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By Sumit MishraPublished 14 days ago 3 min read
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This is a very important article for each and everyone which deals with the points that we should consider before buying a new phone because phones and the internet have become the basic needs of every individual. We all need smartphones now because we are dependent on our phones for so much work now, it is an inseparable thing now. We all get tensed when we go to purchase it because there are so many brands which gives us so many options. There are people who know about phones but most people are not aware of them, we all purchase a phone that provides us with better features at less cost. We can not buy a phone after three or four months. Hence, we need a phone that has the latest technology and caters to our all needs. if you want to find out about the best phones then you can go on eBay alternatives which has a wide range of options for you.

1) Operating system (OS) – This is the first step in which you have to decide what sort of mobile phone you prefer whether you need iOS Apple or Android (Google) operating systems. In iOS, you will not find many options and it will cost you more than the Android ones, there are so many options in the Android version. Each type has its own advantages, interface, and app selection. So, you have to decide as per your preference.

2) Budget- This must be your first priority above anything. You have to decide how much your pocket allows you. you have to decide on your financial capabilities. Phones have a wide range. It starts from 10k and goes up to lakhs.

3) Performance- This is an important factor. You should see the processor of phones, RAM, and storage capacity. You should decide on a device that has a powerful processor and sufficient RAM to make sure that the phone will work smoothly. You should see storage capacity that aligns with your usage needs for apps, videos, and photos.

4) Display- When you buy a phone then always check the size of the display, its resolution, and the quality. a larger screen would provide you a better experience but a higher resolution would give you a clear and sharp image. You should check its various features like OLED or AMOLED displays.

5) Camera- I don’t think that I need to explain the importance of the camera to anyone. It’s the world of social media where we click a lot of pictures to post them online and we need a good camera of good pixels to capture our photos. There are so many types of features in the camera that you should always check out before buying a phone.

6) Battery life- The battery is a powerhouse for phones and we need to check the capacity of the battery and consider its usage time. There are phones that have a good battery with the smart features like smart charging and wireless charging for added convenience.

7) Connectivity - We all use the internet and wifi in our daily lives which is why you should always ensure that mobile phone supports connectivity like wi-fi, Bluetooth, NFC, and 4G/5G. nowadays phones have dual sim facilities.

8) Software updates and support- You must be aware of the fact that phones run on software and we need to make sure that phones are equipped with the updated software. Even after buying the phone the mobile company provides the software update or not. There are so many sites where you can read about the reviews and feedback on the smartphone. Hence, to know a phone better I would always advise you to read the reviews.

9) Customer Support- This is important because after purchasing a phone you might face some malfunctioning and glitches which would be checked by customer support.

These are a few points to remember, however, they can be more than these points and you should check out for them too


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