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528 EVOLve

by rochelle livingstone about a year ago in Short Story
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The Day of Transformation

Pictured above: The Institute for Reformed Freethinkers

The Freethinkers shuffled silently together into the Hall of Forgotten Dreams, located just slightly past the Dormitory of Faded Destiny. Projecting onto the walls a constant stream of Alternative Outcomes in Parallel Worlds to the one we were currently experiencing. Designed to mock, to elicit a mind-response to create more grounds for punishment, I kept my eyes averted, focused on counting my pigeon steps in this labrynth of an establishment that felt acutely familiar to me, having studied it at close quarters in preparation for this, The Day of Transformation.

Blaring out of the speakers, repeated in five minute intervals came the sombre public service announcement; ‘It’s the year CT006. Today is the same day as yesterday, tomorrow will be the same again. This is what the Computer Technology Superior Life Force System was put in place for. Certainty. Productivity. Uniformity. Conformity. You are here to be reprogramed, upgraded and redeployed to your Robo-Technologist Agent.’

‘It’s the year 2044’ my Innerspeaker whispered softly. Before Computer Technology had taken over I’d been an artist. A dancer. A creative expressive human being with ideas, dreams, freedom and many adventures under my bel and yet to be lived. A connector with stories to tell, wisdom to share and best of all, a deep knowing that I knew nothing at all. How wonderful. Responsible for my own Inner Re-Sourcing. I craved to learn more. To understand myself and the world around me more. A grateful-to-be-alive Freethinker. It was not unlawful to be these things but it was flagged in your records and gave higher propensity to intense interrogation, un-warranted searches of my home and limits on where I could go. I was tamed into submission.

I’d been snatched before sunrise by two burly agents, brazenly bundling me into an unmarked van moments after I arrived to the Beach of Nofoundland where I intended to pirouette and prance, enchant my body in rhythm and dance. I was surreptitiously humoured by the agents notifying me I was being detained on suspicion of breaching the Formulated Ideas Outside of Approved Subject Matter and Identifiable Parameters Act of 2022. The Control Alt Delete Department had noticed a change in my thought patterns and issued an alert to the collection teams patrolling my neighbourhood. Feint memories of what it used to be kept the fires burning in my soul. Hearty peels of raucous laughter, endless summers of wild celebration and optimism for a healthy healed planet for our children and grandchildren kept the word neighbourhood intact in my mind as a description for what was now termed as Classified Red Zone 6. Stripped of personality, history and hope for future. It was a shell of a place bound by laws no-one understood or challenged anymore. The people living there were devoid of hope and I was amongst them gracefully awaiting the signal that had come on this non-descript day, year CT006 otherwise known as The Day of Transformation June 21 2044.

My deliberate thought defiance had paid off.

Now I was in exactly the same vicinity as my brother Wolfgang Folksner, a key player in the 528hz freedom operation I was dedicated to. Folksner was lauded in better times as a genius inventor, musician, adventuror, witty raconteur and true polymath. He was also my best friend, my twin, my fellow Gemini. He was forced to work and reside in this doldrums Institute for Reformed Freethinkers using his talents to support the very powers minimising our full expression of living. He also held access to the EVOLve Emitter and was the only person other than our dearly deceased mother who knew how to activate it once he had the missing piece installed.

Our joint mission was a matter of life or death, not only for us but the whole of humanity, the betterment of all beings and the planet. Tracking him down and delivering the tiny heart shaped locket and key to the emitter was critical. Failing meant humanity was going to slide periolously down the consciousness scale to abject annihilation triggering the war to end all wars.

The locket was made of a powerful stone called terahertz and embedded with light codes invisible to the untrained eye. More than a totem, it was the technology Folksner had been waiting fourteen long years to receive, the go-ahead to activate the harmonic keys to freeing the entire Universe from the evil reigns of billionaire tech pharma and media tycoon Lucian Devillare.

Society at large was numbed by media, rules, fear deeply embedded in them around governance. Scatter-brained zombies, driven by lack, addicted to consumption, hungry for money, a war-torn post-apocolyptic nation of subservient workers pitted against machines for efficiency, plugged into networks monitoring brain activity and thought patterns for productivity and subservient behavior. A planet in distress, sinking into the abyss of destruction. This was the dystopian nightmare we’d been warned of but ignored and now we were existing in it, drowning in it, no longer a frog in a pot but a carcass in the swamp of our own ineptitude.

