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30 Riddles to Train Your Brain

Spot All Bad Guys:

By love okerePublished 6 months ago 3 min read

Oliver was walking in the rain when he suddenly noticed a woman without an umbrella or hat who wasn't getting wet at all. He wondered how this was possible. As it turns out, the woman was walking inside a covered area, such as a covered sidewalk, which protected her from the rain.

Next, four friends went hiking and took a picture by the lake. Something seemed off in the picture. If you look closely, you'll notice that one of the guys doesn't have a reflection in the water.

Sarah checked into a fancy hotel and felt hungry, but she missed dinner hours. So she decided to order a vegan dinner set through room service. Shortly after, someone knocked on her door. When she looked through the peephole, she realized it was a fake waitress. She wondered how the waitress knew she ordered a vegan meal. The truth was, the waitress was fake because she didn't know about Sarah's dietary preference.

Kelly and Kim got into a quarrel on a plane. Kelly was so angry that she ran up to the exit door, opened it, and jumped out. Surprisingly, she survived the fall, albeit with a broken leg. The reason she survived was that the plane had already landed before Kelly's impulsive act.

Nick's car ran out of gas, so he sought help at a cabin in the woods. Inside the cabin, he found three people who offered to assist him, but on one condition: he had to stay there forever. The truth was that Nick stumbled upon a group of runaway criminals who were afraid he would reveal their location if he left.

Detective Robinson received a distress call from his neighbor Ethan, who claimed that someone had attacked his wife. When Robinson arrived at Ethan's house, he quickly realized it was an April Fools' Day prank. The scene he witnessed was a prank set up by Ethan and his wife.

In a city taken over by zombies, a group of zombies stood before you. Your task was to identify the only male among them. If you observed closely, you would notice that the first zombie was wearing a bra, and the second one had a badge with a female picture and name. Therefore, the third zombie was the only male.

Tom, who works in a Secret Agency specializing in people with psychic abilities, was conducting interviews with three individuals claiming to be superheroes. His goal was to identify the person with actual supernatural powers. If you paid attention, you would notice that the third lady was holding her phone with the power of her mind, without even touching it.

Bella and her friend took two pictures on the beach, and your task was to spot ten differences between them. You could pause the video if you needed additional time to find the differences.

Steve arrived at work and turned on his corporate laptop, only to realize that someone had changed the password. He found a sticker with a clue: "32 18 29." After attempting those numbers as the password, he discovered it didn't work. The correct solution was to literally enter the numbers as "3_2 1_8 2_9," with underscores replacing the spaces.

Gabriel, an art teacher, entered the studio to check his students' work and had to identify a ghost among them. If you observed closely, you would notice that the model, who was posing for a portrait, could be seen through by everyone.

Dan woke up trapped in a creepy cage and needed to figure out a five-number code to escape. He had a picture as a clue. By counting the number of legs each object in the picture had, Dan could determine the code: two legs for the human, zero legs for the fish, six legs for the ladybug, four legs for the dog, and eight legs for the spider. So the correct code was "


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