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Winter Safety Tips for Your Kids Health

With Santa Claus and the freezy joy of happiness, winter brings many other exciting indoor and outdoor activities for children. Also, frequent power outages, change in weather conditions, and Covid-19 might be even extra challenging for your kids to stay safe.

By Aditya DhanukaPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

Winter is Coming!!!

With Santa Claus and the freezy joy of happiness, winter brings many other exciting indoor and outdoor activities for children. From decorating Christmas trees in the home to traveling around hilly stations, winters can be lots of fun for your kids.

But, the extreme weather conditions may ruin the happiness and health of your child. Also, frequent power outages, change in weather conditions, and Covid-19 might be even extra challenging for your kids to stay safe.

No doubt, Precautions are always better! I am presenting you with some winter health tips for kids, which will make them stay fit, safe, and healthy.


1. Wear Warm Clothes

Intense cold and freezy weather can cause infections in your child. Make sure your child wears sweaters, woolen jackets, or sweatshirts over their clothing to stay warm. Also, there are many warm dinners available in the market which they can wear at home.

2. Don't Forget Winter Accessories.

Winter accessories include gloves, caps, crochets, and scarps. These clothing items will help your kid get extra protection in the most sensitive and infection-prone areas of their body. For instance, winter caps block the passage of air through ears, which might cause them to become cold instantly.

3. Avoid Use of Used Handkerchiefs or Napkins

Reusing the unlaundered handkerchiefs or napkins might cause cold, sore throats, or any contagious infection to your kid. Especially after sneezing or blowing their nose, kids carelessly place them anywhere in the home. We recommend you make them carry and use soft tissue papers in such incidents to avoid infections.

4. Always Wear Socks at Home

During winters, the floors are mostly cold and sometimes freezy. Socks absorb moisture and provide a cushion to pad the feet. Socks help to keep their feet warm and soft. At the same time, it prevents cold feet, which might lead to cold, cough, or even frostbite.


5. Make Them Wash Hands Regularly

Washing hands at regular intervals keeps the germs away. However, kids being kids, you need to set reminders to wash hands periodically, especially before and after their meals or coming inside the home. Also, educate them on the benefits and consequences of washing hands.

6. Bath in Cold Water

Yes, you read it right! And we do have a scientific explanation backed with it. While bathing with cold water, the blood circulates promptly towards your organs to maintain your body temperature warm. It also makes your arteries stronger and lowers blood pressure.

On the contrary, a hot shower causes the blood to flow towards your skin and feel relieved for some moment.

7. Drink Ample Amount of Water

Whether it's summer, rainy, winter, or spring: drinking ample water will always remain constant! During winters, the climate gets humid, which dehydrates our body quickly. Thus, drinking water helps you and your kid to stay hydrated and active all day long.


8. Install a Humidifier in Rooms

Winters are very crucial for newborn and infant babies. Using humidifiers helps moisturize their skin and soothes their nasal passages. A humidifier is an electronic device that helps to keep the room's atmosphere humid. The added moisture in the space helps to add natural nasal lubricant, helping to clear your baby's respiratory system and make them sleep peacefully.

9. Remove Wet Clothing Immediately

Usually, wet clothing reduces the heat content in our bodies. Loss of heat in cold weather increases the chances of hypothermia, which affects newborns, infants, and younger children. If you see any wetness in their undergarments or clothing, ask them to remove it immediately and wear something dry.

10. Apply Skin Moisturizers and Sunscreens

During winters, freezy-dry air takes moisture out of our skin. As we know that the skin of newborns, infants, and younger children tends to be fragile, they need extra care. So, apply or ask them to use body lotions from time to time. It will help their skin to stay hydrated and breathe during the whole winter.


11. Reduce Intake of Carbohydrates

Studies state that the production of serotonin- a neurotransmitter that stimulates your moods and state of mind- is less during the winters. Hence, eating foods high in carbohydrates can increase serotonin production and uplift the feelings of your children. Foods rich in carbohydrates include oats, bananas, beetroot, blueberries, and sweet potatoes.

12. Include Rich Fiber Food Items

Eating fiber foods in the winter season is good for digestion and decreases inflammation in the body. Also, it helps in boosting your kid's immunity system and helps overcome weight loss. Foods rich in fiber include apple, broccoli, avocado, popcorns, and whole grains.

13. Opt for Multivitamin Supplements for Kids

Multivitamin gummies boost your child's immunity and fulfill the gap of other unaddressed vitamins that are essential for your kids. For instance, if your child is facing vision issues, you may prefer a multivitamin supplement along with a well-balanced diet that contains Vitamin A as a primary molecule.

14. Avoid Dairy Products During Winters

There are high chances your kids might suffer from a cold, sore throat, or any contagious infections. Hence, doctors strictly recommend avoiding consuming dairy products while suffering from any viral infections. Dairy products include cheese, milk, or any milk-made sweets.

15. Add Nuts and Dry Fruits in Their Diet Plan

Like we said before, winter absorbs the moisture from the skin of your child. Therefore, along with topical lotions or creams, it is advisable to include a diet containing nuts. Dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, flax seeds, cranberries, etc., have all the necessary vitamins and minerals essential for your kids.

Final Verdict

Most parents are aware of the effects of catching a cold, flu, or other infectious diseases during the winter season. By taking proper precautions at the right time, will safeguard your children from the uncertain consequences.

Winters are for fun. Enjoy the snow and stay fit.


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