steel-plated armor torn and twisted around his body. As well as blotches of blood on his hair and clothes. If it wasn’t for the slight breathing, he would think he’s dead.

Colbert: ‘Who knows what could’ve happened if we delayed any further.’

“Ugh, what, is with the racket.”

A deadpan female voice echoed out. The red-haired commoner slowly sits up and scans the area with her squinted scarlet eyes. She then looks down at her lingerie-clad body, then at the ground, before turning to glare at everyone.

“I slept in an inn in my underwear, and I wake up in a summoning circle in them. Ugh, what even?”

Raskreia: “Well, looks who’s awake.”

She sighs.

“And I am surrounded by children and a strange dragon.”

Colbert: “Since everyone is awake, not including the injured, we should proceed with the bonding ritual.”

Raskreia: “Sure, if you’re going to explain to us what in the nine hells is going on here exactly and where we are?”

At this, Louise answers before the man could.

Louise: “You’re here because I summoned you all to be my familiar with the summon servant spell, and I am your master now.”

Rask rolls her eyes while the other 2 had more animated responds.

“Whoa, back the fuck up. Why should I be your familiar?”

Dovahkiin: “What do you mean by bonding?”

Everyone except Rask blinked. That was in Tristainian.

Dovahkiin: “Oh, so now my voice returns.”

Colbert: “You can speak our language?”

Dovahkiin: “I can speak this language, but before I was…confused and spoke in native Dovahzul.”

Raskreia: “Really? I guess I don’t need this anymore then.”

Rask puts the ring back in her bag.

Colbert: “Dovahzul, I haven’t heard of that language.”

“Neither have I, strange.”

Dovahkiin: “Enough of this, what do you mean by bonding?”

Despite the group before her, Louise bravely stepped forward again.

Louise: “The bonding ritual is a sacred ritual performed here at Tristian’s Academy of Magic. It’s where the mage who summoned a new familiar casts a spell to bind the two of them together. The animal, or in this animals, summoned becomes the mage’s servant. Because I summoned you all I get to bind you all to me.”

The reactions from all summoned present varied but none good.

Raskreia: “I’m fine with getting summoned but getting branded like some animal, no thanks.”

Louise’s mood quickly deteriorated but there’s still hope she thought. She summoned more than one, surely one would agree.

But that thought quickly faded away when the dragon growled. It drew itself up by stretching its wings down and glared at Louise.

Dovahkiin: “So you kidnap us from our homes and that gives you the right to make us your slave? We get no say in whether we get bound to you all. Is that right?”

Raskreia: ‘Oh no, they made the dragon mad. That’s never a good idea. No matter the plane.’

Colbert stepped in as Louise faltered and took several steps back.

Colbert: “It’s how the holy ritual has been performed for hundreds of years.”

Colbert: “We never summoned anything intelligent before or this many at the same time. There are no records of such an event happening in all of our lore. Because of that, we have no way to send you back.”

The dragon awkwardly walked around them. As if she had been sitting around for a long time and her legs had fallen asleep. They didn’t seem to notice the puddle of reddish sludge shaking violently at knowing it can’t go home.

Dovahkiin: “I for one refuse to become anyone’s slave. I simply want to return to the life I lived before this all occurred.”

Raskreia: “As for me, I don’t want to get branded. But I’ll still stick around for a while. It’s not like I have anything better to do anyway.”

Raskreia: ‘Besides, I can leave anytime I want. Might as well have fun in this new world. And if Dovahkiin is staying, I’ll stay. Her strange view of the world is interesting.’

Louise felt a flash of terror. The one she wanted the most is dead set on not becoming her familiar. Snickers and chatter softly erupt from the student body.

She grips her wand tightly, wishing this was all a dream. Unbeknownst to her, there was one that considered her offer.

The redhead smelt the anger, disappointment, agony even, reeking from the shrinking form of her summoner. She knows that Louise is suffering from the mockery and rejection.

