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To My Loving Grandmother

by Relevance 10 months ago in grandparents
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Rosa Maria Guevara

My Love. My Heart, My grandmother Rosa

I love you so much, I wish that you were still with me but I have to accept the fact that even though you aren't here with us, you are in a happy, loving and over all, better place. I miss you so much, I miss going to your house to do your hair and hear you complain about everything because you didn't understand most things. I will never forget you and I will always have you in my heart. Just wanted to tell you that I finished college and on a path to success and ultimately making you proud.


I'm sorry for lying and I'm sorry for all the things that I put you though, like not calling you when you were worried about me and not listening to you when you were talking to me. I love you with all my heart and my soul and I know you're watching over me.

I AM STRONG because I had you to raise me. I also have you as my force. MA, I love you, please watch over me and protect me. Guide me through it all.

I remember not so long ago, I was thinking that when I finished college I would have you live with me and take care of you and watch you take over everything from cooking to cleaning. Telling me, "eso no va así," or when you lose your glasses or keys and say, "para saber dónde está eso ahora." That's what I miss the most and lets not forget your favorite saying, "Let me told you something."

I now have 2 children, your great grands. Milani and Jeremiah! They are a blessing and I know you would of loved them as you're own! I still go to the house and I still forget you aren't there. It's hard but I'm slowly grieving you. I hope you are proud of me and all that I have overcome! You see what's happening in my life and I know you are proud! I have been through so much and I hope you can know that it wasn't me who stole that $300 from you that you never found again.

A lot of you lives in me and my way of life. Thank you for everything. I have accepted myself, and my emotions. I have never been this vulnerable in my life and its something new! I will carry you in my heart forever! I wrote down my last words for you and everything has come true. I acknowledge that I am more than a conquer. I lead by example and I am a women with pure hearted intention about life and everyone that comes in contact with me. I thank you for showing me these traits. Thank you for simplifying my belief in the higher power. Thank you for cooking and showing me what a real woman and mother should be like. Thank you for your laughter, it was so contagious and I loved to see you smiling and laughing. Thank you for showing me about the things that are unknown to me but realistic to you.

I know that this journey of grieve is very new to me. You are the only person that I was close with who has pass on and it truly is heart breaking. I have learned to deal with the loss and know my purpose and know that when it is my time, I want to be able to say I have done my part on this earth. I will see you in the promised land!

I Love You More Than My Life.


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