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The Reasons Why Adults Are Still Watching Cartoons

When watching cartoons, adults aim to laugh, to relax and to avoid the stress that has the daily life

By Shah HussainPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
The Reasons Why Adults Are Still Watching Cartoons
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Millions of adults around the globe are still watching cartoons, as it is the best way to avoid the stress of everyday life. This phenomenon is called "kidult" (kid+adult), which refers to adults who have habits of consumption of teenagers. Before, being a kidult was frowne upon, but now it's seen as something fun.

To Disconnect from Reality

Dragon Ball z

Being an adult implies having responsibilities and sometimes it is good to watch a cartoon that entertains and make us laugh. In a cartoon, everything is possible, therefore everything is more fun. In addition, there are many cartoons that surprise and leave wise teachings to their followers, like the Japanese anime Dragon Ball Z which invites their fans to conquer their own fears in the face of adversity. The anime was created to instill in the children moral values that will serve them for a lifetime. At present, Dragon Ball Z has millions of followers around the world, who appreciate every teaching they receive.


The Simpsons

Adult cartoons give direct messages to viewers, as there are no famous actors or expensive settings. Everything is focused on the story they want to tell. The Simpsons has been able to tell stories in the most funny way, for more than twenty years. For a celebrity, appearing in "The Simpsons" represents a fame goal: if you appear there, it means you are important.

Good Memories

The Powerpuff Girls

When an adult watches cartoons, he feels that he regains his childhood, being able to relive the best moments. Sometimes because he had a beautiful childhood or because he has a difficult childhood. Either way, he wants to go back in time. When one is a child, one identifies with the characters of the cartoons. For example: in The Powerpuff Girls, there is "Blossom" (pink), the coherent girl, "Bubbles" (blue), the sweetest girl and "Buttercup"(green), the most energetic girl. The three girls have strong and defined personalities.

Easy to Enjoy

Fritz the cat

When you watch a movie, you want to see good performances, a good script and a good direction. When you watch cartoons, you do not demand any of that, you just want to relax and enjoy. There is a comic, Fritz the Cat, created by Robert Crumb in 1965, that generated much controversy in its time. Fritz is a university cat, with an individualistic personality and very sophisticated. Fritz lives many sexual adventures, regardless of the opinion of others. This cat was a great critic of the social system of his time, generating a lot of fans around the globe, who agreed with him.


South Park

The cartoons for adults have no limits to tell what they want. The best example is where four little children say the worst insults and remain adorable. Eric, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny do the most eschatological things, like never seen in a cartoon. Their secret of success is to be politically incorrect. In fact, nobody imagined that a cartoon would arrive so far. South Park has broken all the limits of good taste and that's why they're so great. This cartoon is always updated on what is happening in the US and in the rest of the world, and this is even more valuable.

The most important of all is not to feel ashamed to watch cartoons as adults. You can be a child all your life if that's what you want. In fact, there are millions of kidults around the globe who are happy to be as they are. The kidults leave the prejudices behind and live their life as it seems best. Most of them have a good job and good income, since they are usually successful in what they do. Some have children and share their tastes with them, to perpetuate the same customs in the next generations.


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