She can sense the power within Louise is like a dying star ready to blast into a supernova. But her control over it is minuscule and pathetic.

Yet the students all around mock her for it. But what if someone knew of her potential? The world would definitely abuse and use her for it.

She knew intimately what happens in situations like that. Despite her previous obligations, the redhead made her choice.

“If a familiar is what you seek, then you shall have one. I agree to be yours.”

Almost everyone blinked in surprise and incredulity at the whore’s pledge to the zero. Even Louise was stunned by it, if not a bit disappointed. Many students scoffed and snickered but the most surprising response was from the dragon.

Dovahkiin: “You? You would subject yourself to being a slave to a child? I didn’t expect a Dovah to make such a choice.”

“Dovah? I see, that's your word for it. So you can tell?”

Dovahkiin: *Nod*

“I have my own reasons.”

The dragon blew out a hot gust of wind before leaving the subject alone. It’s not her place to force her out of her decision.

Everyone else however looked at the exchange with immense curiosity. Isn’t that redhead just some commoner whore? What did the dragon see that they failed to?

Raskreia: “Well I won’t judge you. It’s your choice.”

Louise reapplies her rule of steel mask and starts towards the redhead. She let out an indignant, resigned huff as she raised her wand.

Louise: “Consider yourself fortunate, commoner. Normally, you’d never in your life have a noble do this to you.”

Louise: “My name is Louise Francoise Le Blanc de La Valliere. Oh, pentagon that rules the five elements, bless this individual and-”

‘Did you think this was it?’

Louise tried to ignore that strange feminine voice but this time…she couldn’t. She let go of her wand and grasped at her chest. As if something beyond this world is trying to reunite with her.


Everyone, including the dragon, looks at Louise with concern. Before anyone could go to her and see what’s wrong, something else extraordinary happens.

Another explosion erupted behind the redhead but this time it was blue. Everyone braced for the impact in their own way. After a few moments, all that was left was another smoke cloud. But this was different, more ominous. Even the puddle of reddish sludge began to move away from the blast zone. It needs to quickly consume something if it wanted to survive what it felt.

Whatever was in the smoke caused all fighters to instinctively tense up. Good thing too, something metallic flew out of the blue smoke cloud. Colbert dodged the flying object and it landed just in front of the student body.

Dovahkiin started to growl and glare at the object. The redhead pushed Louise to the ground to protect her from whatever that was. Rask also looked surprised and glared at the obviously dangerous object.

Raskeria: “The hell was that?”

Curiosity overcame the class as the ones nearest to the metallic object had a look. It turns out it wasn’t an object but a golem. It had the physique of a knight. It was large and tall, its entire body was black along with some intricate lines that stretched all across its body.

Colbert: “A golem?”

Dovahkiin: “No, something more.”

The lines on the golem glowed red and slowly traced itself all the up to its head. A deep humming sound came from the golem. Before anyone could react, the golem lifted up the nearest student by the throat. That student is Guiche, the blond playboy.

Guiche: “Unhand me this instant!”

It didn’t respond instead it brought its other arm up and balled it into a fist.

Guiche: “You would dare hit a noble!? I tell you, my father is a gener-”

The golem’s fist suddenly split apart and what came out froze his blood. Some sort of blade emerged that had a deep ‘vroom’ sound. Countless smaller blades circulated around the perimeter of the blade.

Colbert: “Mister Grammont!”

All fighters attempted to save the boy but something else exploded out of the smoke. In an instant, the golem’s hand was severed and Guiche fell to the ground saved.

But more than that, the golem had a bright orange diagonal line stretching from its right shoulder all the way down to its hip. The top part of the golem fell on the ground with a heavy thud, frightening all the kids.

The stranger that saved Guiche had to be the strangest thing to happen. Her entire skin was a steel grey. She wore a white shirt that seemed to fit just right for her stature and pants that were the color of khaki. She also had those same lines as the golem. Unlike the golem though, the savior had curves and most importantly, hair. Pink hair.

