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Text Chemistry Review ⚠️ Is Amy North Text Chemistry Program LEGIT?

Text Chemistry Review

By Jass CalmPublished 2 months ago 6 min read
Text Chemistry Review ⚠️ Is Amy North Text Chemistry Program LEGIT?
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Text Chemistry Review ⚠️ Is Amy North Text Chemistry Program LEGIT?

What is Text Chemistry?

Text Chemistry is an online dating system developed by Amy North, a relationship coach.

The package includes a principal eBook as well as a 13-video series and three extra eBooks. The series, which is 13 video in length is a great feature to add to the program because it summarizes the principal eBook and highlights key elements.

The purpose in Text Chemistry is to capture an individual's attention and make him want to know more.

This is accomplished by training women on how to build a sense of connection and attraction through their messages to their male companions.

Many people, male and women, have difficulty successfully flirting and communicating online. People may not feel confident in themselves and are unsure or shy about texting other women.

Text Chemistry completely changes the game for many women.

Who do you think Text Chemistry for?

Text Chemistry is designed to aid women in improving their relationships with men. It is especially useful for women who are looking to:

  • Have a flirt with a guy to possibly turn him into an intimate partner
  • You must ensure that your boyfriend sees you as interesting, funny and an enjoyable partner.
  • Change a relationship with a husband or boyfriend who is separating themselves from each other and losing interest.
  • Rekindle your relationship with an ex-partner and get him to pursue you once more.
  • Women who are currently happily married are not likely to see the same benefits in Text Chemistry.
  • In the event that your love life is fun and exciting the books you'll discover through Amy North may be entertaining to read but they won't be needed.

Who is Amy North?

Amy North is a dating coach who is based within Vancouver, Canada.

Also, she's a well-known YouTuber along with a bestseller author. Her mission is to aid women to maintain relations with ideal partner, which isn't easy.

Amy's dating software, Text Chemistry and The Devotion System has sold more than 100,000 copies around the world.

She is a graduate in psychology of social and gives individual coaching sessions in breaking up and dating assistance to her growing client base.

Text Chemistry is founded on the first study that Amy North conducted while studying psychology at university. The research she refined after her experiences working as a coach for dating, observing the way couples communicated via text.

To grasp the fundamentals in Text Chemistry, consider the following questions:

How do you go about engaging a man's interest?

With so many distractions in the modern world, and with the competition from women, it is difficult to keep men's attention. This is the reason for Text Chemistry.

Amy North aims to help men get attention and get him to focus on you.

This is accomplished through using "attention hooks" in Text Chemistry These are similar to the methods used to draw attention of Hollywood screenwriters to grab and hold the attention of their viewers.

Have you ever been obsessed with a television show that you could not ever stop watching it?

There was something at the end of each episode caused you want to hit "Watch Next Episode." Amy North has taken these identical Hollywood techniques and applied to text men.

Text messages that contain attention hooks work because they directly connect to the attention system of a man's brain.

While he isn't even aware the man will begin contemplating you and being attentive to your presence, even though you are separated or haven't talked in some time.

Amy gives you contextually-specific messages which you can use throughout the course of your relationship, starting from the first flirting phase to maintaining a relationship that is long-lasting and exciting.

A more detailed look at texts

This is one reason Text Chemistry is such a helpful guide.

Amy North reveals specific text messages you can give to men which will likely prompt immediately a response.

She also provides women with the proper times and situations to utilize texts in any scenario when they are with a male.

So, no matter what how you feel about your partner, Text Chemistry provides you with the essential text messages to be successful with your partner, as well as the right time to use these texts.

The texting scenarios that are covered in the book include:

  1. What should you say to men who don't respond to your messages
  2. How to woo your ex back after the breakup
  3. Methods to reenergize the relationship that has become boring and stagnant
  4. Methods to seduce and draw your partner's desires
  5. strategies to communicate a need to commit and commitment
  6. Texts you can send to a partner who is not with you to make him feel you miss him
  7. Surprise texts that can make your partner want to be with you
  8. Strategies for engaging during phone chats with men and keeping his attention
  9. Methods to address concerns regarding abandonment, infidelity, or boredom in relationships.
  10. Have you ever received a message from a male and confused by its message?
  11. Amy North also includes a cheat sheet on how to interpret the man's words in case they're unclear and you don't need to worry about it.

Conclusion The question is: Is Text Chemistry Worth it?

I am thankful for the chance to read and think about the dating program designed by Amy North.

I found it packed with valuable insight and knowledge that could be useful to all ages.

I will only recommend products or sources that meet two requirements to me:

It will bring me up-to-date knowledge or provide me with information.

The item or source must also be extremely practical, which means it must provide insights or strategies that are easily applicable in everyday life. There is no value in learning something new when it is not applied to the daily routine.

Text Chemistry is a useful source for women as it offers new information about relationships and provides ways to keep the interest of a partner by ensuring efficient communication.

Amy North, the author Amy North, seems to possess a profound understanding of male behavior and is determined to equip women with the skills they require to make a successful start in dating.

I believe that , after having read Text Chemistry, women will be better prepared to manage relationships and be able to communicate effectively with their spouses.


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