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The Eternal Instruct

by Jackmama 6 months ago in advice
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 In the morning, I walked into the campus in the wind, and my heart was full of nervousness. It was the first time I officially stepped into high school, and my high school journey officially started on that day. The autumn breeze was a gentle and earthy breeze, bringing the heat left over from summer's departure and the coolness that comes when autumn tiptoes knock on the door. Here, I saw a champagne-colored Buick.

  A month ago, in August, I received an acceptance letter from this high school. I was a little surprised, but also a little overwhelmed. A strange environment, a strange location, a group of strange students and strange teachers I would be spending time with, I didn't know how the three years would go, everything seemed so far away.

  Because of the fear of being late, I came early on purpose. The school was very empty and big. From the entrance of the school, you can see the entrance of the school building, which is a bright glass door, and you can faintly see the playground. There is a large open space between the school gate and the building gate, with a solid white line outlining the parking space, which seems to be for the teachers for a long time, and the fine white paint has been rubbed by the wheels of the years into the snake body pattern, concave and twisted. At this moment I am nervous as a broken ship floating in the Pacific Ocean, can not see the destination, surrounded by the whirring of the wind, silently waiting for the waves to issue. At this time, another breeze blew in the early autumn, blowing unfamiliar smell, that is mixed with the fragrance of plants and the smell of the campus, so I could not help but feel my heart tighten and my palms become colder and colder.

  I still remember the language teacher of the school, surnamed Sun, about 50 years old.

  It was the first day of school. Sun teacher left hand end a ceramic cup, the right hand holding a few books slowly and methodically into the class door, it seems that she has seen the class situation is not strange, no matter what happens seem to be able to respond calmly.

  "Come, come, everyone, be quiet." She smiled and gently leaned on the podium to say "I am your language teacher, my name is Sun, you can communicate with me if you have any language problems in the future." She spoke a little fast, but she could make us hear every word she said clearly, which made me feel in awe of this language teacher. She had a cheerful affinity and said things that had a magical power that firmly sucked in the thoughts of each student and could make a 40-minute language class go by in a flash. The next few teachers, especially the science teachers, were in marked contrast to Ms. Sun. The science teachers will speak straight and their own science thinking in the classroom to the fullest, coupled with the increased difficulty of science, so I would have been proud of the middle school science subject was destroyed in the blink of an eye no confidence.

  After eating, I leaned against a corner of the school building, opened the window, and silently looked out the sunny window. The sky seemed like a huge lotus leaf with that crystal and bright dewdrop, the distant clouds were clearly revealed, and the heat wave hit my face, giving me an indescribable feeling of uneasiness, so to speak, in short, without the calmness of the junior high school exam preparation sprint.

  The sunlight was shining through the glass and onto the tables in the school cafeteria, forming a diamond-shaped patch of light without a single blemish, very fine and bright. It was a Friday morning, and I was eating a meat bun next to the patch of light, looking out the window in confusion, occasionally picking up the millet porridge on the side that had gone from boiling hot to mild and drinking it down.

  "Teacher Sun, can I talk to you?" The fourth period of the morning between classes, I found Mr. Sun, met in the lunch break. I didn't care to sacrifice my precious lunch break because I had music, PE and study hall in the afternoon.

  I arrived at Ms. Sun's office on time.

  "Son, what's wrong, what's confusing you lately?" Mr. Sun was as kind as ever.

  "Mr. Sun, I feel a little overwhelmed with my studies this week. I don't know how to organize it, it's basically hard to finish my homework every day, and I'm very anxious." My eyes were a little moist.

  Mr. Sun brought me some papers and gave them to me.

  "Children, this is normal, because to high school, each student has to go through a process of adaptation, Mr. Sun thought when the first high school also experienced these, but we have to maintain a what ah, have to maintain a positive attitude to solve difficulties and problems, to be able to live a happy life, live a tasty life. You go now, you need to adjust their own schedule, such as the usual noon, eat quickly, and then back to class to write questions, recite ancient poems, fully seize the fragmented time around, to ensure that you have a harvest, not negative every minute, it proves that you have succeeded." My mood eased a little.

  "I always feel that time passes quickly and slowly lately, my mind is not very stable, why is this?"

  "Children, look, Mr. Sun is already 50 this year, struggling for most of his life, now about to retire, but especially envious of you teenagers, because you have a lot of time to play, can struggle, can experience a lot of life exciting, your life can be said to be living by the day, Mr. Sun's time, now can be said to be living by the second. Now time passes too quickly, it seems to live, healthy living is the greatest joy, even if it is suffering. So you are not in a good frame of mind, feel that time passes slowly, can completely change a thought, time actually passes very fast, but depends on whether you change direction of thought. In fact, suffering also has the pleasure of suffering ah." Mr. Sun spoke and spoke and laughed, shook his head, and his eyes showed some regret for the loss of years.

  I in a moment, a sudden realization ......

  The campus at seven o'clock in the evening, already very empty, I calmly out of the school building, see Mr. Sun driving that champagne-colored Buick is driving towards the school gate, to the entrance of the school, the security guard nodded to the car with the left front window open, making a gesture of bye. The rear of the car lit up with red lights and slowly drove away.

  Mr. Sun's words were as striking and long as the car's red taillights, shapeless, but filled my heart.


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