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30th Birthday Reminder

It's never too late

By RilayaPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

The three of us sat around the table.

The place was my all-time favourite cafe that I have been visiting since I was a kid. I knew exactly what each one of us wanted to have.So without asking, I called the waiter .The waiter gave me a weird look when I placed the order for me and my guests. But noted it down anyway and left to get it prepared.

Being the host and the eldest among all, I began to speak.

"I have always wanted to have this meeting. There has been so much to say but never found the chance to. I have turned 30 today and there are some things that I want to tell you. The things about life that I experienced ,learned and finally understood."

My 20-year old self listened to me keenly while the 10-year old me seemed somewhat uninterested.

" am talking to you." The 30-year old me said to the 10-year old me.

"Oh..sorry..I thought you were talking to her" the 10-year old rambled pointing towards the 20-year old me.

"No, I meant both...." I couldn't finish my sentence as the waiter had come to place beverages we ordered on our table.

When he left, I repeated again

"No, I meant both of you"

The 20-year giggled while drinking the soda. "we're the same person,people!! Let's just call us ..US!"

"Well...." I began to speak.

"Or even better, let's just name us 10, 20 and 30!" The 20-year old interrupted.

The 10 year old nodded in agreement.

I agreed as well."I like this idea! So 10 and 20, I am here to tell you a few things that you need to know .

First of all ..10 needs to be a little more expressive. Tell mama that I love her. And Oh dear ! Please don't give all my food to the cat . Don't fight with the sister all the time. She isn't going to stay long . Share those toys with the cousins but I am not bound to give them away the things I love the most when they ask for them.Call that best friend who moved to a different city to tell her that I miss meeting her everyday and please tell the teacher about the bullies in class." I said sipping my coffee.

"You're right..I miss that friend too" 20 said, looking a little sad.

"Oh yes and 20, stop texting the so-called friends who don't even reply.

Keep the friend circle small and real please."

"But if I don't follow the cool crowd, I will be left alone" 20 tried to explain.

"I learned the hard way later on in life, but they will leave anyway. Why invest my time and energy in them" I replied.

"I don't know, even the teachers tell us to build a network. It's not just fun and play. It's actually smart thinking. For the future. For 30!" 20 exclaimed.

"I am 30 and I am telling you that it's of no use. The "cool-crowd" is not necessarily the useful crowd. Besides, building a network and having some real friends are two different things. You can't rely on these people emotionally can you? You can't trust them with anything. That's not a friend circle, that's not a professional network either. Please stop wasting time in them. Work on the useful skills. Work on my body and mental health. Stop overthinking and have some brains about who you choose to be-friend." I stated.

10 sat quietly ,playing with the straw of the ice-cream shake ,looking at both of us.

"10? Don't you have anything to say?" I asked.

"Well..."10 began. "Actually I didn't know we gathered here to take lessons from the future, I thought we are gathered around here to remind 30 about the things that have been forgotten".

"10 has a point" 20 joined in."it's useless to talk to the past but things can be done in the future".

"Hmmm..." I began.."So, what does 10 want to remind 30?"

10 handed me over some crippled pieces of papers stapled together and said. "Finish this story...."

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  • Centina Alexa König-Weichhardt3 months ago

    This is a really nice idea - liked it a lot :)

  • Ahna Lewis3 months ago

    So creative! I especially liked the part at the end where 10 hands the narrator the story. Reminds me of all the “books” I started writing as a kid, but never finished.

  • This was very interesting. I like it.

  • Donna Renee3 months ago

    Awww I love it! This was really a cool idea and had lots of good messages.

  • Rilaya (Author)3 months ago

    I wrote this piece as I have always wanted to talk to my past self.but what if my past self wanted to talk to me? If you find it interesting to read. Please show some support. Kind regards

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