Guiche: “L-Louise?”

Colbert: “But how?”

Everyone looked at the Louise we know being cradled by the redhead. She was still clutching her chest while staring at her doppelganger wide-eyed.

Raskeria: “Can this day get any crazier?”

Murmurs erupted from the crowd but they stopped when the doppelganger lifted Guiche by his uniform with ease. Once he found his footing he gave a muffled scoff. He was about to give a cheeky reply about how saving him doesn’t mean he’ll stop teasing when suddenly she pushed him.

Guiche: “How dare-”

He looked back up and to his shock, there was another black golem. This time Louise was standing between him and his death. She crossed her arms forming an X to block but it was unnecessary.

Finally, tired of being background characters, Rask and Dova acted. Dova bit down on the golem. It expected to rip it apart but to its surprise, the golem’s skin didn’t budge much.

Regardless, Dova took the golem and threw it across the field away from the students.

While this was happening, the redhead took Louise to a safe distance. She could help but she wanted to keep Louise safe for now.

Raskeria: “That has to be among the strongest golems I’ve ever seen.”

Dovahkiin: “It’s like a Dwemer automation but more…advanced somehow.”

Louise?: “I don’t remember you two when I left. Who are you two?”

Raskeria: “Talk later, fight now!”

Dovahkiin: “YOL TOOR SHUL!”

The dragon breathes intense heat at the golem while Raskeria casts a strange spell that also shoots bolts of fire.

The students would’ve been shocked that the assumed commoner can use wandless magic if it wasn’t for the fact the golem wasn’t badly harmed.

Raskeria: “Okay, that thing is too dangerous. Disintegrate.”

A thin green ray flies out of her hands, fully intent on turning this thing to ash. But to her surprise, the thing quickly sidesteps the ray.

Regardless of the failure, the doppelganger saw this as an opening. The soles of her feet begin to hum loudly before a short explosion propelled her forward. When she was right next to the golem, she propelled her knee upwards sending the golem 300 feet into the sky.

Dovah followed it into the sky, awkwardly at first, planning to end it. The doppelganger meanwhile brought her right arm up and transformed it into a circular shield big enough to cover 2/3 of her body.

This proved to be the right choice when the sound of lightning cracked from the cloud of dust.

Raskeria immediately created anti-physical magic shields for herself and the students. If it wasn’t for her honed senses over years of adventures, she would’ve put up the wrong shield.

Raskeria: “Another one!? To think, I was just hanging out with friends and now I have to fight for my life.”

Bullets rip the air and hammer the shields. Louise 2 didn’t stay in the same spot however. She pushed against the rain of metal waiting for the right moment.

Eventually, the sound of clicking reached her ears. She disassembled her shield and placed her hands behind her with her palms open.

Louise 2: ‘Here’s my chanc-”

Before she could engage the golem, something dropped from the sky hard. The resulting crash pushed aside the rest of the dust. The golem was crushed and the one who did it was another young boy.

He had brown boots, dark green jeans, a black tank top and a grey jacket with red streaks. He had shoulder-length black hair that caressed his handsome face.

Raskeria: “Did Louise summon another one? I can’t deny it, that’s impressive.”

Louise 2: “Friend or foe?”

Jake: “Depends on what happens next. The name’s Jake Logan Anderson, Jake will do.”

Dovahkiin: “FUS RO DAH”

Another explosion, bigger than all before erupted from the skies. Shortly after, the airborne golem crashed into the ground causing a deep crater to form. Dovah came down afterward with a few scratches.

Dovahkiin: ‘I need to get used to this body and fast. I hope that was the last of them.’

Louise 2 looked around the class hoping to find the person she was looking for. She saw Jean Colbert still shocked by the insanity before him.

Louise 2: “Mr. Colbert!”

This seemed to jog the man from his shock.

Colbert: “Um yes, what do you need Ms….you are Valliere right?”

