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by Ahmani Brown 4 months ago in Sci Fi

By Ahmani Brown

M. H. Unit 3

Entry log: M. Humanoid Unit 3 of 3 - Reclamation Survey 001:

Planet: Earth

Observation: Planet has shown no signs of life. Thick black clouds still blackout 70% of the sunlight. A 12 centimeter layer of soot has formed above surface level. 40% of this planet's water remains. The rest is crushed under corpus amounts of scraps and garbage. Automated factories still produce smog. Shutting down factories seems to be a likely solution.

Entry log: M. H. Unit 3 of 5 - Reclamation Survey 003:

Planet: Earth

Observation: Remaining Automated Factors have begun to run "Self-Preservation Protocol".

Hypothesis: Remaining Automated Factors may have created a private network to relay information. If so, then the Shutdown Objective may prove impossible for the number of M.H. Units Available.

The Shutdown Objective may have to take more drastic measures in order to achieve ideal progress.

Entry log: M. H. Unit 3 of 20 - Reclamation Survey 010:

Planet: Earth

Observation: R.A.F. have started manufacturing Combat Units. M.H.Unit 3 requests the immediate approval of the Weapons Release Program.

Hypothesis: R.A.F. Objective may have switched from Self-Preservation to Elimination of Foreign Entities.

Entry log: M.H. Unit 3 of 15 - Reclamation Survey 010:

Planet: Earth

Status: Damaged

Request to The Marigold: Spare Parts For Early Marigold Humanoid Units {...}

Observation: R.A.F. Combat Units are very effective in prototype stages.

Prototype status: Destroyed.

Hypothesis: Future R.A.F. Combat Units will be improved significantly.

Suggestion: Future M.H. Units will benefit from:

  • An additional 30% artificial muscle tightening.
  • Alloy upgraded to a denser material.
  • Frames built for both speed and durability.
  • Weaponry upgrades for Armor Piercing may also be necessary.

Entry log: M. H. Unit 3 of 456 - Reclamation Survey 067:

Planet: Earth

Status report on 5th generation M.H. Units 453, 454, 455. The new Gen units move and react 200% faster than the 3rd generation models.

Hypothesis: Enhancements for older models may be necessary in order to keep pace.

Observation: Newer Units continue to display admiration for predecessor models despite. These feelings are unnecessary but can be overlooked.

Entry log: M. H. Unit 3 of 478 - Reclamation Survey 068:

Planet: Earth

Status report on unit 3 enhancement modifications: Modification performs better than originally predicted. M.H.Unit 3 close distance between M.H.Units 453, 54, and 55.

Hypothesis: If modification were made compatible with Generation 2 and 3 models, M.H.Unit 3 can foresee even greater results in the future.

Observation: Modifications seem to have surprised Units 453, 54, and 55.

Request: Please keep farther M.H.Unit 3's modifications as classified information from 453, 54, and 55.

Entry log: M. H. Unit 3 of 1165 - Reclamation Survey 235:

Planet: Earth

The Shutdown Objective is complete. R.A.F. have been eliminated. All accompanying 5th, 6th, and 7th Generations have been lost during operation.

Observation: M.H.Unit 3 feels empty.

Entry log: M. H. Unit 3 of 2000 - Reclamation Survey: 352:

Planet: Still Earth

New Modular Shell working as intended. Will continue to test durability.

Planet atmosphere is beginning to heal.

Suggest that The Marigold supercomputer run calculations on how to speed up this process.

Entry log: M. H. Unit 3 of 2467 - Reclamation Survey: 578:

Planet: Earth as always

Atmospheric augmentation has taken effect. We should be seeing results shortly but no estimate on when the planet will be able to support life yet.

Inquiry for The Marigold: what do the simulations read? Are we missing anything worth noting?

Entry log: M. H. Unit 3 of 3000 earthbound units - Reclamation Survey: 878

Planet: Redundant

This unit has a question for The Marigold. What is a Marigold? The Data Archives say it's a flower but there is no description of the plant. This unit is aware that a great many of the human archives were lost during The Great Evacuation, but is it an oddity to have a designation with no clue what it means? This unit is aware of the regulations towards unnecessary inquiries but this unit finds it imperative that it is able to correctly categorize "sign of life" despite no visual or text description of certain types of flora and fauna. This unit is the only M.H.Unit left with The Original Reclamation objective but this unit still does not know what a "flower" or "grass" is. How will this unit register it?

Entry log: M. H. Unit 3 - Reclamation Survey: 2000

Planet: Earth

What was it all for? The Earth, despite all that was done, remains lifeless. The Atmosphere is no longer heavy and toxic. It's been approximately 2 millennia since The Shutdown Objective was complete. I have walked around this planet many times and yet nothing has truly changed. The sky remains a dim gray. The same gray as the soil. It's possible that despite all our efforts we were only fighting for a dead planet. I may be calculating the most negative results. Perhaps it is time for me to reset. But 2000 years worth of information is a substantial amount. Somewhat larger than the data that was lost during The Great Evacuation. What do you think, Marigold?


I have visuals on an anomaly. Approaching with caution.


A singular flora, my scanner has deemed it to be a Tagetes. I wonder what that might be?

Sci Fi

Ahmani Brown

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Ahmani Brown
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