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10 Unsolved Mysteries from World War II

Unraveling the Enigma: 10 Unsolved Mysteries from World War II

By HalintonePublished 4 months ago 9 min read

10 Unsolved Mysteries from World War II

Despite the decisive conclusion of the Second World War over seven decades ago, numerous enigmatic aspects pertaining to the war persist unresolved until the present time. These unresolved mysteries encompass a range of intriguing subjects, including the whereabouts of lost legendary treasures like the Amber Room and the unexplained disappearance of crews without leaving a trace. This enigma holds the tenth spot on the list.

The Battle of Los Angeles was the name given

by the media to an alleged Japanese air

attack against Los Angeles on February

the 25th 1941. it came about three

months after Pearl Harbor and one day

after a Japanese submarine attacked oil

installations near Santa Barbara it

began early in the morning triggering

anti-air defense is a mobilization of

troops across the city unlike the

coastal Ray the whole incident ended in

the death of two civilians across the

city along with damage to a few

buildings due to Falling anti-aircraft

shells and artillery until now we don't

know who or what triggered the series of

events that day the official version

denies any Japanese involvement though

many people reported seeing multiple

enemy planes in the sky before the

supposed attack a few others claimed

that they saw a giant blimp in the sky

earlier that day though according to

experts it's highly unlikely as Japan

stopped using blimps after the first

world war 9. blood Banner the story of

the blutfan or blood Banner began with

the 1923 Nazi coup attempt in Munich

also known as the beer hall pitch by the

beginning of the second world war flag

had reached a mythical status in Nazi

circles as it was allegedly stained with

the blood of those killed during the

push and Adolf Hitler considered it a

sacred relic of the movement it was

usually kept at the brown house the

headquarters of the Nazi party in Munich

and was only brought out for special

occasions like Infamous Nazi rallies we

know that the blood flag was moved to

various locations throughout the war to

keep it safe from Allied bombs though

its fate after the war is a bit less

clear some believe it was secretly taken

as a souvenir by U.S forces at the end

of the war but there's no way to prove

that's certain despite numerous attempts

due located by Allied countries the

blood flag's location is currently

unknown number 8. the Amber Room the

Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union

resulted in the theft of thousands of

works of art one of them was the Amber

Room also sometimes called the Eighth

Wonder of the World created in the 18th

century by Andreas schulterer and

Gottfried Wolfram it was an intricately

designed chamber made with Amber panel's

gold leaf and various precious stones it

total the room covered about 180 square

feet with over six tons of Amber and

other pressure stones used in its

construction during the war the Amber

Room was dismantled and transported to

konasburg or modern-day kalingrad by the

invading German Army sadly that's the

last anyone ever saw of it and the fate

of the room after that point is still a

mystery some believe that it was

destroyed during bombing raids While

others say that it was hidden by the

Germans or even stolen by Soviet

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day and now back to today's video 7. big

