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The Factor Behind Longevity? 10 Medical Devices That Will Keep Your Health In Check

These top 10 health tech devices will take care of your body.

By Odedele BadiruPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

In a society beset by economic, social, and ecological issues, people's health increasingly takes precedence. Our well-being has suffered as a result of daily life becoming so hectic. We are attached to our phones in order to stay awake and in the loop, making turning off a genuine challenge. Exercise is a serious struggle.

Fortunately for us, an entire field of technology also exists to aid in navigating this difficult terrain. Seven health tech gadgets created to better look after our bodies and minds have been compiled by us. These health tech devices, which range from headbands to spectacles and wristbands, are intended to help us better understand our hearts, brains, and needs in order to live better.

These top 7 health tech devices will take care of your body.

1. Zeit Medical

The business created a headband that people can wear to sleep. Their brain impulses are monitored by the wearable. The software examines those impulses and can predict whether a stroke or seizure will occur a few hours in advance. Patients who are susceptible to neurological injuries are encouraged to wear it.

If even the slightest threat is felt, the band can be programmed to call for assistance as soon as feasible. American VCs SeedtoB and Digilife raised a total of €1.8M in the most recent round of funding in 2021.

2. Silver Technologies

The monitor smartwatch collects biometric mobile data and voice communications, offering a seamless system for data and speech interaction between elderly people, caregivers, and healthcare experts. Users, as well as health care practitioners and other professionals, may receive access to the information obtained. It enables families to provide senior family members with healthcare monitoring around-the-clock.

3. Airify

A smart wearable air quality meter called Airify connects to cellphones. It gathers and stores all the data in the app after assessing the surrounding environment by 13 characteristics with its 6 sensor modules.

This offers a free platform for crowdsourcing data on air quality, empowering people to make the best choices to lower their exposure to air pollution. The company will get an investment from the European Economic Area of €18K in 2020.

4. mBrainTrain

With tiny, medal-shaped discs fastened to the scalp and a little device that connects to a mobile device, mBrainTrain created a swimming-hat-like device. Thus, it offers information about the brain's neuronal activity. The development of software and technology for electrograms of electrical activity (EEG) supports brain research aimed at enhancing quality of life.

It's crucial to conduct study on brain activity in order to comprehend what causes particular emotions, how consciousness works, and why we behave in the way we do. People can lead happier, more fulfilling lives when the brain insights are properly interpreted. The most recent round of funding, a Convertible Note round, with a total amount of money raised in 2015.

5. AYO

The company created spectacles that emit blue light for 20 to 30 minutes, simulating natural sunlight and enhancing the body clock of the wearer. Through the retina, the particular light transmits messages to the brain, which alters the production of the melatonin, the hormone responsible for inducing sleep. The symptoms of jet lag are naturally decreased, energy levels are increased, and users get better sleep.

Customers can achieve their goals for a healthy lifestyle with the assistance of the goAYO app, which offers individualized therapy and advice based on science. They take a brief test after installing the app, which gives the program a sense of the body's typical rhythm and distinct wake-and-sleep cycle. The software then offers suggestions for regular modifications. Their most recent round of funding, totaling €190K, was raised by Eleven Ventures.

6. ECG for Everybody

The ECG device, a little plastic device connected to your phone that processes the electrical activity of your heart, generates large amounts of data that the device-software uses to assess the general welfare of its users. For early diagnosis and therapy following hospitalization, it wirelessly monitors the heart. Stress and fitness levels are also measured.

The platform offers individualized guidance from a range of specialists and a big data analyst deriving from AI after the data has been displayed on the app. The tool is appropriate for everyone who wants to quickly learn about their health and receive suggestions for how to get well. In 2016, it received a total investment of €16,2K.

7. Spark Vision

Glasses with a bluetooth connection and a built-in camera can enable persons with visual impairments get around more easily outside while still allowing them to read messages and make calls, if necessary. People can hear the text they have previously scanned with the glasses' camera thanks to the tiny speakers on the spectacles. It makes use of certain software that is accessible in both English and Bulgarian.

8. Hapbee Wearable Device

The Hapbee wearable from CES 2022 is another intriguing health-related device. This item can be used as a headband or as a stylish necklace. However, its primary goal is to make the user aware of the negative consequences of alcohol, caffeine, smoking, and prolonged sun exposure.

The creators tout Hapbee as cutting-edge technology. After all, some of our targeted consumables have low-frequency magnetic waves that can be recorded by this device.

The wearer's body receives a silent playback of the distinct frequency blends from the gadget. This enables people to become conscious of their routines. It also assists people to stay calm, focused, and to get enough sleep. Even better, it does so without causing any negative side effects in the wearer's daily life.

This is so that safe, low energy frequencies can be released by the Hapbee Wearable. The characteristic of typical feel-good chemicals can be repeated at these frequencies. The signals are actually designed to start working right away and to allow the wearer to wear off quickly when the sessions are over.

9. Mativ Smart Mat

A useful and interactive workout mat named Mative was revealed at CES 2022 by Omolle, a producer of interactive fitness services and a joint venture member of Born2Global Center. It is an intelligent exercise mat designed to work with the business's connectivity service.

This makes it the first multi-fitness smart mat in the world that analyzes the user's real-time workout data using embedded sensors and AI algorithms. This smart exercise mat has been in use for more than eight weeks, claims the firm. But with the help of this clever method, customers have already completed 4.3 workouts on average.

After that, this interactive smart mat offers you a wristband and perfectly connected fitness. Additionally, the bracelet gathers information about the user's arm and foot movements. Additionally, based on the user's bodyweight workouts, it offers an interactive fitness service using the collected data. Even while exercising alone and then taking a video class, users may feel as though they are working out with a trainer or friends.

10. Withings Body Scan

The body scan scale from Withings contains a sensor-equipped connected handle for tracking all these extra indicators. Even in the current situation, where individuals want to follow their health comfortably at home, the gadget makes a lot of sense.

The manufacturer claims that this body scale has received the necessary regulatory approval. Even so, the manufacturer is optimistic that this device will gain popularity in the second half of this year.


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