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The happiness of a family starts with talking well

by Dennis Kinds about a month ago in how to
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The happiness of a family starts with talking well
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The happiness of a family starts with talking well

We often say that speaking is an art, and we should speak well.

But family is often the most easily overlooked place: the stranger, the more polite; The closer, the more go all lengths.

Knowing that the other party will never blame us, we rush the knife of words at our family instead.

The family is not invincible. A happy family needs management. The happiness of a family starts from talking well


1. Get along with husband and wife: respect is more important than blame.

The damage caused by the blow from parents is not only in the present moment, but also like a needle through cotton

In the long years,

it always pierces the hearts of children.

Yan Yuan, an educator in the Qing Dynasty, once said that it is better to give a reward than to count ten children.

Often praise children and give them hints and encouragement. Children will perform better and better.

In psychology, there is a word called Pygmalion effect. The Pygmalion effect says:

Praise, trust and expectation have an energy that can change people's behavior.

When a person is praised by another person, he feels that he has received social support, thus enhancing his self-confidence

I value, become self-confident and self-esteem, gain an upward motivation, and try my best to meet each other's expectations.

At the same time, in educational psychology, there is also a concept called ongmarie effect. When praised,

The praised person will make continuous progress.

If parents and children talk well, the family can be happy. Parents don't need exams, but they need to learn


3. Get along with parents: gratitude is more important than complaining.

Although parents can't give us all, what they give must be their best. Rich or poor,

Parents give everything to their children.

Don't complain that your father should be like that, and your mother should be like that.

If your parents fail to meet your material requirements, please don't forget to give you life and love

You have spent too much of their life and energy nurturing and growing up.

Different times, different thoughts, different understanding education and different experiences, so we are different from our parents

There are always different views and ideas between.

Don't despise their backwardness, complain about their old-fashioned, more respect, understanding and communication, and more humility

Give thanks.

Many people can't stand their parents' wordiness, and even blame their parents for their wordiness. In fact, why not?

It's love.

Tell you to eat and nag about your clothes. Only those who really love will nag you, and parents will never nag you

Someone who has nothing to do with them.

British philosopher Russell said: the family is important mainly because it enables parents to acquire emotion.

The book of songs says: mourn your parents and work hard to give birth to me.

Families need a heart of love and gratitude to create.

Filial piety is to speak well to your parents.

Be able to think from their perspective, understand their anxiety and calm their anxiety.

Don't complain when talking to your parents. Don't be impulsive and block your parents. Be calm and speak more

Consideration and gratitude.

Because care, your words have power; Because you care, your tone is good.

Speak well, calm but not cold, firm but not hard.

A happy family needs to take good care of the people who love you and the people you love, because there is love, every word should be said well.

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