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Wise County man Tyler Jordan Rose cheats on his wife with me

Now, this Vocal Media blog post is about a Wise County Man Tyler Jordan Rose cheats on his wife with me:

By Olivia MillerPublished 3 months ago 6 min read
Wise County man Tyler Jordan Rose cheats on his wife with me:

Now, this Vocal Media blog post is about a Wise County Man Tyler Jordan Rose cheats on his wife with me:

Hello, my name is Olivia Miller. I am here to tell everyone about this Wise County man Tyler Jordan Rose cheating on his wife with me. I met him at the Big Stone Gap Dollar General Store. At first, he was a nice guy, and we took our love to the next level. We started having sex. Now, I didn't know he was married at first. But when I found out, I was still hooked. I thought that it was love at first sight, but it was just lust. Now I know he isn't a good-looking man, but it's his personality that got me hooked. We did a lot of talking, and I realized he was just a fake. Now, he also likes to brag about his tool. However, his tool isn't anything to brag about. Very Small!!

I was going to call it quits sooner, but Tyler Jordan Rose kept telling me that he was going to leave his wife once he got all of his bills caught up. Which of course was a lie. I should have never had sex with someone that is married. So I call it quits with him. He admitted to me that he cheats on his wife all of the time. Now I asked Tyler Rose does your spouse know about the affairs? He said no he has her believing his lies. Tyler told me that he can get Summer Cheyenne Rose to fall for anything. Now, Summer Cheyenne Rose is Tyler's wife. How I got her full name was on Facebook. Now I still got text messages on my phone about our affair. However, I am not sure if she will even believe me with the proof being right in front of Summer Cheyenne Rose.

Jordan is what I call Tyler because I don't like the name Tyler. Now, Jordan told me if I try to show his wife the text messages on my phone, he will tell her that I used an app to create those text messages. I don't know how to do that. All she has to do is ask herself. How can someone message back and forth to themselves? Also, how can you add someone's numbers that are already in use to text messages? Another question to ask is to ask Tyler Rose to show you this so-called app. Now, if he can't do that right on the spot then he is lying. If you ask me, his wife is going to have to learn that he cheats. the hard way.

Tyler had told me that he lives in Norton Virginia. However, when I search for Tyler Jordan Rose using Google, he lives in Wise County. Now, I don't know why MR. Rose felt the need to lie to me when Google said Wise County. Google is a very useful tool. I would say Tyler doesn't want anyone to know that he lives in Wise County. Now, I know when it comes to having sex, we go to High Knob which is in Norton Virginia. If you ask me, I would say that he takes a lot of women to High Knob. Now, Norton Virginia does have a lot of makeout points, but High Knob seems to be his favorite. No doubt. I know it was crazy to sleep with a married man, but he knew what I wanted to hear.

Now, I also learned that Tyler had been cheating on his wife not only with me, but with someone from the Big Stone Gap Dollar General Store. All I know about this person is her name is Melissa, because that is what it said in the text messages on his phone. I know at the time there were two Melissas working at the Big Stone Gap Dolar General Store. Now, later Tyler Rose changed all names to guy names on his phone. I asked him why did you do that Tyler and he said so his wife doesn't find out he is talking to other women. I also noticed he kept files on his phone, and ask what are in those files. He said different stuff like text messages and photos. 

Also, he showed me nude photos of his Big Stone Gap Dollar General Store Manager Melissa James. I asked how did he get those nude photos. He said from her Instagram account. Now, what he did was create a fake Instagram account, and got her to add him. In a way makes it sound like she is the Melissa to whom he had been sending kinky text messages too. Also, because of the way he talks about her. Now, he also told me that he is going to get close to her, and one day might take her job. Tyler Rose is a snake in the grass. He is going to use her so he can take her job, and use me for sex. Now, the Melissa he took to High Knob and had sex with he really trash-talked her. Saying how bad she was in bed, and that he was only using her.

He is a snake in the grass and wants to use every one. Now, he said it was funny when he split Melissa and her husband's marriage up. He said well, I got what I wanted out of it. You can find a medium blog post where another woman had a bad experience with Tyler Rose. Well, I hope that this Wise County Man Tyler Jordan Rose cheats on his wife with me Vocal Media blog post will stop Tyler Rose in his tracks. Because I don't want this to happen to another woman. Now, if you like this Wise County Man Tyler Jordan Rose cheats on his wife with me Vocal Media blog post, please read my Top Best Psychic Reading Reviews Vocal Media blog post. Now, that blog post is about finding the top best psychic reading websites. Down below is some information about Tyler Rose.

Tyler Rose

What is his full name?

Tyler Jordan Rose

Where does he live?

He lives in Wise County or Norton Virginia.

What state does he live in?

He lives in Virginia.

What is his Zip Code?

His Zip Code is 24293 or 24273

Who does he work for?

I think he still works for the Big Stone Gap Dollar General Store.

What is his phone number?

(276) 220–0388

Where does he like to meet women at?

He likes to meet women at High Knob.

Does he have a criminal record?

No, I don't think he does. However, you can research Tyler Rose by going to the Virginia government website. Just type in all information that you have about him.

What kind of person is he?

He is a snake in the grass, and he gets pleasure out of other people's pain. Time to give him a taste of his own medicine. Also, he is a cheater. He loves to cheat on his wife.

Who is his wife?

Summer Cheyenne Rose

Now, this is the Big Stone Gap Dollar General Information:

Big Stone Gap Dollar General Store Manager.

At the time their store manager was Melissa James.

Phone Number:

(615) 855–4000

Website Adress:


Email Address:

[email protected]

Physical Address:

304 E 5Th St N


Big Stone Gap



Zip Code:


What is the name of this Vocal Media blog post?

Wise County Man Tyler Jordan Rose cheats on his wife with me. Thanks for reading!!


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