To My Sister

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And all the other workers out there during this COVID-19

To My Sister
Bonita Springs, FL 1/11/2020

Dear Sis,

I remember when I was only about 5 when you would have me up in the air by your feet on my belly and it was the funnest thing ever.

As a younger sibling, we usually get pushed to the side as a a child because parents have been through this with their older siblings. This is usually deemed a bad thing, but I don't look at it that way. I look at it as I know my older siblings soooo much more and I got to be there for it all. Sometimes bad choices were made that I had to witness from most of everyone in the family, but that's 50% of how I was made to be who I was today.

As I became and adult, you and I grew closer as sisters and best friends, it's kind of funny to think about because you are the 2nd oldest and I am the baby in the family. Even as an adult I got to watch you change and how much you have changed after having your first kid.

So much has changed through the years and now you have been in Florida for only about 6 months and now you are fighting a PANDEMIC so I want to start off my appreciation article by saying that you are a hero to very many people out their. You are always being looked up to sis!

I remember when you called me and told me about how they were closing down your hospital unit you work on as a Certified Nurses Assistant and turned it into a COVID only wing. You asked me 100 times if you should stay or take the company up on their transfer offer to a different wing. I told you no because you have my nephew, a small 8 year old boy who loves his mom dearly and I definitely did not want to lose him or my sister if you two got it. In fact, I think mom said the same thing, but a week later, you called to tell me you stayed. You stayed to fight this global pandemic the entire WORLD is facing, and you decided you wanted to be part of the change, to contribute to society during these most crucial times and I am so proud of you! Even though, I may not agree with your decision 100% you have made a huge impact on everyone you have came into contact with because some of those people had to die alone, but you were able to be there and that is something a special person has to deal with. I truly believe that this pandemic has shown us who the hero workers are and you, my dear sister, are one of them!

With the causalities and the unfamiliarity of the virus, you still chose to step up to the plate to be their for your community during these times. When a nurse on your team tested positive, you were took off work for a couple weeks for self-quarantine. You had a swab shoved down your nose TWICE, just so you can go back and finish out this pandemic. You were their when it started trickling in and you will be there when it starts trickling out.

I hope one day we will look back and laugh and reminisce when you see this letter someday.


Whenever the going gets tough you always power through it, keep going strong and you will be able to relax and breathe soon! All your family here in Illinois miss you and we are keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers!

I love you sissy,

Your little, big sister- AdreAnna!

#YourAHero #COVID-19 #FrontLineWorker

AdreAnna Sommer
AdreAnna Sommer
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