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Three Girls

the story about these three girl best friends falls in love at the same guy.

By vsxyazPublished 3 months ago 4 min read
three best friends

Once upon a time in the small town of Willowbrook, there were three best friends named Lily, Rose, and Daisy. They had been inseparable since they were little girls, sharing laughter, secrets, and dreams. But little did they know that their friendship was about to be tested when they all fell in love with the same guy.

His name was Ethan, a charming and kind-hearted young man who had recently moved to Willowbrook. As soon as he arrived, his charisma and friendly nature captured the attention of everyone in town, including Lily, Rose, and Daisy.

At first, they didn't realize that they all had feelings for Ethan. Lily was the first to notice her growing affection for him. She found herself drawn to his smile and the way he listened to her every word. Lily couldn't help but imagine a future where they would be together.

Meanwhile, Rose was also developing feelings for Ethan. She loved how he made her laugh and how they shared similar interests. Rose imagined spending endless hours talking and exploring the world with him by her side.

As for Daisy, she discovered her feelings for Ethan when she saw how he treated others with kindness and compassion. She admired his willingness to lend a helping hand whenever someone needed it. Daisy envisioned a future where she and Ethan would make a difference in the world together.

One sunny afternoon, the three friends decided to meet up at their favorite spot by the Willowbrook lake. As they sat by the water's edge, they began to share their deepest secrets. Lily hesitantly confessed her feelings for Ethan, followed by Rose and Daisy who revealed their own emotions.

The revelation left them stunned and uncertain about what to do next. They had never imagined being in this situation, and the last thing they wanted was for their friendship to be torn apart by their shared affection for the same guy.

After a long silence, Lily spoke up, her voice filled with sadness. "We can't let this ruin our friendship. We've been through everything together, and we can find a way to handle this situation."

Rose and Daisy nodded in agreement, realizing that their bond was more important than any romantic relationship. They decided to be honest with each other and promised to support one another, no matter the outcome.

Days turned into weeks, and Lily, Rose, and Daisy continued to spend time with Ethan as friends. They cherished their moments together, all the while keeping their feelings hidden from him. They focused on strengthening their friendship and finding solace in the fact that they were there for each other.

One evening, as they sat under a starlit sky, Ethan noticed a slight tension among his three friends. He couldn't help but question what was going on. Sensing his confusion, Lily, Rose, and Daisy took a deep breath and decided to share their secret with him.

With trembling voices, they confessed their love for him but emphasized that their friendship meant more than anything else. They didn't want their feelings to jeopardize what they had built together.

Ethan listened intently, his heart filled with gratitude for their honesty and the strength of their friendship. He expressed his admiration for all three of them but confessed that he hadn't yet found the person he was meant to be with.

In that moment, a sense of relief washed over Lily, Rose, and Daisy. They realized that their love for Ethan hadn't changed their bond; if anything, it had made it stronger. They vowed to continue supporting each other and to remain friends no matter what.

As time went on, Lily, Rose, and Daisy discovered that love wasn't always about romantic relationships. It was about the enduring friendships that stood the test of time. They found solace in knowing that their love for one another would always be unwavering, regardless of who they fell in love with.

And so, the three best friends continued their journey through life, cherishing their friendship and the lessons they had learned along the way. Together, they faced every challenge, celebrated each other's successes, and found comfort in knowing that love, in all its forms, would always be a part of their lives.

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