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Why I Go Overboard for My Kid’s Birthday

by Kassondra O'Hara about a year ago in children

Can’t I Just Be an Overachiever??

Every year during my son’s birthday party, I get mixed comments. From “Oh my gosh! I need your help with my little one’s birthday. You are so creative!” to “Wow, go overboard much? I mean, it’s not like he’s going to remember it anyway.”

The latter tend to not get a return invite the next year. I don’t need more negativity and grumpiness in my life.

The truth is I absolutely do go overboard. Why? Because I can. Because I want to. I am also very creative (toot toot!) and it’s fun. It’s something that I enjoy, I’m good at, and my son loves it. I really don’t need any more reasoning than that, but I’ll share a few anyway.

#1 He’s an Only Child

I wanted more children, but the good Lord blessed us with him and then said, “that’s enough”. I am OK with that. He was our miracle baby and the only grandchild on both sides, so spoiled is an understatement. I feel as though when you only have one child, as much attention as possible should be given to them, not only because you have more time and resources than with multiple children, but because they don’t have the same support system as those with siblings.

Brothers and sisters have a special bond like no other, so when a child doesn’t have that, they must form relationships with other children. Parties are a great place for kids to socialize as it may be one of the only times that they really associate other than a structured school setting.

#2 It’s His Special Day

Yes, there are other holidays throughout the year, but this is the one day that is specifically his. Christmas for one has become so fast-paced that you really don’t get to actually enjoy time with your loved ones before it’s over. Visiting multiple sets of families, work parties, church services, special performances, events, cooking, cleaning, wrapping gifts, opening gifts, and whatever else we can come up with really makes it hard to focus and create actual memories.

But on my son’s birthday, all attention is on him.

Those few hours of having those we love to gather to celebrate his life are some of my most precious memories and will be for him as well one day.

#3 His Birthday is September 11th

September 11th affects people my age much differently than it does for those born after 2001. Those of us who watched the events unfold that day will never forget where we were, who we were with, and the feeling of grief and helplessness that overtook us as each tower fell. It remains a day of remembrance for the thousands of lives lost on that tragic morning.

However, 13 years later, I gained a new, joyful, heartwarming memory to associate with September 11th.

That is when I no longer saw that date as a day of sorrow and pain, but as the moment when the most beautiful life that I have ever seen was brought into this world. I remember when I found out that I was pregnant during February of that year.

I made the comment when given my due date as September 21st, “As long as he isn’t born on September 11th, I’ll be ok”.

Just goes to show that we don’t run this show. Babies come when they want to. And I was still ok. We both were.

I know that throughout his life, as long as there are people who are old enough to remember September 11th and what it now stands for, that he will always have the “Oh, wow, really?” response when he tells someone his birthday.

I just want to do my part in making sure that he knows that as heartbreaking as that day was to this nation, that to his family, September 11th will always be the most precious day in history.

***Note: I originally posted this article on Medium and can be seen here.***


Kassondra O'Hara

Working mom who uses her curiosity to fuel the curiosities of others ~ Writes mostly history and true crime

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Kassondra O'Hara
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