What I Dream for You, My Child

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The Musings of My Mother-Heart

What I Dream for You, My Child

❤️What Do You Want Your Child(ren) To Be?❤️

That was a question that I was asked recently. I think they meant vocation. What vocations do I want my children, now or future, to have? What do I dream of them accomplishing?

I had to think about it. I actually don't have a dream for my child's vocation. How could I? They are not me. Their dreams are theirs. Plus they are in third grade. When I was in third grade, I am pretty sure I wanted to be Maria Von Trapp. Or a time-traveler. Dreams change....

Maybe they will go to college? Maybe they won't.

Maybe they will be an explorer, an acrobat, a poet, or an engineer.

Perhaps they will be a doctor or a lawyer.

They could be a stylist or a makeup artist or an HVAC technician.

Possibly an astronaut. Or maybe they will be a parent.

Still maybe, they will sail the seas or even drive a desk.

Maybe they will be so many things in their lifetime. As we all are.

It doesn’t matter all that much to me what their vocation ends up being. The world is literally theirs to do with what they will. They will inherit what we leave them and make the best of it.

But I thought some more. What do I want them to be? This intelligent, curious, vivacious little soul that I am raising, what do I want for their future? It’s a big question. It cannot be answered with just one thing.

I want them to be safe. Take risks because they help you learn but be as physically safe as they can be. I worry. It’s my job as a mother.

I want them to be healthy, as much as one can control that. Eat right, exercise, take their vitamins, take care of their physical self.

I want them to be kind. They have a sensitive soul that the world desperately needs. They are an island of goodness in our ocean of uncertainty.

I want them to be cherished. They already are so loved, but I would want them to also include cherishing themselves. They are one of a kind and they shouldn't forget that. I hope they find a loving companion that cherishes them one day.

I want them to be strong in self and know their worth, and be able to resist the siren call of things that will hurt them..

I want them to be confident and self-assured, but still be able to ask for help when they need it.

I want them to be emotionally equipped to accept life's ups and downs and emotionally intelligent to relate to other people and themselves.

I want them to be ridiculously excited about something they love, even if no one else "gets it." It gives meaning to life. It creates community and belonging and adds richness to our experience of the world.

I want them to be brave, as they enter a world that is both mesmerizing and horrifying. To look at the world for all its faults and still find the beauty in it.

I want them to own their power and speak truth to the powers that be. Stand up for those around them. They will be world changers in their own way.

I want them to be a good friend, and have a good group of friends who have their back.

I want them to be creative, in whatever way gives them happiness.

I want them to be unafraid to fail, but rather welcome the opportunity to grow and step outside their box and comfort zone.

I want them to seek out the right thing, even if it’s not easy. I want them to make intentional choices.

I want them to be exactly who they are. The wondrous, happy soul that I have the privilege of raising.

This is the prayer of my mother-heart.

What do you want your child to be?

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Bekah Dee
Bekah Dee
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