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The spring' s tell

by SondJam 4 months ago in fact or fiction
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A refreshing breeze blew in through the window of my room, giving me a feeling of refreshment after being "bored" indoors for almost 40 days due to the epidemic. So I stretched my head out as far as possible to the city in spring, which is suffering from pain and sorrow, and to the fresh, clean and non-toxic world outside the city ......

Oh, what fresh air! What a beautiful spring: it is still green grass, tender leaves, bright flowers, and "chirping" birds flying around on the branches, and the swirling breeze blowing gently in the blue sky and white clouds ...... I am sure that spring is not gone yet, spring is still with us Spring is still with us and every corner of the city, every side of space, but it seems to be asking: Where do people go? Why don't cars run in the streets anymore? Why is the hustle and bustle of the past suddenly gone? And why are the bustling streets so quiet that the heart trembles and fears?

Spring is asking, spring is wondering, spring is clinging to the surface of the Huangpu River and Suzhou River, lonely and confused looking for the answer ......

The city's silence today comes from the painful moaning and panting, and seems to be asking urgently: when will the dawn come? Spring, don't go too fast! We have not yet felt your tenderness and comfort!

In the south, March and April are the most beautiful days of the whole spring, the season when everything grows strong, the time when the flowers want to compete, the minute when the seeds sprout, and the great time when the city rises to the skyline again. ...... However, this spring, an epidemic has mercilessly ravaged every building in the city, every Every alley, every spacious or narrow living place, the crazy "Omicron" like a ghost attacked your body again and again, even into every one of your veins and nerve endings, calling you everywhere to feel pain and anxiety.

Damned Omicron! You let the city in the spring without the breath of spring, without the fullness and warmth of spring ...... This is how cruel and heartless, how abusive and desperate!

I opened the window gently and as far as I could, sticking my head out ...... If possible, I wanted to poke my whole body out until I could breathe the freshest air to my heart's content, in return for the foul and dreary gasping I had been doing for over a month in my room and minute by minute... ...

I saw you, lovely grass, you were proudly swaying your little body on a soft green ground, seemingly showing me your enchanting and charming. You said, although no one usually concern and attention to the weak you, and you never speak lightly of their own strength and weakness, beauty and ugliness, you only care in the spring to complete your free growth and a process of life. And at this moment, it is as if I still hear you saying a word to me: you people are strong, you like the glory when you are strong, but do not pay attention to the dignity when you are weak - you are asking me a question, and like urging me to review.

At moments like this, I find it amazing how smart the grass is!

Oh, I see you, the lush green leaves on the branches of the trees, you hadn't crossed the line along the window of the hotel I was staying in when I first moved into my room, and now you can already cover my horizon, harvesting rain and sunshine every day in the direction of the blue sky. You are really proud of yourself, as if the whole spring is shouting and helping you, making you vibrant and alive. Suddenly, I seemed to hear you talking to me, saying a very personal and warm word: Friend, do you know how to make you human beings live in peace and health? You are indeed powerful and great, you can indeed produce weapons and medicines, you can destroy any material on the earth, but you forget the law of survival of "one thing down, one thing up", if you want to make your permanent and healthy existence on this earth, you should respect nature, respect other things, and treat them kindly! ......

At that moment, looking at the green leaves on the branches in spring, I felt my face suddenly flushed as a human being. Isn't it so? In the past, we had many, many shameful and pitiful acts of disregarding nature and other things. And this, indeed, made my face flush with heat, even with shame.

You, before my eyes, attract the most envy and jealousy, because your blooming does not stop in the least because of the ignorance or praise of others, and you seize every opportunity in every day. You know that you will always be the main character in spring, because flowers - without you, how can there be the brightness and splendor of spring. Yes, you are the protagonist of spring, with you, spring will call people's hearts and make everything compete with each other. And once again you make me obsessed, suddenly I seem to hear you say: Dear people, I am the main character of spring, I am the face of spring, but can you pay attention to the hardships of my life and the cost of beauty in the day-to-day? Have you seen how humble and painful I am when I fall and break under the storms and turn into mud? And when you need to be beautiful on a regular basis, you will be able to trample and ravage me when you don't need to ...... you know a basic truth: you must not forget when you are proud, you must be proud when you are restrained, because then you can continue to bloom tomorrow after today's vivid!

Heh, at this moment, I seem to understand, straight let the heart vague pain ......

It's you, birdie, you're so naughty and cute, flying around in front of my window and constantly "chirping" ...... This is not intended to make me envious and jealous of you, elf! You continue to fly around proudly and uninhibitedly, completely on purpose to disturb my emotions that have been closed for more than a month and confined by the "no door"! "Yes, yes, yes, you kept yelling "yes" and "yes" in front of my eyes and ears! " in such a sure and provocative way. But in the end, your series of "chatter ......" made me suddenly awake, so you told me: freedom is the belief and will of the free; to be free, you should create freedom and the conditions and laws of freedom; freedom does not belong to the unfree mind and confinement, freedom belongs to the true, good and beautiful. Freedom belongs only to the realm of truth, goodness and beauty!

Wow, my little bird, you have enlightened me today and made me understand a great and solemn proposition and truth in front of the window of spring.

Now, at this moment, I really appreciate what spring is, how valuable it is, and what it means and what it is about: it is the world of everything, it is the grass, it is the green leaves, it is the flowers, it is the birds ...... It is certainly still the sunshine and the fresh air.

It is more our yearning, it is the white clouds, the light breeze, the warmth and those breaths on the winding road that mankind takes to survive and face the epidemics and challenges of the natural world head on ......

Well, I poke my head out once again, to the sky and everything outside the window, and say a fond word: Thank you, my spring, we are ready, ready tomorrow will come out of the room, out of the mansion, to embrace you, and together to meet the blazing heat and passion of summer!

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