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What to Know About Potty Training While Traveling

Potty training can be difficult but even more hard if you are going on a long trip. Use these tips for what to know about potty training while traveling.

By Jessica HerringPublished 7 years ago 4 min read

There is no need to get worried if you are in the process of going on a long trip with your child while trying to have them potty trained. These tips will be your best friend if you have a young child and are nervous about them having an accident or refusing to use a public bathroom.

These are the key concepts of what to know about potty training while traveling. Whether you are a first-time mom or have several kids, if you follow these suggestions you can enjoy your trips and not get nervous at dealing with wet diapers.

Get your child comfortable with using a regular sized potty.

Try and comfort your child while they sit on a regular sized toilet. It might initially be scary for them but it will be better for them in the long run. You can have your child practice at home before the trips to make sure they are comfortable and used to the size of a normal toilet seat. Getting them used to a regular sized potty will allow you to avoid bringing a travel potty with you.

Pack extra clothes to prepare for accidents while traveling.

It is essential to prepare ahead of time and bring multiple diapers and extra outfits with you in a travel bag in the case of an accident. The worst thing is having a wet diaper and now sorting through all of your luggage for dry clothes. You will feel a big sense of relief about potty training while traveling if you have a carry-on bag filled with diapers and extra clothes in the case of an accident.

Still continue using a reward system for your child.

Even if you are on vacation you should still continue to congratulate your child for using the potty. Continue either giving your child treats or small gifts to reward them for properly using the bathroom. Using potty training incentives if you are potty training while traveling will motivate children to use the bathroom more often and be less afraid of using the potty.

Bring a travel potty with you if you're going on a long car or plane ride.

If you are expecting to travel for a long length of time pack accordingly and bring a travel potty with you. This will remove the hassle of having to frantically search for a bathroom. You can just have your child use the portable travel potty. The top is often shaped like a toilet and the bottom has a plastic bag. So after your child goes to the bathroom you just throw away the plastic bag. This makes travel simplified for parents and is a smart and effective tip for potty training while traveling.

If you are going on a plane have your child use the toilet at the airport.

If possible have your child use the toilet at the airport instead of forcing them to use a cramped toilet on the plane. Generally, toilets in the airport are cleaner and give children more comfort since they won't have to feel rushed and won't be afraid of the movement of the plane. It can be extremely scary for a child to be going to the bathroom while on a moving plane.

Plan out mandatory bathroom breaks approximately every two-three hours.

If you are expecting to go on a long trip look at your route and plan to stop for the bathroom every two-three hours. Don't ask your child if they need to use the restroom; tell them it is time for a bathroom break and require them to go even if they don't think they need to. By having your child use the bathroom every few hours it drastically limits the number of accidents or prevents your child from giving you five seconds notice before they need to go.

Limit the liquids you consume before going on a plane or long car ride.

This tip for what to know about potty training while traveling may seem obvious but can be easily overlooked. Before heading on a plane or in a car for several hours don't give your child a lot of water or juice because they will end up having to use the bathroom shortly after consuming the liquid. It is acceptable to give them some liquids but don't give them ample amounts of water or juice.

Expect your child to regress while traveling.

If you are potty training while traveling don't be surprised if your child does not respond well to a new situation. Your child might be stressed about the particular area and regress by going in their diapers. This behavior is normal and should not cause you to think your child is not close to being potty trained. Most children often get nervous when put in new situations and resort to their old behaviors. It is difficult for kids to build confidence in new situations.

Bring plenty of wet bags with you.

This is one of the most important tips for what to know about potty training while traveling. Wet bags will be extremely useful if you are on a plane or in a car and your child wets their diapers. Instead of dealing with gross and wet diapers you should put them in a wet bag. You will be glad you brought an ample amount of wet bags in your carry-on bag with you in the case of an accident.

Prevent constipation.

Ensure your child gets enough fiber and water to prevent being constipated. You can pack some raisins with you to give them fiber. It is not fun for you or your child if they are trying to use the bathroom and end up being constipated. Especially in a new environment, this can be nerve wrecking for a child. This is an important tip for parents who want to know information about potty training while traveling.


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