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You don't need a reason to love someone

She laughed at him all her life for a button on her dress.

By pomfret wisePublished 2 years ago 3 min read

She's been with a lot of guys. Act as a third party, pursue sister and brother love, want to marry rich, etc. Again and again twists and turns, a field of life and death separation, get covered with scars. At the age of 30, she finally settled down and wanted to find an honest man to marry and live quietly. So I knew him as a fitter.

I'm a bad woman. What do you see in me? He seemed at a loss when she opened up at the first meeting. He was under a lot of pressure to talk to her about getting married.

My family won't let me, but I will. He answered without concealment.

You took a fancy to my looks! She said.

Well! He gave a positive answer, such praise is very practical, more than the past sweet words, she was moved at that moment.

Come with me tomorrow to see my family! She said.

"I'm going to buy a suit tonight," he said, as if he were soaking in the sun.

He was in overalls now, and there were spots of oil everywhere. This is a temporary meeting. On a whim, she stood in front of his factory and made a telephone call. He came out of the workshop and stood before him in a simple manner.

She said, I will wait for you at home tomorrow.When he appeared in front of her family, she almost regretted it. He wore a new dark suit, as stiff as a rope, and the most inexcusable fact was that he was buttoning his shirt tightly. The whole person is clasp lock like, honest and orderly, highlight others rustic. She had a disagreement with her family because of the buttons. The family thought that such a man was reliable. And threatened not to bring friends home in the future if he didn't agree. In the end, the family prevailed.

If you don't wear a tie, this button doesn't need to be fastened! She instructed him.

Buttons are for tying, otherwise why fasten a button, a button is worth two dollars. He argued stubbornly.

She unbuttoned his jaw, which was making it hard for him to breathe, and the veins in his neck protruded slightly.

But as she turned, he fastened the button again. As long as there is a button must be tied, this is the respect of others. She sighed and let him go.

After marriage, she rarely took him out, whether to meet classmates or friends, every time he had to put on new clothes, as if to be a newlywed. Can't you make yourself at home? She suggested. We're going out to meet people! "He said. He was especially fond of the dress in which he met her family, which he said brought him good luck. Each time he buttoned up his jaw. Once, she cut off the button with scissors, so he did not go. She would never take him out again. It seemed a relief that he didn't care. He preferred to do the housework and wait for her with all his might.

That year, her mother suddenly died of illness. The man who loved her most is gone. She hastily called him and hurried home herself. Cold mother lying in a coffin, the journey of seventy years. Friends and relatives were playing cards, telling jokes, and discussing the division of inheritance. It's not like the person who left had anything to do with it.

He walked back and forth into the yard. He was dressed in a new suit, the buckles of which were tightly fastened around his neck, and the bands made his face blush slightly. When he saw his mother's body, he fell to his knees and kowtowed to the old man. Then he stood silent and stood aside. When he was tired, he sat upright in front of the soul. At night, the noisy people of the day sleep, he is still upright wake. She slept at the head of the bed for a while, and when she awoke it was already light, and he was still upright on the wooden bench. Her eyes were suddenly moist and misty, and the tears were not just for her mother, but for the awe she saw in the suits and casual clothes.

He did his best to send his mother away.

When we got home, she said, Promise me one thing. When I die, you will look at me in the suit we first met in. I want you buttoned up as tightly as when you first came to my house.


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