What Makes Someone Successful

by Chris Alvis 3 years ago in interview

In the Eyes of a Four Year Old Girl

What Makes Someone Successful
My lovely daughter, who helped me write this. 

Average, everyday people who are attempting to better themselves or raise their income will often seek advice from high-earning people with prestigious careers. It makes sense to ask someone with success, “How do I become successful?” because they will offer detailed advice from their experience that will certainly be useful... but when you DO reach success, whose opinion of that success (or the journey towards it) matters most? Our children!

They’ve been on that journey with us and their eyes on us will shape the way they’ll navigate their own careers when the time comes. I think the experts with their experience can offer great advice about results (the end) and children with their attitudes can offer great advice for the now (enjoying the journey).

Enjoying the journey towards success is extremely important or else you’ll live half your life absolutely miserable. I don’t want to be miserable and I definitely don’t want my children to see me miserable. Things will never be okay at your office if things aren’t okay at home, so check in with your kids and have them check in with you!

Chris Alvis: What does a successful person look like?

My Daughter: I think a successful person is someone who works reeeally hard forever.

Will happiness come from success?

Sometimes. Not all the time because success is when you succeed doing something and it’s not always fun. Sometimes you have to do it over and over. It can be hard.

Do you always keep going when it gets hard?

Yes, I know not to quit. I never give up!

What do you want to do when you grow up?

A pop star! And own a jewelry store. Own my own things. And own a dog pound.

What would life look like if you were a successful grown up?

A: I think life would be different. I’d have blue hair and nothing would be hard. I’d have people already there to adopt the dogs from my pound. I’d just walk in and give them the dogs they want!

What do you do to be happy while you’re working hard?

Well when I hang up my clothes, it’s hard but it’s worth it in the end.

Why is it worth it in the end?

When you do something and it’s done perfectly I say “Wow, I did a good job!”

Whenever you grow up, how will you know you’ve finally reached success?

I’ll feel good. About myself, about everything. If someone can do it, they can.. so I know I can!

Who do you look up to the most and why?

Elena, she can climb the slide and she taught me how.

A simple conversation with my daughter... to some folks this is nothing special but to me, the parent, this tells me to work hard because then I will be successful in her eyes. As much as your boss’ opinion of you is important, your children’s opinion of you is just as important. This confirms that my child still has a big heart and that she still knows to never give up! She thinks that a good role model is someone who helps others (Elena who taught her to climb the slide). She has no idea this conversation was a peptalk for me. Your kids are a driving force for your success and using them to help build makes them a part of it, helps them choose the right path, and betters your communication.

Chris Alvis
Chris Alvis
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