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10 Photographics Mysteries We Still Haven't Solved

Unveiling the Unseen: 10 Captivating Photographic Enigmas That Defy Explanation

By HalintonePublished 7 months ago 9 min read

10 Photographics Mysteries We Still Haven't Solved

there are so many mysterious photos and

videos around the internet that it's

hard to take them seriously while it's

true that most of them are staged or

fake that's not all of them as there are

still many unsold photographic mysteries

around the world that do remain unsolved

number 10. the babushka lady the

babushka lady appears in many bystander

photographs and videos of the 1963

assassination of john f kennedy but to

date her identity remains a mystery

named by the media for her russian

headscarf she appears to be holding a

camera and capturing the entire incident

though that footage has never been found

the weirdest part was her seemingly

professional behavior as the babushka

lady kept standing and shooting even

after the shots were fired and everyone

else was running the cover in 1970 a

woman named beverly oliver claimed to be

her and while she did capture some media

attention back then her story was soon

discovered to be full of holes that

includes the very obvious fact that

she'd be 17 years old at the time of the

assassination and wouldn't look anything

like the old lady we see in the footage

moreover the camera she claims to have

used that day only came into production

several years after the assassination

further discrediting her story as of now

the case remains unsolved number 9.

hestalin lights their stalin valley in

norway it's home to one of the weirdest

ufo phenomena we've observed around the

world since at least the 1930s people

living in the valley have reported

seeing weird balls and streaks of light

in the air seemingly originating

randomly in unrelated places in the

valley though no one has ever been able

to find their true origins some people

think that it might not be ufos or

anything concrete at all and the whole

thing could be explained by just bad

weather or more specifically as one

study puts it they're exemplary of

anomalous atmospheric luminous phenomena

that occur frequently at some locations

on earth while that might be true and we

don't have the scientific authority to

contest it anyway that still doesn't

explain what's causing them number eight

elisa lamb elisa lam's body was

discovered inside a water tank on the

rooftop of the cecil hotel now stay on

main in los angeles though at this point

we know nothing about who or what killed

her she was found on february 19 2013 19

days after she was reported missing by

her parents though the autopsy gave no

clues about the cause of death the only

reason they even knew about the body was

complaints about low water pressure and

clogging from the guests what we do have

though is short footage of her inside

the hotel during the last hours of her

life captured by a security cctv camera

in one of the elevators and it makes the

whole thing pretty creepy in the video

she could be seen performing weird

almost inhuman gestures to no one in

particular or at least no one visible

obviously this sparked a bunch of

conspiracy theories about ghosts etc and

the video is admittedly creepy though

there are a few explanations here we

know that elisa had ingested a lot of

pills for bipolar disorder that night as

per her autopsy which might explain her

behavior however that still tells us

nothing about who killed her the cause

of her death or even how her body made

it into the tank number 7. tara calico

and michael henley tara calico and

michael henley are separate missing

person cases from new mexico though they

come together in an unexpected way some

1 500 miles away in the form of a

photograph found by a woman in a random

parking lot in florida in june 1989 the

photograph shows tara and michael 19 and

9 years old respectively inside an

enclosed place both gagged with duct

tape and with a resigned look on their

faces today we have no idea where that

photograph was taken or what eventually

happened to the both of them we're not

even entirely sure if it's them as

michael henley's body was discovered a

few months after the picture was found

and foul play was entirely ruled out the

girl though is almost certainly tara her

family seems pretty sure and the book

lying right next to her my sweet audrina

by vc andrews also happens to be tara's

favorite book

6. naga fireballs naga fireballs also

called mekong lights or ghost lights are

named after a mythical serpent in thai

mythology though we really have no idea

how they're produced while we're calling

them fireballs there's no evidence to

suggest they have anything to do with

fire though we do know that they've been

extensively photographed by travelers

these flights are visible on the mekong

river around the end of fall every year

scientists and curious observers online

have tried to study the photographs and

the phenomena itself though no

explanation makes sense some claim

they're caused by flamethrowers on the

other side of the river who meticulously

come together and throw balls of fire

into the air for the world to see every

year it's possible though as the event

