The Biscuit Principle

Wisdom from my Papa

The Biscuit Principle
"Make a Choice"

"I learnt a very specific lesson, a piece of sound Wisdom from my Papa, as a young child, every night before bed my Nana would make my siblings and myself a hot drink, she would give us the Biscuit Tin to take into the lounge , where my papa would be sitting in his chair, stationed in front of the TV.

More often then not he would be expecting us, watching as we would walk from the kitchen to the Loungeroom and nod quietly.

One night, he sat up from his chair, appearing as if he had something to say. My Papa was not a Man of many words, so when he would speak we would listen. This night my Papa waited quietly until we sat down on the Lounge, placing the Biscuit Tin in front of us next to the Hot drinks my Nana had already prepared on the coffee Table in front us.

This night his eyes looked over as my brother started to open the Tin. My siblings and I would look forward to this time, when we were wrapped up in our Dressing gowns and Slippers, with the heater on in the Loungeroom watching Tv with Nana and Papa before bed time, eating our biscuits and drinking our hot drinks, there wasnt anything like it. The Loungeroom would be complete silence, but the presence was so warm and full.

My brother opened the Tin , all of our eyes immediately locked on the different yummy sweets and Treats we could see inside, it, Wow! chocolate, vanilla, fruit! oh my goodness, wafers, Tim Tams, Jam Biscuits we were in awe, but Just as we each went to grab one we heard my Papa's voice..

"Tonight you may choose only 3 biscuits from that biscuit Tin to eat and then the lid needs to be put back on the Tin & the biscuits returned to the cupboard or to your Nana"

Hearing these words caused immediate distress for all of us, what? why? we always get to have more than 3 Biscuits and how can we choose just 3? they all look so good, our hearts dropped, we each looked at each other as if to say, you go speak to Nana, or, I'll take 1 and hide the other, or let's make a run for it

But, It didn't work.

My Papa Intentively watched out of the corner of his eye, to make sure we adhered to his words, In silence, we obeyed, & nothing was said or spoken, until one of us finally had the courage to question Papa, for his words and his communication to us, my papa smiled, we knew this was our Queue and the floor was now open to begin sharing all of the reasons why we didnt agree with what he said or what we would have to do. So we all spoke at once right away.

My Papa gently but sternly signaled for us to quiet down and proceeded to speak with us, moving his body towards us and to face us he said,

"There was a time not too long ago where your Nana and I were limited with our options, many people were and we had to take what was given, (pointing to the Biscuit Tin) I am teaching you a lesson of gratitude for what you have and also the understanding of the time in which you're given to make your choice before getting into Bed, (pointing at the clock) you can choose what you want to have, out of all those biscuits, but just don't let your many options stop you from making a choice.

You see, I chose your Nana, Your Nana chose me, & with that choice we moved From Ireland and had our children, & by making that choice you 3 were born into this world."

I will never forget the Words of my Papa.

Nia Onor'e
Nia Onor'e
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