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The Qingming Festival

by DannyMox 2 months ago in advice
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Every grass and tree in my hometown. Every field of soil and every bed will become the miss of a lonely visitor from afar.

  Duke Chong Er of Jin was exiled to other countries with his homeland in mind. When Chong Er was so hungry that his eyes became dizzy and he was on the verge of illusion, one of the scholars who followed him along the way was a man named Jie Zi Tui, who cut his shares and cooked soup for his master. After Chong Er became the ruler of Jin, he rewarded the meritorious people. But he forgot about Jie Zitui. Kai Zitui was ashamed but did not argue and left with his mother in silence. He lived in Mian Mountain. The Duke of Jin was enlightened, so he sent someone to call Kai to be an official. He did not respond to the Duke of Wen. The Duke of Jin then sent people to set fire to the mountain in order to force out Kai Zitui.

  Kai Zitui never came out and burned his mother in the forest. The Duke of Wen regretted and sorrowed, and set a date for the burning of Jie Zitui's body. No fire was allowed in the country, and all the people ate cold food. This is the origin of the Winter Food Festival. For thousands of years, the festival has been passed down from generation to generation. History has changed round after round. And as a national essence to be passed down.

  China has two important festivals. Both are due to qi festivals. One is the Dragon Boat Festival on the fifth day of the fifth month of the fifth month, when Qu Yuan, the great man of Chu, threw himself into the river to save his righteousness. The other is the righteous Jin warrior Jiezitui, who was willing to burn himself to death to uphold his personal moral integrity. The generous deeds are still sad and exciting to read today, beating the chest long sigh. I really admire these people who sacrificed their lives to seek mercy to survive the righteousness. I feel that this is the backbone of the nation, the spirit that the nation should really carry forward. The country has a scholar, the people's blessing of the gentleman's fortune.

  Perhaps love to read historical biographies, ancient books and ancient texts, I more or less also dip a little ancient style. Not for the five buckets of rice, not for the powerful and noble singing songs of praise. In the prevalence of thick and dark science at the moment. It is also considered a rare alternative.

  My home is in the Dongting Lake plain. It is a fertile land. The ditches and lakes are dense. The rivers are crisscrossed. Rich in products. It is the land of fish and rice.

  The memory of Qingming is in the season when the grain is in the water.

  When I was young, my family was poor. Clothes were folded and patched, and food was not enough to cover the stomach.

  A large row of noodles for ancestor worship is not possible. Belly can not be filled, how to money and rice for the ancestors. During the New Year's holidays, there were only a few dishes. Light incense and candles, burn three pieces of money paper, towards the heaven and earth, the country's relatives tablet stoned. Mother shouted a few words of ancestral blessing peace and so on the ritual is completed.

  Rituals are ritualistic. It is about sincerity of heart and blessing. When worshipping, you must not slander in your heart. Mother told us that if we blaspheme the gods, we will be punished.

  Ancestors do not know whether the blessing. Anyway, I spent my childhood and teenage years in a daze like most people my age in those days. Also sick, drowned. But in the end, I grew up half-starved. Looking back now, I really marvel at the tenacity of life.

  Every year, the Qingming Festival, or other important days. The neighbors in the village had to go to the street to buy something. Sometimes they brought their eggs or vegetables to the street to sell for a few bucks for their families. At that time, every family was poor and living in poverty. The eggs laid by the chickens could be eaten except for important people on important holidays.

  The rest had to be saved and sold for money. Usually walk seven or eight miles of mud road to the old street of Sebozui to buy some yellow paper, candles and incense, are cheap, the prices were stable in those days, although it is difficult to earn money, but money is also worth money. A few cents can buy a large stack. My mother carried the bamboo blue and aunt together on the street. First, they walked along the lake behind the house for three or five miles. And then turned to a canal bank path. The canal was dug and expanded by our ancestors in the early years of the land reclamation. More than ten meters wide. Canal bend where there is a small wooden bridge leading to the old street. The bridge is paved with wooden planks. Five feet wide. Some of the nails are loose. Not very solid, people walking on it. Creaking and rattling. Children, as a rule, are to follow. Every holiday on the street is our happiest time, children and adults play all the way, happy. The adults are frugal and always take out from their clothes pockets wrapped in red or purple handkerchiefs and cloth towels, picking out some corner tickets and silver pennies to buy a few French cakes. Sometimes they also buy some apricots, plums and peaches. To comfort the children. At that time, the fruit really sweet and fragrant. Maybe it is the reason of pure nature. No one is fake, there is no counterfeit goods in those days. Fake will be cracked down by the whole society. Anyway, when I grew older I never ate that taste again.

