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The Unknown Call Turns into a Prank

Old Manor's Farm

By Nusrat Khan JuhoorPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
The Unknown Call Turns into a Prank
Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

A look of fear flashed into my eyes, my heartbeat sickeningly in great pounding thumps, sounding right up in my ears. An uncomfortable silence prevailed in the room. “What will happen if ever my mistake is out in the open?” I whispered under my breath, hidden in the darkest corner under my bed away from the glare of prying eyes which started to appear in my mind.

One week ago, beaming with joy I reached Old Manor’s farm. I would be staying over there for the weekend with my grandparents who settled there since the last ten years and where they initiated a farming project for the locals. I sat on the doorsteps, contemplating two robins pecking in the grass looking for worms. Time crept by with maddening slowness and the sky began to be filled with cauliflower shaped clouds. I was abruptly dragged to reality by the shrill buzzing of the phone downstairs in the living room.

I ran frantically down the spiral wooden stairs and I lifted the receiver, astonished by the husky tone of the person on the other line. In a reverent voice, the caller questioned me on the whereabouts of my grandparents. Impulsively, I gave a lot of details about myself. I thought that it was an innocent chat. Fear gripped me when I sensed a touch of sarcasm in his sardonic laugh. My voice began trailing off and I cursed myself for my stupidity. “How could I be so credulous?” All alone, I waited for my grandparents who would be home only after night fall.

M y blood froze at the thought of a lunatic lurking around and I put down the phone. My mind raced a thousand miles to all the possibilities that could occur to me in such a short time if the unknown man happened to hide somewhere near the house. There was no way calling anyone for help. My grandparents were out of reach and my parents were attending a seminar abroad. Tears rolled down my cheeks but I plucked my courage, checked all the windows and doors if they were all properly locked. I was turning into a crackpot and I nearly jumped out of my skin at the slightest sound.

I leaned back on the creaking desk, when the phone ring shattered the silence of the room. The terrible dread of that mysterious caller loomed in my mind, my hands quivered as I lifted the phone from its cradle. White with fright, I recognised the voice. My palms began to swept and thought that my hour of death had eventually come.

“I am sure you must be missing home, Miss Adams.” The weight of what he had just said hung in the air and startled me. I was definitely doomed. I stood motionless and the line went dead. The last I heard was a disdainful threat that he would meet me soon. I ran to seek refuge in my room upstairs under the bed and hiding under the blanket.

The house was now in a disconcerting silence when the doorbell chimed again and again. In a reflex gesture, I turned my head away, my eyes reflected awful visions of the stranger coming to harm me. The clicks of keys were heard and someone stepped inside the uncarpeted floor. I was on the verge of screaming when I saw my grandparents and Uncle Sam.

I was unable to stem the river of tears pouring from my eyes. “You should never reveal anything to a stranger,” murmured Uncle Sam in a strict tone of warning. It might be risky. I promptly understood that it was a prank. However, I sheepishly apologised.

‘All’s well that ends well.’ I was worried to death for a terrible mistake that could have been fatal.


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If happy lives miles away then i will be the first one to take the couples of steps that it takes...

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