Louise 2: “Yes. Evacuate everyone from this place right now.”

Raskeria: “Why? Isn’t it over?”

Jake: “No, it’s never that easy.”

Louise 2: “He’s right, this courtyard isn’t safe anymore.”

The doppelganger looked at the strangers she fought with.

Louise 2: “Can trust one of you to help Colbert protect everyone.”

Before any of them could answer, the red-head answered.

“I’ll protect him along with…you I guess.”

She’s now carrying an unconscious Louise. The doppelganger would’ve spared a glance at her twin if it wasn’t for the impending danger.

Louise 2: “And who are you?”

“My name is Aeterna Flamma, your familiar.”

Louise 2’s eyes widened slightly at that but quicker recomposed herself. She wanted to argue about letting her other half leave with Aeterna before the dragon spoke up.

Dovahkiin: “Trust her, she is stronger than she looks.”

Louise: 2: “…Fine. I won’t argue with a dragon. Especially not now.”

Aeterna: “Good, come on everyone.”

Colbert: “Y-You heard them, we can’t stay here any-”

Suddenly, the sound of something rattling made itself known throughout the courtyard. Louise 2 clicked her tongue.

Louise 2: “Go, NOW!”

They followed her order, many out of fear of the sight before them. The 3 golems slowly but surely collapsed into strange black sand.

Jake: “What the fuck?! Are these truly machines?”

Raskeria: “I’m starting to question that too.”

The sand began to move further away from the remaining fighters. When they were far enough it began to rise up and take a new form.

First, the legs were almost as big as Tabitha’s dragon but it didn’t stop there. The body had a wider waist but still retained its linear form. This informed the group that this new golem is more focused on strength than agility.

The arms were next. The left was a massive blade and the right was a massive claw hand.

Finally, the head was bulky enough to discourage any beheading. But the most important part was the lines connecting to the chest area.

Louise 2: ‘That’s its weak point.’

Its eyes finally light up and lock onto the fighters.

Louise 2: “Just my luck, a Ravager.”

Raskeria: “A what?”

The Ravager reeled back and gave a loud hum that was equal to a beast’s roar. Dovahkiin roared back in a show of will. The combined roar echoed throughout the area, past the academy, and into the distant forest.

Louse unleashed her arm-blades and did one last thing that surprised everyone. Large grey things protruded from her back which hummed while also giving a light pink glow. With that, she started to float.

Jake didn’t let her steal the show by turning his arm into a strange bio-blade. Everyone was ready for the last round of the fight.

Louise 2: “Go!”

With a burst of speed, she charged the Ravager with Jake while giving a war cry. Dovah took to the sky and rained fire and ice onto the machine.

Raskeria aided the group with various spells, mostly fire and stuff like ‘Create Pit’.

But the most impressive spell was ‘haste’. Jake and Louise felt a new burst of speed that allowed them to dodge the massive blade much easier.

Jake used the opening to slash the Ravager but the blade shattered on impact. Not losing any steam, Jake switched to a blunt bioweapon that knocked a leg into a pit.

Ravager retaliated by swinging the claw hand at Jake. He caught the attack with some difficulty which gave Louise 2 time to unleash various bladed strikes aimed at its chest.

Ravager tried to pull its claw hand to defend but Jake held on. It attempted to slice him apart with its blade but Dovah came in and struck it hard with its legs. The colossus toppled over by the force of the blow.

Raskeria: “Yeah, stay right there. Disintegrate.”

Like before, a green ray flew out of Raskeria’s hands and this time it hit. It fell into the hole and collapsed back into black sand.

Louise 2: “That won’t be enough! We need to destroy its core.”

Jake: “Where is it then!?”

Louise 2: “It was in its chest but who knows where it will be when it reforms.”

They look back at Rask and she couldn’t help but rub the back of her head.

Raskeria: “My bad.”

Jake: “Tch, it’s like fighting a machine version of me.”

