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The Capricious Summer


By JackmamaPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

"Summer summer quietly passed leaving little secrets, romantic summer and romantic a you, give me a pink memories -" in the "pink memories" song, summer is desirable, summer is romantic and charming, in each of our hearts will ripple ---

  Today the sun is shining and the sky is blue, making us drunk in the warm and real summer. You see, the girls are flamboyant, full of street skirts, swimming pools cooked dumplings like cheerful, vendors in front of the barbecue, snacks, cold drinks, fruit is really mouth-watering, as if how to eat the sea can not fill the belly. Strolling through the fields, flowers and grass compete with each other, a vibrant scene. The fragrant scent of the land mixed with the freshness of the plants permeates every cell of my body. I can't help but be immersed in the beauty of the season by having a few drinks with friends and watching the sunset and the colorful sunset together. Standing on the mountain beam beam with the wind crazy high roar, really romantic summer and romantic me and you.

  The rare hot weather this year, some places car taillights sunburned, the ring river water thin into a small stream, chickens and geese had to learn to "walk" for food, eggs hot directly hatched chicks. Some friends joked that the paper money that fell to the ground, before you have time to pick it up, the sun to catch fire, before you take two steps, shoes have been on the asphalt sticky it. The heat is so intense that it can't be stopped, is this summer contracted by the flaming mountains?

  The lightning that crossed the sky and the loud thunder that broke our quiet life, Zhengzhou, Henan Province, was hit by a thousand-year flood this summer. The rain was so capricious, as if the country's precipitation converged on the Central Plains, the streets became rivers, the subway was a sea of water, waist-high floods mercilessly swept away the lives of dozens of people, creepy, frightening ah, so that we have to be in awe of the power of nature. The rainstorm is merciless, there is love on earth. In the motherland's love, the country up and down Ning into a rope to fight the floods, the crisis juncture, the PLA officers and soldiers to come, rescue workers around the motherland to come, rescue supplies from all sides to come, and all the way to run "100 meters to save people" of the public, the thrilling moment "human wall "Escorting medical personnel across the road heroes, there is always a moment to warm people. The positive energy of unity, courage, warmth and optimism shown in the storm is the most beautiful interpretation of love on earth, inspiring the hearts of the nation. In the hearts of the people to form an unbreakable, disaster will win the dam, Henan cheer! Zhengzhou hang in there! Pray for peace!

  There was also a hailstorm on the bank of the Yellow River a few days ago. The egg-sized hailstones poured down, and the vegetation and trees on the mountain were as bald as if swept by the autumn wind. The melons that were about to open were bruised and battered, and an old farmer knelt down in the melon field and cried heartily, "God, you are so cruel, you want us to suffer the life of the people?

  This summer has given us too many unpleasant past events, either heat death in this summer or flooded by heavy rain in this summer. What is the cause of this summer's capricious weather? Some experts say the root cause is global warming and the increased instability of the climate system. In the future, extreme weather events of "once in a few decades" or even "once in a hundred years" will become more and more common, bringing impacts and risks to the natural ecology and human life. We should call on all human beings to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, develop low-carbon clean energy, start from me, change our lifestyles, care for the natural environment, so that the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter will no longer be capricious, the wind and rain will be smooth, the country will be safe, and we will have a hot, sunny and romantic summer.


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