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Top water purifier brands in Bangladesh

Many of us attempt to purify water in the usual method but that is not always possible to eliminate all these dangerous chemicals from the water by heating or inadequate filtering. This requires a contemporary filtering system.

By Mustafa SakibPublished 8 months ago 5 min read
Water Purifier Price in Bangladesh

Clean water consumption is essential for healthy health. Due to the extensive pollution of water, tap water supply is no more a dependable supply of water. There have been multiple instances of individuals falling unwell after consuming unfiltered tap water. Having a high-quality, if not the ideal, water purification system at home is therefore essential for every household. However, the industry provides a variety of water purifiers employing various water purification technologies. Consequently, selecting the best water filter for your home might be confusing.

Choosing the right purification system

Pure water is crucial for human health. But acquiring fresh water has become quite rare now. This is due to the fact that the water in the majority of places nowadays contains impurities such as lead, chlorine, and other toxins, as well as pathogens that cause diseases that are extremely detrimental to the human body. Many of us attempt to purify water in the usual method but that is not always possible to eliminate all these dangerous chemicals from the water by heating or inadequate filtering. This requires a contemporary filtering system.

Before buying the right water purifier, you should check the water purifier price in Bangladesh.

Top water purifier brands in Bangladesh

1. Kent water purifier - KENT water purifier, the most trusted brand in wellness items and home appliances in Bangladesh, provides unique solutions to safeguard your household from water - borne diseases, airborne infections, pesticides & toxins in fruits & veggies, and dust and mold in mattresses.

At KENT water purifier Bangladesh, they appreciate the health of our customers. The purity of air, water, and food has always been our main priority. The increasing rate of pollution has degraded the quality of the air, water, and food. Living in a toxic environment has been a matter of concern for our lifestyles because it can create a variety of health problems. They provide health care items that cater to humanity's need for a healthy lifestyle.

2. Ultima water purifier - ULTIMA offers the most modern water purification technology in the world; R.O. Technology is founded on the concept of "Safe Water for Bangladesh." ULTIMA's top priority is ensuring the highest levels of quality and service. Typically, ULTIMA RO Water Purifier types are tailored for residences, offices, hospitals, and schools.

3. Safe Life Technology - Water is a necessary component for life. People must consume water in order to exist. This is why there is a need for drinkable water. They ensure that all of the water purifiers they sell are approved by the Bangladeshi health safety authority. We ensure that the purifier's purified water is free of dirt, impurities, minerals, chemicals, and microorganisms. These water purifiers feature simple installation procedures, and anyone can update the filters at home by themselves. This is why we confidently refer to them as the greatest water purifier in BD. Purchasing a water filtration system or water purifier is the ideal solution if you want to avoid the inconvenience of boiling water each time you want to consume it.

Their water purifiers are among the best available and are priced very affordable. They are aware that the majority of people desire to lead a healthy life, and for this, they must consume nutritious and clear water. This is the only reason we provide the lowest water purifier price in Bangladesh. Pick a filter or water purifier from the store and add it to your shopping basket. Then, purchase the best water filter in Bangladesh from Safe Life Technology using the cart.

4. Water Shop BD - Watershopbd.com is the first online retailer in Bangladesh to provide all socioeconomic classes with high-quality water purifiers. Since its inception, Watershopbd.com has been Bangladesh's one and only online retailer of water filters. We, the Watershopbd.com, are deeply concerned with the evolution of the globe as well as the trials and decisions of the people. Therefore, we are always prepared to offer a large selection of the top products, including water purifiers and accessories, at a discount. You can visit their website to find water purification categories including Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purifier, Ultrafiltration (UF) Water Purifier, Ultraviolet (UV) Water Purifier, General Water Purifier, Water Softener Water Purifier, Iron Removal Water Purifier, Central Water Purifier, Waste Water Purifier, and MBR Water Purifier. It is the largest e-commerce site in Bangladesh that is dedicated to ensuring quality and provides the lowest prices on all types of water purifiers and water filters. Their website is prepared to supply any type of product-related information. Now that you've selected the item, you may take advantage of their seven-day, 24-hour service policy.

5. ABM Water company - They design, manufacture, install, and activate Reverse Osmosis systems, surface water treatment plants, groundwater treatment plants, and Iron, Arsenic, and Manganese removal plants that are rigorously tested, dependable, and user-friendly even under the most extreme situations.

Their technologically advanced systems are custom-designed to suit any application, making them the most cost-effective and efficient on the market. They have successfully deployed over 250 units throughout Bangladesh, many of which are still operating effectively twenty years after installation. They have developed some of the most cutting-edge technological advancements in water treatment, including membrane-based technology, ultraviolet disinfecting system, enhanced micro-filtration, media-based filtration, and chlorination. They want to preserve and maximize the use of water resources. They view these difficulties as a significant challenge and continually work to exceed our clients' expectations.


It is usually prudent to avoid making rash choices when it comes to caregiving for your family. Purchasing a water filter may appear to be a simple operation, but this is not the case. If you are on the market for a new water purifier, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of available brands and types. Once you have chosen the water purifier that fits your requirements and fits within your budget, you must measure its measurements (length, width, and height), make a note of these figures, and determine if you have enough space to put it in your home. If not, you must either make space for it or settle for a version that will fit in the space you already have.

Ensure that there is sufficient space for a buffer zone so that the water purifier is not positioned in close proximity to its surroundings. Because water purifiers require routine maintenance and servicing, they should be located in an easily accessible location. If there is insufficient space on the kitchen wall, an under-sink water purifier is advised. An under-sink type can be positioned beneath the kitchen counter, close to the sink, so that it is in close proximity to the water supply line.

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