Dovahkiin: “FO KRAH DIIN”

The dragon breathed chilling ice into the hole, causing the black sand to solidly freeze. Louise 2 helped by placing her hand behind her lower hip. A circular compartment opened and a black ball landed on to her palm.

She threw it into the pit and as soon as it hit the frozen black sand, the ball split into 4 quarter spheres. They planted themselves around the hole and created a circular white field of energy.

Louise 2: “That will buy us a few precious moments. We need to kill this thing fast before it can adapt to everything we can throw at it. Especially since it got hit with magic.”

Raskeria: “What do you mean?”

Louise 2: “I don’t know for sure but the Ravager’s ability to adapt is unmatched. If it can adapt to magic then we’re done. So hold it off while I find the weak point and rip it out.”

Jake: “…Fine.”

The other 2 nodded and got into position.

After a few agonizing moments, they heard the ice shatter. Shortly after, the light within the hole flickered before dying. A black shadow exploded out of the hold and to everyone’s horror, the Ravager was flying.

It looked like a bastardization of a dragon. Mangled mouth, bladed wings, and 4 limbs designed to kill. The 2 front limbs are like before, blade and claw. The back limbs though are machine guns.

Louise 2: “You got to be kidding me.”

The Ravager started firing at everything below. Raskeria created another shield around everyone to block the heavy bullet fire.

Raskeria: “Dovahkiin, this is all you. I’ll focus on protecting everyone while you distract it enough to prevent it from firing.”

Without saying a word, Dovah went into the skies to fight the insult to its kind. Jake started to climb the walls to get a good angle for jumping on the thing.

Despite Dovah’s best efforts though, Ravager wasn’t that bothered by it’s attacks. That was until Dovah started using more unique shouts.

Dovahkiin: “VEN GAAR NOS!”

A large cyclone of wind appeared around Ravager which threw off its flight and aim. Dovah continued battering it with ice breath. Eventually, the Ravager turned its full attention to Dovah.

Louise 2: “Great, bring it down quick! I can see where the core is! Focus your attacks on its head!”

Raskeria: “I still need to keep the shield on Dovahkiin so I can’t attack.”

Louise 2: “That’s a good thing, just focus on support.”

Jake finally found a good angle and jumped on the Ravager. He started to hammer its head, trying to open a hole into it’s core. Dovah helped by striking its head with claw and talon.

Thanks to their various attacks, Ravager was getting closer to the ground. But that victory was short-lived. Ravager started to glow and before the two attackers could react, it exploded with blue electricity and fire.

Raskeria: “Was that…magic?”

Louise 2: “No, not yet anyway. It’s not too late, I’ll rip out that core even if I have to force myself to fly up there.”

Dova shrugged it off but still lost some ground. Jake on the other hand was on fire and falling.

Jake: ‘Of course, it had to use fire and lightning of all things.’

Jake would eventually regenerate any damage done but the lightning will slow him down. Regardless, he’ll get back into the action. But the Ravager doesn’t know that, it sees a near-death opponent.

It abandoned the dragon and went to delete the living weapon. But before it could, another welcomed surprise appeared. The final and winning variable.

A new creature entered the battle and it was even bigger than the Ravager. It was dark and covered the entire school with its shadow. The beast tucked in its wings and dived into the Ravager.

The force of the blow sent the machine crashing back to the earth. The new beast followed soon after and landed. The ground shook from both of their landings.

It stood like a human and uses its arms to hold down the Ravager. Its horns curled into a great crest over its head. It was a dragon.

There was a bulky quality to the dragon that made it seem mighty and proud. From its armor-like scales to its sword-like wings to its powerful claws, this being existed for battle.

Proven by the useless struggle of the Ravager. But Louise 2 was no fool. Even this new dragon would fall if the Ravager got used to its strength.

Louise 2: “I don’t know who you are but if you can understand me, keep it down while I end this.”

The new dragon complied and held Ravager up where she could get a good shot without hitting the dragon in the process. As if it knew what her plan was.

