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The "golden hour" after the birth of a newborn baby, to experience 11 things

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By Fra TushaPublished 5 months ago 6 min read

For every mother-to-be, childbirth is the most important moment in her life, a "rite of passage" to become a real mother, to finally meet her "pregnant" baby, who has been "unseen". "The first thing you need to do is to get to know your baby.

Although the first impression that many moms have of their babies may be a little ugly the baby also very hard to see the mother and leave the comfortable amniotic fluid environment, the baby is also very hard to adapt.

The actual "golden hour" after the birth of a newborn baby, what has been experienced, the baby's mother will know.

The 4 things a newborn needs to experience 10 minutes after birth.

The mother's womb is the safest "haven" for the fetus, both warm and able to supply all his needs, leaving the mother's womb, he began to constantly "busy".

1) recorded their "birth date"

Whether it is a normal birth or a cesarean delivery, after the baby is born, the nurse will take a look at the time and report the baby's birth time, which is what we usually call the child's "birth date". The sound of the time announcement may reach the mother's ears along with the baby's "first cry".

2)Cut the umbilical cord and separate it from the mother completely

Before the baby is delivered, the main supply is the umbilical cord. After delivery, the umbilical cord needs to be cut so that it can be completely separated from the mother and successfully born.

After cutting the umbilical cord, the doctor will bandage it. For the baby, the cut umbilical cord is equivalent to a new wound, and it needs some time to heal and fall off on its own.

3) "First cry" to learn to breathe on their own

Before the umbilical cord is cut, the baby's blood and oxygen supply is done through the umbilical cord. After the cord is cut, the baby can only start its lungs and try to breathe on its own.

After the baby inhales the first breath of air, the chest cavity starts to expand, the alveoli that have been "on standby" fill up, and when the baby expels carbon dioxide for the first time, it passes through the vocal cords, emitting a vibration and a sound similar to a cry.

Small feet

Therefore, the "first cry" that you hear in the delivery room is the sound of the baby breathing, proving that the baby can already breathe through the lungs.

4) The "first test" in life

To monitor the health of the baby, 1 minute after birth, you will face the "first test" in life, called the "Arrhenius score", and 5 minutes after birth to be retested.

It is mainly used to test the newborn's breathing, heart rate, response to stimuli, etc. Generally, a score of 7 or more is considered normal; when the score is between 5 and 7, the doctor will give the baby oxygen and dry the body as soon as possible, which will help the score reach 8 when retesting.

If the score is too low after birth, the newborn may need more comprehensive care and may be sent to the NICU.

10-20 minutes after birth, two important things.

After the newborn's indicators have successfully passed the "Arthritis test", it's time to get busy with two more important things.

5) Clean up and meet mom

After the newborn comes out of the mother's womb, it looks a little dirty and still has amniotic fluid on it, so the doctors and nurses will clean the baby first to make it look as clean as possible. It's time to give the mother a look.

As the newborn's thermoregulation ability is still immature, the temperature in the delivery room is cool and a bit cold for the baby, so the nurses will pick the baby up as soon as possible and keep him warm.

6)The baby's height and weight will be announced

Then the baby will be exposed to all aspects of "privacy", the height and weight will be measured, and will be loudly reported. Don't think about "saving face", this is also to understand the baby's health status.

A full-term baby weighing between 5 and 8 pounds is normal, but if it exceeds 8 pounds, it is defined as a huge baby, and the incidence of chronic diseases such as hypertension and coronary heart disease will increase in adulthood. The mother-to-be must pay attention to weight control during pregnancy Oh!

20-60 minutes after birth, essential flow into and care of.

After the first 6 processes, the baby and the mother can prepare to leave the delivery room, but the following 5 things, but also essential.

7) Be put on the baby bracelet, have an "identity"

Many moms will spit out "so ugly" when they first see their newborn, but after all, it is their baby, and there are many people giving birth at the same time in the hospital's obstetrics and gynecology department, and they don't want their baby to be mistaken.

To facilitate identification, the hospital will give the baby's wrist with a bracelet, which may be written with the baby's weight at birth, and some will also mark the name of the mother of the newborn, and each hospital handles it differently. With the bracelet, the baby has an "identity"!

8) "Stamp" with the little foot

After the birth of a newborn baby is similar, the hospital to better distinguish the newborn baby, also makes a footprint record, the baby's feet on the bottom of the mud, and then clearly prints on paper, and we record the fingerprints in the same way.

Because most newborns are clenched fists after birth, the small foot "stamp" collection is more convenient.

9) The "first vitamin" in life

The European Society of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition recommend that babies born at term be given 1 mg of vitamin K1 at birth to prevent the risk of bleeding.

To ensure the health of the newborn, the "first vitamin of life", vitamin K, is given within one hour after birth to maintain the clotting function of the newborn.

10) The "first breast milk" in life

Whether it's a normal birth or cesarean birth, the baby will be allowed to suck on the breast milk as soon as possible after delivery, about half an hour after birth, when the sucking reflex is stronger and can suck out the mother's milk.

The mother's colostrum has the name "golden liquid", which helps to improve the baby's immunity, the mother's body temperature, and heartbeat, and also makes the baby feel more secure.

11) Take care of your eyes too

During the delivery process, the baby's fragile eyes may be contaminated by amniotic fluid or other substances from the delivery. To make the baby's eyes healthier, are used some antibiotic drops, for cleaning and care.

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