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Young Mama Shit Story

You’ll wanna read this.

By Maria MarinoPublished 6 years ago 2 min read

Hello, all. First and foremost, my name is Maria and if you could not tell by the title of this post, I am in fact, a young mom. Long story short, I met my now-husband, then-conflicting boyfriend in 2015. Five months later, I was a pregnant senior in high school. Yes, I know that escalated quickly. I’ll probably leave the long story for another time.

I’m here to share my experience with teen motherhood and how it’s affected my life and those around me. I want to talk about struggles and successes and drama and trauma. If you, the readers, are interested of course.

Today we’ll start with a funny story. The reason being is that humor always brings attention, and because when I think about it now, it’s a pretty funny story. Definitely not at the moment, though.

About a week ago, I was giving my son a bath. Usually he likes showers but it was a really hot day and he likes baths with cool water. I should also mention that he has several “bath toys”—(toys he picks up and throws in the tub while I’m getting the water ready). All is well when I reach for my phone and begin browsing through my Facebook. Those damn videos always get you. Always. I am seven minutes deep into a video about cute puppies and babies when I hear my son grunting. Don’t worry, it wasn’t a painful grunt... it was a forceful grunt. Not even ten seconds later I am pulling my son out of the now SHIT FILLED tub. I quickly lay his towel on the floor and sit him down. He keeps squirming around so I gave him my phone to keep him entertained. (Checkpoint, remember that.)

I am now rushing to drain my tub while rinsing off his toys before they get soiled. He had a lot of toys that day, unfortunately. So I clean all his toys and now I’m wondering why the water is draining so slow. My tub was clogged. The same way a toilet would be clogged. In fact, the EXACT same way a toilet would clog.

Fast forward to me viciously plunging my tub (does that even make sense?) and my son was getting bored after a whole four minutes of hearing “Five Little Monkeys.” I just wanted the tub to drain. I was ready to quit. My son senses my stress and frantically gets up (remember that checkpoint?), rushes to the toilet, and tosses my phone in. Made sense to him, I suppose. Me on the other hand...

I WAS SO OVER IT. I fish my phone out of the toilet, pat it dry with toilet paper, and immediately call my husband. It’s all a blur, but I think I said, “Come get your son he just shit in the tub it’s clogged my phone’s in the toilet help me!”

The rest is just me cleaning/disinfecting the tub, crying, sanitizing his toys, crying some more, and finally getting back to my room only to realize my son’s diaper is on sideways.

Overall it was a pretty overwhelming 15 minutes. What did I learn?


Please let me know if there’s anything you, my readers, would like to know. I’d love to answer. I hope you enjoyed my shit story. :)

Until next time, mamas.



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