Why 4-Year-Olds Are Cooler than Adults

There are lots of reasons I'd rather hang out with preschoolers than the average adult. Here are 5 reasons the mind of a child is more fascinating, more brilliant and more pleasant to engage with than an adult's...

Why 4-Year-Olds Are Cooler than Adults

1. Their life is a canvas.

They are natural artists, maybe not the best at coloring in the lines, but that is what is beautiful. If given the environment to be authentic in their creativity, they have no reason to judge themselves. In fact, a child doesn't judge themselves until an adult tells them to color in the lines. Now what part of the adult mind is judging itself? Are we really judging ourselves or are we listening to the past conditioning from other adults of what we "should" be doing or how we "should" be acting?

Literally every day is a new adventure, when you're 4. I know many creative souls, who have children of their own and make an honest living, and sadly, keeping the creative arts in our lifestyle can be a real struggle. The child's mind is free, guided by the power of their own spirit, when we let them have it back.

2. They know how to forgive.

Two toddlers could literally be fighting over something like who is the biggest or the fastest, and ten minutes later be best friends again.

How many adults do we know that don't talk to each other anymore simply because one decided to become a vegan and one likes hamburgers? Enough said.

3. They tell you how it is and remember everything.

You're breath stinks? They will tell you, but still want to be around you. They also are analytical as hell, so don't try to pull one on them. They pick up on everything eventually. If you promised a trip to the park once your chores were done, you aren't getting out of that one. So my point is, they will call out your shit and still love you. It's pretty awesome. Could all adult friends be like this?

Also, they will tell you some of the funniest shit you've ever heard in your life with absolutely no filter. Quite a rare quality to come by in adults these days.

4. They are not afraid of their emotions.

In fact, much more open to experience emotions than many adults I know. Sure, they may be irrational at times and sometimes outright scary, but if you ask them what is wrong they know and aren't afraid to tell you. There are no secrets to their emotions, they are an open book. They know what they like and they definitely know what they don't. Nobody has to tell them what their truth is. It may be something simple like, "I don't like that Johnny took my toy," or "I don't want to brush my teeth," but there is no shying away from expressing the opinion true to their heart.

I've seen adults, including myself, shut up simply because of the fear of being judged in a situation where the soul should have spoken up. A 4-year-old takes no injustice and you don't have to pry it out of them. Their heart is very clear in what it needs and they have a deep wisdom of what love really is.

5. They have an inherently strong connection to nature.

Somewhere along the lines of forced schooling in public institutions, where sitting at a desk all day is normal, only to go to college to be told how reality works and ending up at a 40 hour a week job sitting at a desk again, connection with nature is lacking in adults. My daughter sings to trees, builds fairy houses out of twigs, plays in the mud and rolls in the grass. I'm not saying all adults should be tree hugging hippies who make a complete reconnection to the earth's magnificence and start relishing in her divine beauty... but maybe I am.

Simply put, we can learn a lot from 4 year olds. Their innocence and genuine connection to who they are is undeniable. They don't care what people think and they just want to enjoy life, follow their heart and have fun. Is there really anything more important than that?

Emily Rainflower
Emily Rainflower
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