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The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

by hoang quynh ly 4 days ago in movie review
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The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

The animation borrowings from the IP of the Ice Age, but it is not a series with the original five episodes, so there is a big drop in quality. Not only is there minimal screen time for the original mammoth, saber-toothed tiger and the long-winded guy, but there's not even the iconic squirrel picking up pine cones. I have to say, Ice Age is a very interesting animated series, and it also made blue Sky Studio. It feels like Blue Sky studios and Pixar are on equal footing with each other in this series. Unfortunately, Blue Sky Studios has also disbanded, the classic Ice Age is over, and the future spin-off is likely to be just a gimmick. Going back to the story of the film, the plot is basically that evil wants to rule the world, but good uses all its power and luck to defeat it. It's a happy movie for adults and children. However, it is no longer in the realm of adult cartoons. After all, for me, there is no joke in the show. The whole story knows the end from the beginning, which looks like chewing wax. The funny of the two opossums, like the clowns in the 18th rate circus, felt funny, but couldn't laugh.

Actually, it's been slipping since the second one.

However, in the first few films, more or less can be something new. Several original protagonist (mammoth saber-toothed tiger and safe) in the back of the presence is just take the audience into the next scene, to see more lovely in a supporting role (for example, two opossums), series connection has the first had been buried good clues (first them through a corridor of ice, all the way after the dinosaur, alien flying saucer, such as shadow, meaning has been clearly). Would removing a saber-toothed tiger, for example, in any subsequent film have any effect on the plot?

When the word "family" pops out of the main character's mouth again and again, I can't help but think I'm watching the Fast and furious series.

Yes, in the Fast and Furious series, the disparity between the protagonist and the villain often uses the halo of family to help the protagonist fight back.

And, like so many Of Hollywood's turd sequels, the paradox is this: the last generation keeps nagging, the next generation can't stand nagging and decides to run off and mess up, the last generation rescues but gets into trouble again, and the next generation's deviant whim gets everyone out of the fire, and everyone ends up happy and happy.

Then, with a little seasoning, maverick Buck arranges a Bond girl for La Lang.

I'm nima.

This is like frying a pot of fried rice, using the overnight rice of 20 years ago, the soy sauce of 30 years ago, and the rusty iron pot of 40 years ago.

There's a short review that says it's for 12 and under. As far as I know my son (who happens to be 12 years old), he's not a fan of this old bottle filled with stale vinegar. What do you think teenagers under the age of 12 watch now? They have Douyin and B stations.

Get the old goblin out of here.

Still pretty good ah, really feel no score so bad ah! The quality is a lot worse, the pandemic could be a big deal, and it's not an ice Age film, so. Other feeling is not so bad, small opossum early hate, behind actually also let me admire a little up, really not easy ah! The new Z is a highlight. It's cute

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