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The tear of the fish


By JackmamaPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Last night I dreamed of the sea, the sea of nothing. Looking up, the sky is still there, but the sea is as blue as the sky. Being awake from the haze, clearly see the original calm sea blue waves, the sea breeze gently blowing, the sound of the waves, sort of greeting me. I can't help but wave to the sea, and not to lose courtesy yo.

  Can't remember how I got to the sea, can't see the cruise ship, nor see the motorboat, behind empty, only in front of this real sea, as if stuck in the sea, and then take a step forward will fall into the water, standing quietly on the surface of the sea, can't feel the weight, as if floating, and as if there is something holding up below. The sea breeze became stronger and stronger by blowing gently, as if there was a momentum at work. The sound of the waves was beautiful, soft at first, with the force of the wind, with a roaring rhythm. I subconsciously stretched out my arms, like an eagle flying on wings, and the fear that I felt just now dissipated, but there is a feeling of floating. The fear just then dissipated, but a feeling of floating.

  I don't know how long it took, but I heard another sound, obviously not the wind, nor the sound of the waves, I wanted to stop and listen carefully, a sea breeze rolled up a huge wave, the winged eagle was really scared, almost drowned by the waves, and used all my strength to float out of the waves, in the process, or heard another sound. After a huge wave, the wind is lighter, the waves slowed down some, a sound accompanied by this light wind and thin waves once again into my ears, this time to distinguish, this sound is from the sea, the sound is very faint, but very penetrating, clearly from the underwater world, this wind, this wave, and did not drown the sound of the sea floor.

  The wind is getting lighter and lighter, the waves are getting thinner and thinner, the sound from the bottom of the sea is getting clearer and clearer, as if something is crying, choking, moaning, holding your breath, concentrating on trying to figure out what is going on, suddenly there is a fish leaping up on the surface of the sea, more than a meter high, like a high jumper, from running to jumping, from leaping to falling, in a very short period of time. It was also like an artist's large hand drawing an arc on the surface of the sea, circling the pattern. It was clear that it was a fish, a very large carp, mouth open wide, tail like a large broom, carp jerking action skillful and graceful, did not see enough, want to see again, but waited for a long time, the carp never jumped out of the sea, never saw the carp jerking picture.

  With some disappointment, wanting to return, the voice rang in my ears again, this time as if I had heard the language, turned to reach the words, listen carefully, carefully distinguish, it was the sea talking, telling the legendary story about a carp: "Legend has it that long, long ago, there were many carp living in the sea. One day an old carp said that there was a dragon gate at the end of the sea, and legend has it that if you could surpass it, you could become a dragon. The golden carp in the lead said to everyone that I would go to the dragon gate, and after going through a lot of trouble and jumping over it, I became a dragon. Driven by the red carp, more and more carp jumped over the dragon gate and became real dragons. But in addition to the individual jumped over into a dragon, most can not pass. Anyone who could not jump over and fell down from the air would have a black scar on his forehead". The carp that jumped over the dragon gate and became a real dragon were of course very lucky, but those who did not jump over the dragon gate but fell down from the air, not only a black scar fell on their foreheads, there must have been tears of sadness, oh, so there were tears of fish in the sea water, and woke up with a start, but it turned out to be a dream ......


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