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Write a story about a lucky bride.

Lucky bride

By Assie Houphouet OlivierPublished 4 months ago 5 min read
Write a story about a lucky bride.
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Once upon a time, in a small village, there lived a groom named Jack. Jack was known to be the luckiest person in the village. He had everything he could ever ask for, from a loving family to a successful business. But despite all his wealth and success, Jack felt that something was missing in his life.

One day, Jack was walking through the village square when he stumbled upon a beautiful woman named Rose. They struck up a conversation, and Jack was immediately smitten. They talked for hours and he soon realized that Rose was the missing piece in his life. He asked her to marry him, and she happily said yes.

Their wedding day was fast approaching, and Jack was over the moon with excitement. On the day of the wedding, as Jack was getting dressed in his tuxedo, he found a four-leaf clover in his pocket. He took it as a good omen and felt even more confident about his decision to marry Rose.

As Jack made his way to the altar, he couldn't help but feel grateful for the life he had. He looked out into the crowd and saw the smiling faces of his friends and family. And then, as he turned to face Rose, he couldn't believe his luck. She was more beautiful than he could have ever imagined.

The ceremony was a beautiful blend of laughter and tears, and Jack couldn't help but feel that everything was perfect. Just as the ceremony was about to end, a bolt of lightning struck the church, causing a fire. The guests panicked and started to evacuate, but Jack was quick to act. He remembered a secret escape route he had discovered when he was a child, and he led everyone to safety.

Everyone was safe, and the fire was quickly put out. Jack's quick thinking had saved the day, and everyone was in awe of his bravery. The wedding continued as planned, and Jack and Rose were pronounced husband and wife.

From that day on, Jack was known not only as the luckiest groom in the village, but also as a hero. He and Rose went on to have a long and happy marriage, filled with love and adventure. And every time Jack looked back on their wedding day, he couldn't help but feel grateful for the lucky events that brought them together.

As the years passed, Jack's luck only seemed to grow. He and Rose had three beautiful children and their business flourished. They travelled the world and made memories that would last a lifetime. Jack's good fortune continued to follow him, and he seemed to always land on his feet no matter what life threw his way.

One day, Jack was approached by a wise old man in the village. The old man told Jack that his luck was not just a coincidence, but a result of his kind heart and selfless actions. The old man explained that good deeds are always rewarded in life, and Jack's luck was a testament to that.

From that day on, Jack made it a point to spread his good luck to those around him. He became a mentor to the young people in the village and helped small businesses get off the ground. He and Rose volunteered at the local hospital and helped families in need. Their generosity and kindness knew no bounds.

As Jack grew older, he realized that his luck had little to do with chance, but everything to do with his attitude towards life. He had found true happiness by being grateful for what he had, and by helping others. His legacy lived on, as the villagers continued to speak of the lucky groom and his selfless heart.

And so, the story of Jack, the lucky groom, serves as a reminder that luck is not just something that happens to us, but something that we can create for ourselves through our actions and attitudes.

Years went by, and Jack and Rose's children grew up to be successful and happy individuals themselves. They followed in their parents' footsteps and made a positive impact in their community. Jack and Rose were proud of the people their children had become and were grateful for the life they had built together.

One day, Jack was diagnosed with a serious illness. Despite the setback, he never lost his positive outlook on life and continued to spread joy to those around him. His friends and family rallied around him, providing support and love.

As Jack's health declined, he realized that his time on earth was coming to an end. But instead of feeling sad, he felt a sense of peace. He had lived a long, happy life filled with love and good deeds, and he was ready to move on to the next adventure.

On his deathbed, Jack gathered his loved ones around him and told them that his luck had nothing to do with chance and everything to do with the love he had in his heart. He advised them to always be kind and to spread their love to those around them, as that was the true secret to a happy and fulfilling life.

And with that, Jack closed his eyes for the last time, surrounded by the love of his family and the memories of a life well lived. His legacy lived on, as the villagers continued to speak of the lucky groom and his selfless heart. His story inspired generations to come, and his message of love and kindness echoed through the ages.

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