  After I bought the yellow paper, I carried it to my cousin. Cousin's name

  The name of the cousin has a word learning, I will be called according to the local method. Call him Xue, Xue brother older than me more than 20 years, is the brigade on the famous carpenter. Faithful life, people do not play the game. Very good to me. Brother Xue squinted at the yellow paper I took. Smilingly, he said, "It's a drill again. This is a unique vocabulary invented by Brother Xue, meaning to set things up. I think this vocabulary is very relevant to life. It is very recognized.

  "The drill is to borrow a chisel to beat down the yellow paper to make the money ″.

  Brother Xue turned around and found the arc chisel in his toolbox. Playing money can only use the arc chisel, because the mouth of the arc chisel is half round. The chisel is semi-circular. It is only when it hits the yellow paper that it can make the coin-like shape. If you use the square chisel to play out is not like copper money, the deceased received can not be used, will be angry, the deceased an angry, will not bless the descendants. The consequences are very serious. In the end, there are different opinions on whether there is a nether world. However, rural people believe in it. I have been taught to believe in it. This is the power of religion. Thousands of years of heritage, carved into the bones of the faith. Its effect is sometimes more effective than the law.

  In short, in the treatment of ancestral gods and goddesses on this matter, no one dares to make false, bluffing and fooling.

  At that time, there were several carpentry masters in each brigade. Around the Qingming Festival. The woodworker's arc chisel almost never stops.

  I hold the arc chisel. The right hand took a small hammer skillfully playing money on the yellow paper.

  After the money is beaten, my mother will use the rice cooked to thin paste to cut the red and green paper with bamboo skin bowed and glued a round ball. The ball is called a Qingming ball. The ball is folded into a folded pattern. It was deeply wrinkled. What is the ball used for. Some old people say it is a lantern. It is used to light the way for the ancestors to come and go.

  "Isn't it forbidden to make fire? What lanterns are also made ″ I asked repeatedly refuted.

  The old man was a bit of a Taoist, "You know what. That is the Cold Food Festival is not a fire, cackle is Qingming″.

  "Qingming is not the cold food″ I argued.

  "The ghost is pulling the leg, which speaks. Cold food is cold food, Qingming is Qingming. Qingming is after, cold food is before two yards ″The old man studied private school, is an old generation of culture. Although I have a belly slander, but I dare not be reckless. Later I learned this in books. The old man was right. I know I was wrong, and I owe the old man an apology. Yet I never had the chance. The old man fell into a ditch one winter and never woke up, he went to the other side.

  After preparing the sacrifice, it was time to go to the grave site and hang the ball paper first. Light the incense and candles. Put up eighteen rings. Eighteen small firecrackers, one or two cents, very cheap. And then reverently kneel down to the ancestors kowtow three times, the whole ceremony is considered complete.

  When I worked in Jiangxi in 2003, I felt the grandness of the Qingming Festival. All manufacturers are to take a holiday to worship their ancestors. They made rice balls like dumplings, fruit rice, and dishes and put them at the graves. We kowtow to our ancestors.

  There is no such ritual in the Dongting Lake plain. They hang a red and green paper ball with a dangling paper money under it. It is said that the ancestors in the underworld will come to take down the dangling paper money.

  In the past, when my mother was around, I was busy with my livelihood. Every year, the Qingming Festival is hung by my mother ball kowtow.

  Last March, around the Qingming Festival, a serious illness mother did not get up. From then on, the sacrifice of hanging the ball is left to me to take care of. My mother and my father, who had died early, lived together in a joint arch.

  My mother became a sacrifice from the sacrificer to the sacrificed. She and my father rested there quietly. The rape flowers were blooming next to them.

  Mother went to a place far away. That place is called Forever


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