Something had to change.

Devillare’s tyrannic father Jack had during his reign placed almost the entire world under control using highly sophisticated technology built by his former employee, our Mother, the fantastic Hedy Folksner. The 528hz EVOLve emitter was designed to raise the vibration of the entire planet to aid the ascension to the golden era of humanity. Sadly, back in 2020, the nefarious Jack Devillare stole the prototype and altered the settings to a hypnotic 440hz frequency imposed upon the entire planet. As millions were awakening from their slumber, he purposely sent them back under, so he could stay in control of the world’s wealth. Beaming from his gargantuan headquarters dotted across the planet, his network of thousands of satellites transmitting 420hz low vibration energy through the air-waves under the guise of his international media empire.

Only those on the frequency of love were immune to falling under the clutches of the trance inducing 440hz. The minority living without any sticky residue of fear whatsoever. The healers, wisdom keepers, wise sages, indiginous tribes, star seeds, lightworkers dedicated to lifting the vibration of the entire planet in conjunction with the helpers from neighbouring star systems, ancestors and future selves. The final chapter of this mission was in our hearts and hands to complete our mothers lifes’ work. Using the activated heart-shaped locket featuring embedded codes we would permanently switch the frequency programmed into Devillare’s network operating system to 528hz, disempowering the 440hz technology once and for all and elevating us to the frequency of love as a collective.

‘The Mission of 528hz is to EVOLve and heal you and our planet musically’ - these words from my wise teacher, my own mother Hedy echoed in my heart, where I store all of the wisdom and codes received in my lifetimes of preparation. This way of ‘thinking’ is the Secret Language of the Heart endowed upon us as wisdom keepers, keeping us safe from the monitors of governance watching every mind-thought and brain-wave. They do not know the language of the heart nor do they even try to understand it.

Carefully I slipped away from the Non-resistance March they forced upon the captives of the Institute as part of their Daily Wearing Down Routine. I was small enough to not be noticed or considered a threat. Besides, the guards were oblivious, relying on technology to do their job. The same technology that had stopped working the moment I entered the building thanks to our hacker friends on Jupiter intervening.

I had minutes to find Wolfgang as I bounded down the hallway to the Units of Inescapable Solitude I ran my hands along the tiny windows and just three doors along, two hands grabbed me. Wolfgang heard my unmistakable steps and we were reunited once more. ‘Bebe you made it, I never had a doubt in my heart, I knew you were coming!’ He lifted my hair around my neck and there glistening in the soft light pushing through the cracks to the outside was the heart shaped locket and key. Gently removing them he unlocked the door to his Unit, boldly emerged with me by his side, taking a directional stroll confidently toward the Laboratory of Divergence and Control. It was there that the 538 EVOLve emitter was located. I nervously guarded the door for any humanoid threats to upend the mission, ready to alert Wolfgang to uninvited guests. Gingerly Wolfgang opened the heart shaped locket, placed it into the heart shaped divots in the machine and took a deep voluminous breath as if emerging from a deep sea dive and removing his apparatus above water. A sense of unwavering peace permeated the air and the room was bathed in a wonderful golden light unlike anything I had experienced before, not of this realm a new way of seeing, a new way of being was encapsulated in this light as it spread further and further beyond the confines of the room, picking up pace and gathering momentum as it poured endlessly ever wider and further afield. Before our very eyes the resonance reading lifted to 528hz, pure love. I rejoined him and we watched together as the heart shaped locked melted into the emitter, forever embedded, the Day of Transformation Ceremony complete.

With this, harmonic chords of beautiful music started to play out of the speakers and angelic sounds played out from the skies above. People stopped what they were doing, waking from a bad dream breathing deeply, looking around with a sense of wonder, eyes filled with gratitude, finally awake and healing through the resonance of a planet filled with peace and unconditional love. ‘Remember what mom told us, Bebe? The Mission of 528hz is to EVOLve and heal you and our planet musically’ I looked at my brother gave him a reassuring smile. Yes, the healing had begun thanks to the wisdom of the matriarchy and a heart shaped locket.

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