She took a deep breath, fell forward, and went on all fours with the right arm and left leg supporting her. In this form, she flared her wings.

Louise 2: ‘This might be really stupid and life-threatening but this Ravager could be the most dangerous thing in existence. That’s if it’s given enough time to adapt to everything we threw at it. I need to kill it, no matter the cost.’

The distance between them became smaller.

A low humming sound that was slowly rising in pitch entered Louise 2’s ears. The intricate lines that marked her whole body glowed pink. Steam rose between the line. With every breath she took, scalding steam escaped her mouth.

20 meters

Arcs of pink electricity started to form around her.

15 meters

She opened her eyes; her vision was surrounded by plenty of warnings but she dismissed them.

10 meters

Louise 2: “Adapt to this!”

5 meters

Her wings released a large force, destroying the entire wall behind her. At the same time, her left foot also gave out a large force that launched her toward the Ravager at godly speeds. Thanks to ‘haste’, it was even faster than normal.

Starting from 0 all the up to Mach 10. For every 5 meters she crossed, an extra Mach 5 was added. By the time she reached the Ravager, she was going at Mach 30.

The sonic boom made it into everyone’s ears. Students screamed and even the fighters had to cover their ears as the ground quaked.

The fighters aside from Jake ran up to the aftermath of the attack. Colbert also came running despite Aeterna’s warning.

Good news, the Ravager now sported a missing head. Bad news, behind the Ravager was a badly damaged Louise 2.

To everyone’s horror, her arms were bent unnaturally and they, along with her legs, looked like they were caught in a very powerful explosion. Steam wafted from her body along with the occasional pink sparks. Colbert had to shield his face at the amount of heat she was giving off. Everyone else seemed fine though.

Raskeria: “Okay, that looks terrible. But I can fix this.”

She started to create ice to cool her down before applying healing magic. But before she could a voice stopped her.


The group turned to see another golem. They were about to start blasting, but that was until they noticed something. This one was different, it was blue with white lines on its side. It didn’t sport a head but instead a dome. Its body was cylindrical in shape. On the bottom, it was giving off some sort of glow like Louise’s wings.

Colbert: “Stop, any closer and we’ll consider you an enemy!”

Raskeria: “I vote enemy, where was he when everything was going wrong?”

Louise 2: “B-Bench? I-Is that…y-you?”

They all look back to Louise 2 with worry etched on their faces. It was a bit harder to tell on the dragons’ faces but they obviously cared about their ally.

Colbert: “Miss Valliere!”

Louise 2: “Please…let Bench…come to me…professor.”

Raskeria: “But what about my magic? I can heal you good as new.”

Louise 2: “Don’t…I…d-don’t know…what effect it…will h-have.”

Bench: “Listen to her, I know what to do. Trust me, she’s in good hands.”

Raskeria: “…Fine. This whole thing is beyond me anyway.”

Heeding his words, Raskeria and Colbert moved out of the way. Bench approached Louise 2 and a blue line scanned her entire being.

Bench: “You’ve really done it this time Louise.”

Louise 2: “Why does…it…matter…I destroyed…the Ravager.”

Bench: “I don’t know for sure if I can fix you up. The best I can do would be probably to cool you down so that you don’t overheat.”

Raskeria: ‘You mean what I was going to do?’

Louise 2: “Then would…this help?”

She asks while letting go of a red orb that was giving a low hum.

Bench: “Is that what I think it is?”

Louise 2: “Y-You bet…it is.”

A blue line passed over the orb from Bench.

Bench: “I can’t believe it, a Ravager core.”

Raskeria: “You mean that’s what we were fighting to destroy? Why is it intact?”

Bench: “Because this might be the only sure way to save Louise.”

Raskeria: “Magic is out but the core of that monster is okay?”

Dovahkiin: “I agree, destroy it.”

Bench: “Look, what if your magic doesn’t work but hurts her instead? If we destroy this, that’s it. Louise dies. Do you want that?”

