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There is an old man surnamed Zhao

This old man Zhao had been a fake monk a few years ago, because there was a famine at that time, and he thought of this method in order to beg for food.

By gongkai2Published 2 years ago 6 min read

There is an old man surnamed Zhao, a single name a fan character. This old man Zhao had been a fake monk a few years ago, because there was a famine at that time, and he thought of this method in order to beg for food. That year, Zhao Fan came to a small village with a hundred families in it. He chose a big house and went into it. The owner of the house was surnamed Wang, and people in Zhuangzi called him Wang Laohan. There are three sons in Wang Lao Han's home, namely Wang Xiaoyi, Wang Xiaoer, Wang Xiaosan. But anyone who knows Wang Lao Han knows he has a fourth son. In fact, the fourth son is a big yellow dog that they raise at home. Because it can help Wang Laohan guard the house at ordinary times, Wang Laohan likes it and calls it the fourth son. As soon as Zhao Fan entered Wang Laohan's house, he caught up with Wang Laohan and talked to his fourth son Big Yellow dog: "Fourth son, today we improve our life, eat steamed bread, later ah, I will also give you one." It was nothing to eat steamed steamed bread, but during the famine, we couldn't even eat steamed bread. It is said to be steamed steamed bread, in fact, it is steamed so few, the family, each person can share one, even if it is good. Zhao Fan heard this and quickly took it over: "Amitabha Buddha, the donor is really kind and virtuous. I think all things between heaven and earth are equal in general. The donor can recognize the dog as his son. Just a few words of praise, and it goes a long way. How did it work? At that time, people were kind. When they saw beggars or fugitives, they would help them. Seeing a monk, Wang took out three steamed buns and gave them to Zhao Fan. Zhao Fan was satisfied, but he was angry with his three sons. How do? Do you want to ah, steamed bread is not originally, zhao fan will go to three, the little brother SaEr eat what ah? The little elder brother SaEr. Wang also is very naughty, zhao fan, such as a walk, a king like little two, three, said: "see, the work well, shave baldheaded, wearing a ChuangChanZi line, later we will do that..." In the afternoon, an old man died in Zhuangzi, so Wang Laohan took his daughter-in-law to the house to help him do something. Small brother SaEr see the opportunity came, immediately find the scissors, ready to shave their heads, do the monk. Children which meeting shaved, hair is shaved, but I didn't shave, elder brother SaEr little head on all the remaining a few strands of hair, a left a right, with his face over the grass. Next, the elder brother SaEr start looking for a "saffron". There are no extra sheets at home, but Wang Xiaoyi has a solution. He is going to use flour bags, which are made of white cloth. Little elder brother SaEr cut up some white flour bag, stripped naked, and clothed in the body. Finally, WANG Xiao1 with XIAO2 AND XIAO3 said, there is such a good thing, we have to take four big yellow dog ah. So they also made a dress for Sier, and then helped Sier shave the dog's head. Busy half a day to finish shaving, look at the four head on a hair is not left, even the beard is pulled out. Wait until all busy, it is dark, little elder brother SaEr alacrity with four son go out to show off. Little elder brother SaEr with four son to the place where the old man died, not from the front door to get in. Where did you get in? Jumps over the wall. Little elder brother SaEr can climb on the wall, four couldn't climb up, and fiddled with four son big bald anxious under the wall that straight. Little elder brother SaEr four son, don't tube directly jump, jump jump is, but little brother SaEr had fallen on his feet, such as eye see that all was dumbfounded. What's the matter? They found Monk Zhao Fan also in the courtyard, and in front of their eyes. Originally, THE ZHAO FAN MONK came OUT from the WANG Lao Han home to this family, the host of this family to leave Zhao Fan in the old man's tomb before the prayer, to cross over. Zhao Fan agreed immediately. He thought well, until late at night, everyone scattered, he secretly eat the sacrifice, eat and run. At the moment, Zhao Fan is pretending to read the scriptures. He read the voice is small, others can not hear, is this read: "Old man, you go well, you can not with my general knowledge, I this is fooling people, absolutely no fooling meaning, don't care with me ah. Buddha grandpa ah, you hurry to send a few gods to take the old man away, everyone also quickly scattered, scattered, I good open dinner ah." Zhao fan mindfulness, listen to "flop", the little brother SaEr from jumping off the wall. Zhao FAN IS ALSO GUILTY OF BEING a THIEF, PLUS AT THAT TIME there is no electric light, all around black, it is in the time of cross over the old man, came suddenly from the sky 3 wear white CASsocks of the small monk, still braising white smoke. This elder brother SaEr wear is white flour bag, that thing, a shake, can not take white smoke? Zhao Fan, who had seen this before, was so frightened that he fell on his knees and shouted, "Welcome to Grandpa Immortal! To Grandpa Immortal!" Small two and small three age, see this trend, scared silly. When Wang Xiao had an idea, he looked at the situation in front of him, then looked at the offerings, and quickly pretended to say: "Old man, don't salute, quickly bring that roast chicken, I taste, in heaven always want to eat, but can't eat." Zhao fan is also frightened, didn't think much, just pass the little elder brother SaEr the roast chicken. Little elder brother SaEr eat the sweet. Wang Xiaoyi while eating, while whispering: "eat finished we three run ah." Just then, four big yellow dog came in. How did it get in here? The fourth son looked at the door for a long time, saw the crowd inside, did not dare to enter. Now see little brother SaEr eat is sweet, tempted to run came in. It does not matter this run in, at that time scared faint three old ladies. Four SON THAT MODELLING, WEAR A WHITE FACE POCKET, BARE a DOG HEAD, BROAD DAY OF ALSO SCARE. Big guy son a fear, a coax, the four son also scared, it also disregard to eat roast chicken, quickly ran to the host Wang Lao Han's side. When Wang Lao Han saw the monster coming at him, he got down on his knees and kowtowed. Just BE WANG XIAO SAN SAW, WANG XIAO SAN IS a duty of the child, he hurried to shout: "Dad! How can you kowtow to it! It's your fourth son..."


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