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the sweetest place on earth 🍫

a trip to Hersheypark (with Cerebral Palsy)

By EMandKids | AmazingAbigailGracePublished 2 years ago β€’ 2 min read
Top Story - September 2022

Matthew and I were 16 when we got our season passes together to the sweetest place on earth! It was our favorite way to spend our day together, riding all of our favorite rides and roller coasters!

10 years later and we are reliving it all with kids of our very own. We couldn't wait to share this with them.

Something we didn't expect was Abby's diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy. The ways that her body would do things differently because of the way her brain devleoped before she was born. We know how much this affects her daily life. How was this going to affect her experiences at places like HersheyPark? Places that exhaust even us, as adults, after a full day of fun. Was she still going to be able to go? To enjoy herself while she's there?

That's where the accessibility programs come in and believe me, they are not all the same. We've found that just because a program states that it is designed for individuals with disabilities, it doesn't always mean it will allow them to have the same experiences. We've definitely felt disappointment with this before.

Thankfully our experience at both HersheyPark and Hershey's Chocolate World have been nothing but wonderful!

Inside of Hershey's Chocolate World, there is a FREE ride within the loads of chocolate, a food court, novelties, merchandise and activities just steps away from the park. We are always greeted at the entrance of the ride with immediate assistance and a seating area while we wait for our special escort. They've even decorated the accessible enterance with details from the original intricate entrance so no guests are left out. The staff are always so amazing helping us on to the roatating floor and guiding Abby in a provided wheelchair to the ride car already equipped with a ramp!

Now in the park, there's an entire accessibility pass process that can be completed right at the entrance, next to the ticketing booths. What I appreciate so much about HersheyParks process is that they do not label everyone with a disability in the same category. They actually ask you information specifically about you or your child to provide the safest and most appropriate expierence to the person with the pass. They asked about Abby's mobility, her comfortablity with transfers, her control and stregnth of her upper and lower extremities. At the end of the brief survey, she recieved a pass with a detailed list of all of the rides that can accomodate her and where in the park we can find them! Her pass allowed us all to use a specific entrance of the ride that allowed her less time of walking/standing and more time to get comfrtable in her seat before the ride began!

From the water rides to the roller coasters, Abby got to spend the entire day just focused on having FUN and not worrying about whether or not she would be able to participate. HersheyPark made the process of setting up her pass, and using it throughout the park, an absolute breeze.

Of course we finished off our day with dinner and a chocolate-filled dessert at the brand-new restaurant, The Chocolatier, located in Hershey's new Chocolatetown which may have been one of Abby's favorite parts of the day and I think there is no question why!

disclaimer: While HersheyPark was so kind to host us for this special day, they didn't ask us to elaborate at all on our experience.

We genuinely just had the best day! 🎒🍫✨


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EMandKids | AmazingAbigailGrace

content creator + proudest mom to 3 sweet little humans, including THE Amazing Abigail Grace

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  • Jass Calmabout a year ago


  • Sonny2 years ago

    It's really nice

  • Carol Townend2 years ago

    It sounds like you all had a great time, and well deserved too. I find that in the U.K. it can be difficult to find parks such as these that are easily accessible for disabled children. One of my boys had disabilities growing up, and there was only one place we found easy for him which was Great Yarmouth, U.K.

  • Katie Odle2 years ago

    Such a sweet place. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Makes me want to go now. Lol.

  • Izzy Isolde2 years ago

    That sounds like an amazing day! Glad that they were so friendly and helpful

  • Bianca 2 years ago

    It’s so great to hear that they’ve made the park accessible so that Abby and other children get to experience such a magical place! Rock on Abby! - @biancacheca on insta πŸ’“

  • Consuelo Galindo2 years ago

    All places should be like this!

  • Janno Vino2 years ago

    So appreciative of this post. I love seeing the options that are out there for our future πŸ’š

  • Jessica D2 years ago

    I'm so glad they were so inclusive and accommodating! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!πŸ’š

  • Betsy DiRusso2 years ago

    So appreciative of this post. I love seeing the options that are out there for our future πŸ’š

  • taylor dawn2 years ago

    So proud of you abby your absolutely amazing!

  • Ashley Theis2 years ago

    This truly is a shining light. I’m so grateful that Abby and all of you were able to truly enjoy the family time with having to worry. It’s such a blessing to see people supporting people in every aspect. Looking forward to seeing this kind of support and unity become more regular!

  • Elise 2 years ago

    That is so amazing that Hersey Park makes sure everyone can have an awesome experience!

  • kemi .2 years ago

    such a sweet happy family! i love to see you guys thriving πŸ’•

  • R. E. Dyer2 years ago

    My family lives a short distance from HersheyPark, and it's so great to see the experience that you've had there. We got season passes for the first time this year, and the kids have absolutely loved going more than once-a-summer. The new entrance setup is definitely aimed at capturing the old Disney magic, and as years go by, it really feels like Hershey is aiming to be that sort of best-in-class experience. It's changed a lot since I was a kid, that's for sure, and so much for the better! Thank you for sharing your experience. It's a lot of fun to get to read through something like this and actually know all these locations from personal experience. What a great day!

  • sounds like fun, I think I would stay in the swimming pool all day and run in and out of the pool trying to catch a tan and swim my butt off!!

  • Makes me want to go to Hershey Park!

  • Evenly Gary2 years ago

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  • Heather Lunsford2 years ago

    I love hearing about people doing the right thing. I'm happy your family had such a good day. Best wishes and thank you for sharing.

  • Babs Iverson2 years ago

    Loved your story!!!πŸ’–πŸ˜ŠπŸ’• Subscribed & heartedπŸ’•

  • Robby Tal2 years ago

    This story made my day. Thank you for your contribution!

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