has been happening since at least the

1980s someone would have noticed these

mystery shooters

5. the giant congo snake the giant congo

snake was photographed in 1959 by a

colonel in the belgian air force while

it looks like any ordinary snake found

in the congo the photograph was actually

taken from the air according to colonel

remy van leard the snake was at least 50

feet in length which would make it the

largest snake ever discovered anywhere

however we have no concrete reason to

believe that such a snake even exists as

it would likely crumble under its own

weight and just die it's still not

entirely out of the realm of possibility

though as the larger snakes anacondas

can grow to be at least 30 feet which

isn't that far off moreover we discover

new species all the time many of them

previously thought to be extinct while

the photograph does hint at the

existence of an abnormally large snake

especially compared to the trees around

it some people have theorized that it

might not have been that large and it's

possible that the colonel might have

just overestimated the size of a huge

african rock python or something like

that number 4. daelen poir on january

the 27th 2015 daylen poi an 18 year old

resident of wahoo hawaii set out to

scale the infamous haiku stairs a world

war ii era structure built to access the

2800 feet high radio station on the top

while it isn't a particularly attractive

hiking spot as the stairs now lie in a

defunct dilapidated state the haiku

stairs definitely make for some great

panoramic views of the surrounding train

poi started his hike at around 11 a.m in

the morning and started posting live

photographs on his social media accounts

almost as soon as he did sadly that was

the last family or anyone else really

ever heard of him as dalenpoi has been

missing since that day the creepiest

part though was a barely noticeable

detail in one of the photographs closer

examination by forensic experts revealed

the figure of a man lurking on the trail

seemingly following poi he's now the

primary suspect in the case though

that's hardly a lead as his face is

barely recognizable 3. charlie chaplin's

time traveler in 2010 george clark a

filmmaker from belfast posted a video on

youtube that quickly went viral and

gained millions of views within a few

days it was from charlie chaplin's 1928

movie the circus or more precisely the

extra footage that came along with its

dvd it shows an elderly individual

wearing an overcoat and doing something

that no one in 1928 could do

speaking on the phone while the footage

is brief it has been the center of many

time travel conspiracy theories since

clark published his video as the first

commercial mobile phones were only

invented in the early 1980s some claim

that the phone isn't a phone at all but

something like a hearing aid that could

be possible but the person clearly seems

to be laughing and smiling they even

stopped looking into the distance and

complete a sentence before the camera

pans onto something else some say that

the footage is fake and was actually

inserted into the dvd extra section by a

clever trickster much later it's

possible that it would require changing

every dvd of the movie out there number

two the hook island sea monster hook

island is one of the many quaint tiny

islands just off the coast of

northwestern australia that can kill you

in a variety of ways we're not

exaggerating there have been multiple

causes of deaths by the dangerous

jellyfish prowling the waters there

along with treacherous rocks all along

the coast that prevent any sort of

water-based activities moreover it's a

sparsely populated region making rescue

efforts difficult and time-consuming it

would be a wholly unremarkable island if

not for a mysterious creature found in

its waters that we know nothing about

first photographed by a bretton

photographer robert lacerac back in 1964

it seems to be a tadpole-like creature

about 80 feet in length except we don't

know of any marine animal living in

those waters that looks like that while

many people have brushed it off as a

hoax or at least some sort of animal we

already know about the mystery still


1. the victorian ghost hand this

victorian era photograph has been

showing up in online advertisements

since at least 2020. though until now we

still can't adequately explain it on

first look it looks similar to any other

picture of a working-class woman from

the era as it was taken in a belfast

linen mill back in 2000. on further

examination however a terrifying detail

emerges if you take a closer look at the

second row from the bottom the woman

sitting at the far right seems to have a

disembodied hand on her shoulder there

are multiple factors that make this one

especially creepy but one all the hands

in the photograph are accounted for as

all the women except one on the far left

side of the same row have their arms

crossed moreover it was impossible to

tamper a photograph with photoshop back

in 1900 making it a more authentic ghost

photograph than most we've come across

on the internet the hand looks quite

real and three-dimensional too an effect

that's hard to fake even today

let alone back then


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