Raskeria: “No but I’m keeping my eye on you…and that.”

Bench: “By all means.”

Louise 2: “So…can you…d-do it Bench?”

Bench: “Do you know who you’re talking to?

Louise 2: “That’s…good.”

Louise 2 finally succumbs to her wounds and passes out. Bench looks to Colbert and gives a stern order.

Bench: “Take me to where your clinic is, I have a Hunter to repair!”

Jake: “Wait a minute!”

Everyone looks to a fully healed Jake who’s storming toward Colbert. He grabs the man by the collar of his clothes.

Bench: “What are you doing?!”

Jake: “Just because I helped defeat that thing doesn’t mean we’re allies. I need some answers.”

Raskeria: “Calm down Jake, do you really want to fight everyone here?”

Jake: “…”

Colbert: “W-What do you want to know?”

Bench: “We don’t have time for this! Louise will die if Colbert doesn’t show me to the clinic.”

Jake: “I don’t care.”

Bench: “You-”

Suddenly, a bright light appeared on everyone’s side. The massive dragon started to magically compress into a more human shape. Eventually, a man in his thirties with rich brown skin, short dark red hair, and hazel eyes appeared.

His armor was a sight to behold. Pieces of armor don over a colorful robe. He had a sword at his belt and a magnificent staff on his back. Finally, a strange necklace graced his muscular chest.

Even the more prideful of the group couldn’t help but acknowledge the power and sheer royalty coming off of him. Next, they felt a charge tingle their skin.

“Can you understand me?”

Raskeria: ‘A translation spell? Oh, he’s good.’

Colbert: “Y-Yes.”

“Wonderful, my name is Zander and I’ll take them to the clinic.”

Colbert: “But how? You don’t know the way.”

Zander: “I’ll ask one of the students or the staff. I’m sure they’ll help.”

With a slight twist of his wrist, Louise begins to float off the ground.

Zander: “Shall we go Bench?”

Bench: “Yes, quickly now.”

They begin to leave but before that Zander gives a sharp glare to Jake.

Zander: “I hope I don’t have to come back here and deal with you Jake. I rather we be friends than enemies.”

Jake scoffs at the notion but says nothing more. Even he can understand that the being before him is the strongest one in the courtyard. He’s going to need some time if they come to blows. Secretly though, Jake hopes that doesn’t happen.

No one said a word until Zander was gone.

Colbert: “Okay, so what do you want to know Jake.”

Jake: “After everything I just saw and heard, I’m not going to question magic or the fact I’m in another world. I know there’s nothing like these things on earth. But…”

Jake hands start shake with rage and a perhaps even worry.

Jake: “You need to go back to New York.”

Colbert: “I’m sorry but…there’s no way back. None that we know of.”

The moment those words left his mouth, he felt the urge lash out against this cruel joke.

No way to get back to New York meant Blackwatch ran free and the only family he has left was in danger.

The only reason why he hasn’t gone on a rampage is because of the other summons. Based on his instincts and the fight, he knew it wouldn’t be an easy fight. Especially with…Zander around.

Jake isn’t stupid, he knows when to bide his time. Despite that, he still couldn’t fully contain his fury.

Jake: “You think this is easy for me? I want to go back and kill every last one of those Blackwatch bastards but that pink-haired bitch pulled me here!”

Colbert: “Sir, I’m truly sorry but there is no way to reverse this.”

Jake gritted his teeth in frustration. He wanted to destroy Blackwatch and Gentek personally and slowly for what they did to him. For his parents, for the people, and aunt Dana.

Raskeria: “There might be a way.”

Everyone turned toward the girl. Jake’s eyes widened with relief but also slow-cooking anger.

Jake: “Tell me.”

Raskeria: “I have the ability to use the 9th level spell ‘gate’ to teleport through the planes. If your world is out there, I can send you back.”

