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Yes Yes I Am a Runaway Woman part 1

From Writer Mohit Chawla

By Mohit ChawlaPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
Yes Yes I Am a Runaway Woman part 1
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There is a belief in Indian society that if a woman's doll rises from her father's house, then only her meaning should come out of her husband's house.

Whatever be the unbearable situations in the in-laws' house, whether it is a conspiracy to kill her or she is being forced to commit suicide or even if her self-esteem is being crushed every moment, she should be kept in any situation.

Must stay there The attitude of the society towards a woman who does not do this is not good.

He has to suffer the punishment of this treachery for the rest of his life. For you, the poignant tale of a similar woman who ran away from her husband's house in odd circumstances. Chapter - One I am a runaway woman.

You can call me wrong, but listen to my story and then take whatever decision you want. He went ahead and grabbed my head and banged it against the wall.

I was also running my hands, feet, mouth, but on the strength of nature-given physical strength, she was bent on animalism.

I was bleeding from my head but he kept beating me regardless. Then he put my head between his knees and started punching me in the back. With every injury the Father would come out of my mouth.

My lungs were weak! Just two years ago, I had vomited blood and had undergone treatment for a whole year, at that time he had left me at my mother's house calling me a TB patient.

Somehow my mother got me treated. Brother and sister rebuke me that even after marriage, the burden remains, but mother was the mother, selling her jewelry and getting me treated.

I recovered with great difficulty. Meat came on dry sticks. Now I did not want to go to the in-laws house. Wanted to complete my incomplete studies. I had asked for the form of B-Ed. As soon as he came to know, he came to pick me up.

I pleaded in front of mother - mother don't send me there. I will die there What had happened to me in just a month! But what did he teach his mother to know that the mother became in favor of him. Anyway, he was the dear son-in-law of the mother. Mother used to tell him the whole condition of his house. He used to roam around the whole house like this. That day he slept after eating and drinking and in the morning said to his mother - I have an important job. You will send it to someone later.

Seeing his well-being, the mother was very upset and after he left, I started cursing that I was not tolerant.

There was some doubt in my mind. I hurriedly went to the room where he slept at night. There was a box in which my certificates were kept. The box was not locked.

When I went and opened the box, I was shocked, my educational certificate file was missing. I screamed and started crying. Mother came running and knowing the truth sat down there,

I did not know at that time that certificates are made again. What will happen now ? Now I am b. Ed. will not be able to Mother said - now you have to go there, somehow you will have to bring back all the certificates. Mother suggested that you go with your brother and take the opportunity and give all the papers to the brother.

I'll call you later on some pretext. That's what happened. I reached the in-laws' house. By chance he was not in his room.

I opened his suitcase. The file was kept on top.

I put that file in my brother's bag and asked him to leave it immediately, brother is gone. After a while he came, at first he was happy to see me coming and started asking lovingly - with whom did he come?

I told that I had come with my brother, but she had work, so she went away. Well done it came on its own.

I was not going to leave, even if you had to leave. I didn't say anything and went to take a bath. When I came to the room after taking a bath, the room was busy and the whole suitcase was lying upside down. What happened -'

I asked ignorantly. - You are playing. There was a file in this suitcase, where did it go? What do I know, I have come only a while back. "You gave it to your brother, didn't he! And he ran away with his brother-in-law. Why would I give your file!" - That was your file! So you stole it? but why ? ' - Because I didn't want you to do B Ed. I am just B A and you will do B Ed... then job... then second marriage... !

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Mohit Chawla

About me

I personally believe self made is not 100 % true.

Every person has got help by certain people.. They may be mentor, friends and team members but they surely are a part of their successful career.

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