The Importance of Family Holiday Rituals and Traditions for Making People Happy

by Isla Wright 9 months ago in children

Keep reading and find out what’s so special about holidays that boosts our happiness.

The Importance of Family Holiday Rituals and Traditions for Making People Happy

When I was a kid, I really looked forward to every single holiday, as I knew what it meant for me. A lot of delicious food, a lot of presents, mostly toys, and the whole family in one place. I look forward to them even now, of course, as things have stayed pretty much the same, except that I don’t get toys anymore. Over the years, holidays have come to mean a lot more to me, as I always get the feeling of belonging somewhere, and not being alone. I always wondered if that’s everything about holidays that makes me happy, or is there something more. If you’ve had these kinds of thoughts as well, keep reading and find out what’s so special about holidays that boosts our happiness.

Family Gatherings

I believe that the most important part of any holiday is the gathering of the whole family in a special place we call home. We get filled with warmth knowing that everyone always has a place to go back to, no matter what part of the world their lives take them. A lot of people prefer to chase their ambitions, and invest their souls into their professional lives, which are hectic and filled with stress. That’s why holidays are perfect occasions to run away from all that chaos, and enjoy some quality time with our friends and family. It feels so good seeing someone after a long time and catching up on each others' lives. Even if you exchange messages or talk regularly, it’s a completely different feeling when you can actually hug someone and see them in person.

Preparing Meals Together

Food has always been the center part of many holidays, and its always been associated with a feeling of unity and connection. Taking part in the preparation of a meal together with your family is such a rewarding experience. The longer you prepare it, the more satisfied and grateful you will be later when it’s done. Also, you’ll enjoy it more knowing that everyone helped bring the food to the table. It brings smiles to our faces when we have that meal together, as we were already imagining exactly that kind of atmosphere while we were eagerly waiting for the whole holiday to come. It’s also fun to help clean up the dishes when everyone’s full.

Exchanging Presents

Kids usually remember their holidays for all the presents they receive, but it’s not completely different for adults as well. The feeling of surprise and anticipation never seem to disappear, no matter how old we get. However, holidays shouldn’t be about materialistic things, but gratitude, enjoyment, and fun. It’s okay to spend a few bucks, but don’t overdo it. Don’t make someone feel bad if they didn’t get you something of similar value. It’s more about making good memories and being grateful for everything you have at that moment.

Putting Up Decorations

It’s always fun putting decorations up all around the house, especially at Christmas. It makes us happy, and it shows to our neighbors that we’re in high spirits. My friends in Sydney do such an amazing job with their decorations. They buy stunning Christmas light decorations in Australia online, so they pick the new ones ahead of time and start decorating before everyone else in the neighborhood. Holiday seasons are about making and maintaining connections, so this kind of tradition helps bring you closer to your community.

Participating in Outdoor Activities

Going out of the house with your family always brings a dose of fulfillment to your life, as doing something together brings everyone closer. Isn’t it fun singing Christmas carols, or decorating a tree or bush outside? I love going to short family trips to a Christmas tree farm, as it’s always a wonderful experience. Sometimes we even go ice skating and laugh our heads off when someone falls on their bottom. No matter what you do, it’s always filled with enjoyment if your family and friends are there, especially for holidays.

Family holiday rituals are important to everyone, as the consistency of doing something the same day every year surely does give us a piece of solace. Spending time with special people in a special place is truly all that we need to be happy.

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