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The fragrance of osmanthus

by Jackmama 2 months ago in art
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Guihua is one of the top ten traditional Chinese flowers, is an evergreen shrub or small tree in the family of Myrtaceae, with thin texture and thin skin, long oval leaves with pointed ends, evergreen in all seasons. It grows mainly in the southwest of China, with long flowers between the leaves, the corolla of the petals four-lobed, small, creamy yellow, orange-red, etc. There are many varieties, including golden osmanthus, silver osmanthus, dan gui, laurel, four seasons osmanthus, etc.

  Our own garden is not large, twenty years of planting a variety of flowers and trees, plate frame, magnolia, trillium, osmanthus, golden flower tea, etc., all year round garden flowers, flower fragrance.

  The fragrance of the flowers of the panicle is too strong, the fragrance of the magnolia is too sweet, the fragrance of the delphinium and the golden flower tea is too faint, only the fragrance of the osmanthus is the most pleasant, so I especially like the osmanthus, planted five or six four seasons osmanthus.

  Every time I go home, I can smell the fragrance of osmanthus from a few dozen meters away. From far and near, the light fragrance floats like a wandering silk, and waves and waves of fragrance come to my nose, and finally I am surrounded by the fragrance of the garden, enjoying the gift of osmanthus, the gift of nature. Pedestrians passing by were attracted by the fragrance of osmanthus, or stopped to watch; or sucked hard and praised; or plucked a few and put them in the palm of their hands, leaving the fragrance behind.

  The fragrance of osmanthus is gentle, fragrant but not enchanting. The fragrance of osmanthus is refreshing and refreshing. The fragrance of osmanthus is not strong, not light, not sweet, not greasy; osmanthus is small, but not proud, not impatient, not condescending. The world is a big place, a hundred flowers, osmanthus seems too small. In front of nature, human beings are also the same. Smallness makes us more humble and pious, makes us more reverent of nature, reverent of living beings, more grateful and cherished, and more likely to be happy and satisfied.

  The 10 million year old laurel tree on the moon tells the romantic story of Wu Gang felling the laurel, hoping for the reunion in the world. Many writers and scholars have left behind a thousand songs in praise of the osmanthus. Li Qingzhao's "The body is soft and light yellow, the love is far away, only the fragrance remains" and Li Shangyin's "If the reunion is like the bright moon, the osmanthus must be put in bloom here" are popular. The osmanthus flower represents chastity, beauty and longing.

  The osmanthus blooms several times a year, in every season, with relatively few flowers in spring and summer and a short flowering period, while it blooms frequently in autumn and winter and has a long flowering period.

  As a subtropical North Sea, the temperature is high and the sunlight is too strong, the osmanthus tree grows slowly, the leaves are not lustrous, the crown is not luxuriant and the image is not good, as if the water and the land are not suitable. No matter how I watered, fertilized, cut and cared for my osmanthus tree, it always did not move, remained as it was, and grew tenaciously at its own pace. I have been to Nanning, Liuzhou and Guilin many times to observe the osmanthus carefully. The more north you go from Nanning, Liuzhou and Guilin, the better the osmanthus grows, especially in Guilin, where the streets are full of elegant, graceful and charming osmanthus. The osmanthus in Kunming and Guiyang also grow very well. The osmanthus in Haikou and Sanya do not look as good as those in Beihai. It can be seen that the osmanthus is more suitable for growing in temperate areas.

  People in Beihai are fond of osmanthus, and you can see them everywhere. They like to plant osmanthus trees because of the fragrance of osmanthus, the meaning of wealth and luck. And no one fails the people of Beihai, despite the slow growth, the leaves are not lustrous and the canopy is not luxuriant, but the flowering is never ambiguous, even diligent, never stingy to send the fragrance of osmanthus to thousands of households.

  The osmanthus can also be used to make various kinds of food, such as osmanthus tea, osmanthus cake and osmanthus wine. Chairman Mao's "When I asked Wu Gang what he had, Wu Gang brought out osmanthus wine", which reflected the great man's love for him and his romanticism. The edible function of osmanthus and the myth and legend are so long ago.

  This year, the winter in Beihai was particularly long and cold, with rainy days, once in ten years. Adding to the impact of the epidemic, it was an eventful autumn, which really added to the misery. This year the osmanthus flowering period is also particularly long, from the middle of October last year to now, several months of time flowering and falling, cycle, never stop, never stop, as if forget the change of seasons, the world's warm and cold. With the company of osmanthus in full bloom, the ordinary lives out of the magical; to set aside the clouds to see the day, spring ambiguous flowers bloom more promising.

  People like osmanthus, love in the heart, every day is the flower season; osmanthus always bloom, fragrance around, cold winter is also very warm.


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