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The Informal Snow Day

by BobBam 2 months ago in art
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Standing at the door, looking up at the snow flakes falling from the canopy. The first thing I thought of was to send her a text message: I'm home, it's finally snowing.

"How happy it is to spend New Year's Eve with your family. Why do you always give me a less than optimistic feeling? Learn to enjoy life and be content with it. That way you'll be happy, no matter what the circumstances. Have a good time." She was the one who always gave me a positive decision when I was at a loss. So, I settled down to go home, only to meet the snow unexpectedly.

Second uncle let me play a few more days before leaving, but it has been a few years since I saw snow, but I was anxious to go to the snow to deeply physical.

Seems to have the grassland nation to meet the VIPs of the neat horse team and various colors of clothing, all the way high song, fluttering dance; seems to have with the old friends and acquaintances reunion of the dress wine, a thousand words. But I had nothing to prepare. The only thing I have is an eager heart. No need to interpret the world's red tape, and no need to dress up a well-groomed mood. The snow is pure white, the original pure white and the world is not compatible with everything. I'm afraid that the heart of a distracting thought destroyed the bottom of the beginning of the nature.

Light footsteps, looking for the end of the road and go, occasionally hold your breath and hear the sound of "creaking" from the bottom of your feet. That sound is inaudible to people in a hurry and inaudible to people who are irritable. That is for the heart of the quiet and peaceful people custom notes. Like a distant spring gently dropping a drop of spring water, the sound comes, minimal, but can vibrate the eardrums, that is the ultimate harmony between man and nature.

Into the forest, the afterglow of the eyes by the trees on both sides blocked the way. The eyes forward, where the road ends, can not see clearly, as if disappearing in the embrace of the woods, and as if swallowed by the snowy sky without borders. I remember when I was in art class, I was fascinated by the way the teacher talked about painting. I liked to draw a cottage on paper, with a path in front of it reaching into the distance of the mountains and then disappearing. Suddenly, I wanted to draw the scene in front of me with a paintbrush. But that's just a thought beyond reality, but it's not as good as whispering a little poem to blend in with the snowy scene in the silent mountain forest.

I love snow so much that when I was very young I read in a book that "The Great Xing'an Mountains, the snowflakes are dancing. The small Xing'an Mountains, snowflakes fluttering" and so on words. The kind of snow drifting pressure on the earth, so that people have a kind of suffocating feeling, the endless mountain was covered up, only occasionally revealing a little dark green treetops, dotted in the thick white above. Perhaps the country of ice and snow is worthy of the word "silver". If you compare that spectacular scene to a princess or a lady of the dynasty. Then the one in front of you is not as grand, but it can also be called a small family, and graceful. The snow is thinly pressed on the surface of the branches and leaves, the overall look of dark green and pure white, but also a unique, refreshing and beautiful.

The road stretches beneath your feet, and the snow permeates your heart ......

There is no need for any words here, the eyes will transmit everything to the mind; here there is no need to think about anything else. The heart is very calm, like water, like a shallow bay of clear water that is calm. Snow is also very calm, floating down leisurely seems to be unable to interrupt the meditator of that mind. The heart and the snow are mingled together. This scene can not tolerate any damage from external forces, but also any external forces can not reach the realm. This is the sublimation of the mind.

Return to the truth, chasing the true meaning of life. I think that the true meaning may be a blank, the initial state of life, no desire, no thought. As in the face of the scene in front of you, there is no human world has been disturbed.

Love something is always very persistent, very crazy. Do not want to end the ritual of the arrival, only hope to stop at the beginning forever.

May this snow has no end, life has no end.


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