Jake: “Then-”

Raskeria: “But I don’t know where it is. You either have to describe it the best you can and hope I find it or…”

Jake: “Or?”

Raskeria: “Learn magic and go yourself.”

Colbert: “Learn magic?”

Raskeria: “Yeah, it will be hard but it can be done.”

Jake: “…”

Jake thought about it. He saw how powerful magic can be. If he brought that back to New York, Blackwatch wouldn’t stand a chance. Not like they stood much of one anyway.

But still, time is of the essence. He can’t be gone for long.

Jake: “How long would it take for me to learn.”

Raskeria: “Depends on you and I’m not the best teacher. I can find someone better though. Regardless, it can take up to a few months or a few years. You’re aiming for ‘gate’ after all.”

Jake: ‘Years!? No, I don’t have that kind of time. I’ll leave that as backup.’

Jake: “Both. I’ll learn a bit and see if I can do it fast. In the meantime, tell me when you make any progress.”

Raskeria: “Sure, sure. Right now though, I’m tired. I’m going home and telling everyone what happened. See you. ‘gate’.”

A rip in reality appears behind Raskeria. She yawns and goes through which causes it to close.

Jake: *Sigh*

Jake: “If anyone needs me, I’ll be taking a walk. I need to eat something after all that. That unlucky bird wasn’t enough.”

Jake jumps over the walls and vanishes into the forest. Colbert looks like he’s aged a few decades from this whole event. But at least, it’s almost over.

Colbert: “Well, you’re the last one. What will you do?”

Dovahkiin: “Stay for now. Jake’s situation seemed more serious than mine so he can get the gate treatment first. Besides…”

Dovahkiin: ‘It’s not all Louise’s fault that I ended up here. Damn that dedric prince.’

Colbert: “Yes?”

Dovahkiin: “Nothing. I’ll explore the surrounding area and get the lay of the land. I’ll also keep an eye on Jake just in case.”

Colbert nodded and stepped further back to allow Dovah to sweep her wings up and down. She leaps into the air and starts flying over the academy and forests in a circular pattern.

Colbert: “Brimir save us, what has Louise unleashed…”

[Louise’s Room]

The battle was over and the wounded were taken to the clinic. But Aeterna’s master hasn’t woken up yet. She learned where Louise’s room is and takes her there.

She gently takes her to the bed and lies her down.

Aeterna: “Already, that power is drawing dangerous things to you.”

She looks around the room and notices the decorum. Not too fancy but fit for a noble. The thing that drew attention though was the pile of hay.

Aeterna: “Did she really expect me to sleep on that? I guess she was expecting an animal though.”

She looks down at her body and remembers that she’s still wearing lingerie.

Aeterna: “I better change out of this. The battle is over so I’m sure Louise will be fine for a while. I can probably get the maid outfit and a job at the same time.”

With that thought, Aeterna leaves the room.

From the darkness of the room emerges a black snake. The last and omega familiar. He slithers onto the bed and thinks to itself.

‘This is a very interesting playground I’ve ended up in. But it’s no problem for me, I’ve been through worse. What matters now, is controlling the most important piece on the board.’

‘Sweet dreams Louise.’

The snake faded back into the darkness of the room and waited patiently for his time strike. The only real problem is that redhead. If he can convince Louise to bond with him first, she’ll be his. She doesn’t yet realize the immense power that dwells with the redhead. He’ll be a better choice, especially when offers her overwhelming power.

But unknown to the snake and everyone else, something else was stirring. The borders between realities have weaken and the first sign of what’s to come bleeds into this world.

Outside, in the shadows of the courtyard, a rip in the reality opens and spits out a curiosity. A sword that freeze the surrounding air and calls for the dead to rise. If only a soul would wield it.

Among the clouds and across the forest, more rips threaten to form.

‘Let the games begin.’

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I’m Blankmarks and I love magic and fiction. I’ll write about various magic types and concepts not only for fun but to help writers create new magical worlds. I'll also post short stories, writing tips, and more.

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