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The Nana Adventures

Post Christmas

The Nana Adventures
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Now that Christmas is over, all new toys are now old toys.. It's time for new adventures at our house. We have New Years Eve coming up, will we shoot fireworks or have a bonfire.. Maybe both..

Just a little bit about my life. I am a 45 year old Nana to 3, which in fact two of them live with me. My oldest grandchild, who is also my only grandson, Blaise, 4, and his baby sister, Harper Grace, who is 1.

They have been living with me full time since June. When, I tell you there is never a dull moment at my house. I mean that with every sense of the word. Everyday is a new adventure, a new learning experience, for myself and the babies.

So last night, New Year's Eve, I decided to get some sparklers for the children so they could enjoy the celebration of the upcoming new year. It started out good, Harper decides she was going to be brave and hold 2 sparklers at once. LOL, that lasted long enough until her dad came outside and decided to light up some firecrackers.. When the firecrackers started popping she threw down her sparklers and ran the rest of the way to my mom's house, who was standing outside on her porch watching.

Her brother Blaise, well that's a different story.. lol.. He wasn't holding anything, he only wanted to look. But right before it was all over, he put on his brave face and held a sparkler and actually enjoyed it. Then of course, the bipolar weather here in Mississippi, it started to rain, just as soon as he was getting into the actual sparkler holding. We laughed, hugged, and had a good time. It's the little moments like this, that last a lifetime.

We brought in the new year asleep, but we were together, and enjoyed the little time we shared, shooting fireworks, well actually just sparklers, but doesn't matter. It was time spent together making memories. I always want them to be able to look back at the memories when they grow older. Remember the traditions, that they and I started together as a family, and hopefully pass them down to their children when I'm gone.

On New Year's Day, we took the tree down. Blaise, my grandson, asked me, "Nana why are you letting us help you take down the tree?" I replied, "We put it up together as a family, so we take it down together as a family too." He smiled at me. That answer seemed to make him happy. Harper was so excited she was grabbing the empty ornament boxes and running away with them wanting us to chase her. As we continued to chase Harper to get the boxes, we laughed and laughed. It was definitely a fun time and it got me to thinking of what I want to do different for the Christmas season in 2021.. New traditions await for us. Even the smallest of memories just this one, will remain with us for the rest of our lives.

Being a nana, is the best thing in the world. We make mistakes as first time parents, I know I did. But we also learn what to do and what not to do when the grandchildren finally come. I am so blessed to be a part of their lives, and get to enjoy the little things that come with it. Never a dull moment, and always full of imagination and adventures.

All the money in the world, couldn't buy the memories we share, and best thing of all, if we lose it all, we never lose the moments that we share with each other. Happy kids, happy nana, happy life.

More adventures awaits us in 2021. So from the 3 of us, we want to say Happy New Year.

The nana adventures to be continued.......Be sure to read our next adventure of the Water Monster!!..

Tabatha Nabors
Tabatha Nabors
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Tabatha Nabors

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