stoop crew on September 1st 1944 an

11-man crew of a B-24 bomber crashed and

went missing in the South Pacific

somewhere near the Palau archipelago now

known as the big stoop crew after a

popular movie character of the time they

were on a bombing mission in the larger

Allied attempt to retake the Philippines

from Japanese forces despite a massive

search and rescue effort no trace of the

crew or the wreckage was ever found some

witnesses claimed that two of the

members were seen parachuting out of the

plane before the crash further adding to

the mystery the circumstances of the

accident have since inspired a bunch of

conspiracy theories even if there's no

evidence to back them up some say that

the big stoop crew was captured and

executed by the Japanese though they

could as well have lost their way in the

vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean 6. the

D-Day crossword Leonard door was a

crossword compiler for the Daily

Telegraph in 1944 as well as the prime

suspect one of the most serious security

scares of the war in May 1944 some of

his daily crosswords featured the exact

codes used by the Allies in the upcoming

Normandy Landings they included Utah and

Neptune which stood for the two Landing

beaches and mulberry a code name for

some of the equipment to be used during

The Invasion the incident invited a

direct visit by MI5 as they suspected

the door was a secret German agent

passing information through crossword

puzzles it previously attracted their

attention back in August 1942 when an

answer in one of his puzzles spelled out

Dieppe one day before the Dieppe raid on

the occupied Northern French Coast

ultimately it was established that door

may have had nothing to do with Germany

or Espionage and the appearance of the

codes was just a coincidence 5. The

Disappearance of Raul Wallenberg Raul

rallenberg was a Swedish businessman and

Diplomat still remembered for his

efforts to save Jewish refugees in

Hungary during the war he was Sweden's

special Envoy to Hungary in 1944 and he

used his position to issue protective

passports and establish safe houses for

Jews across the nazi-occupied Zone

because the number of lives he saved

Wallenberg is often referred to as the

Swedish Schindler sadly we don't know

much about what happened to him after

the war in January 1945 as the Red Army

approached Budapest while Hamburg was

arrested by Soviet authorities on

suspicions of Espionage despite numerous

attempts by the Swedish government to

secure his release Wallenberg was ever

seen or heard from again the Soviet

government has at times claimed that he

died of a heart attack in 1947 while in

prison though many believe that he was

executed by the KGB 4. rommel's gold

rommel's gold refers to a stash of gold

jewels and other valuables allegedly

stolen by the German Africa Corps during

World War II the treasure said to be

worth billions of dollars is believed to

have been hidden by the German general

Irwin Rommel himself possibly somewhere

in the deserts of North Africa before

they retreat in 1943. while many people

have attempted to search for it in the

years since the exact location of this

famed treasure has never been found many

believe that it was buried somewhere in

the vast deserts of North Africa though

it could also have been shifted or

transported to Hidden vaults in Germany

or Argentina of course there's the

possibility that the treasure was only a

rumor started by Rommel in self for now

bromel's gold remains one of the most

elusive even if persistent Mysteries of

the war 3. peaking man fossils before

the war started China was home to the

famous Peking man fossils belonging to

one of the earliest known hominid

species from the homo erectus family

discovered in the 1920s in the zolcodian

region near Beijing China these fossils

were evidence of early human presence in

Asia and were hence considered an

important piece of the puzzle in the

field of human evolution when the

Japanese Army Advanced on Beijing in

1941 the fossils were packed up and

shipped to the United States for safe

keeping sadly they never reached their

destination and their fate has remained

unknown while something that they're

buried under the American Embassy in

Beijing others believed that they were

instead captured by Chinese civilians

during Transit 2. the ghost train as the

war started to come to an end in Europe

rumors of looted Nazi Treasures gained

traction across the front one of the

most infamous Lost Treasures of the war

is now known as the Nazi ghost train a

mythical lost train remember to be Laden

with billions of dollars worth of gold

artwork and other valuable items the

legend is particularly strong in Poland

where people occasionally claim to have

found parts of the treasure it's

believed that the train disappeared into

the vast underground Railway Network

built by the Nazis in Poland during the

war though no concrete evidence of its

existence has ever been found According

to some while the train might have

existed at some point it was eventually

destroyed or taken away by Nazi

officials during their a retreat back to

Germany number one who turned in Anne

Frank Anne Frank was a young Jewish girl

living in hiding in Amsterdam for the

better part of the second world war her

accounts have life during the conflict

were later turned into the Diary of a

young girl which remains one of the most

famous first-person descriptions of the

war however many parts of her overall

story still remain unexplained including

the circumstances of her arrest Ann and

her family were captured by the Nazis in

August 1944 and she along with her

mother was sent to the bergen-belsen

concentration camp where they died

within the next few months we know that

she was arrested after an informants tip

to the gestapo and is still unclear who

that informant was some believe that it

was a neighbor who became suspicious of

the Frank family's activities many

potential suspects have been identified

over the years but as the case is so old

it's no longer possible to question or

prosecute them



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