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Taking Care of Our Parents: 5 Things You Can Do This Week

by Casey Chesterfield about a year ago in advice

Even if they're still in good health, you may need to help them live a healthy lifestyle.

Taking Care of Our Parents: 5 Things You Can Do This Week
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As your parents age, you're probably spending more and more time caring for them. Even if they're still in good health, you may need to help them live a healthy lifestyle. Your parents may need help with everything from their health insurance to their diet. To avoid caregiver stress, taking care of yourself is also essential.

However, caring for your parents does not always have to be a stressful ordeal. With a few simple moves, you can ensure your parents live a healthy lifestyle. And you can do all of it within a week! Focus on small changes that have significant benefits. For example, help them get essential health benefits from their diet. Encourage adequate sleep, regular exercise, and a healthy diet. Spend time with your parents outdoors, so they spend more time in natural sunlight. Also, consider double-checking their health coverage. If you're still wondering how to start, here are a few helpful suggestions.

Reduce their medication costs.

You can lower your parents' medical expenses with a few smart moves. After a certain age, your parents may need a significant amount of pills daily. With or without health insurance, this can cut into their income or retirement funds. To see why this is and understand how you can help, you should research the healthcare system.

The Affordable Care Act pros and cons can help you figure out why the cost of prescriptions has skyrocketed and the best way to help your parents get around this. If your parents' prescription medication costs have increased, find a way to lower the costs. For example, consider getting them a USArx pharmacy discount card. It can help them get better deals on prescription medication.

Encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Do your parents get enough sunlight? If they're still mobile, how much activity is part of their daily routine? Staying active could play an essential role in keeping your parents in good health. And, since it's challenging to motivate yourself after a certain age, you're the best person to help them out here. You can begin an exercise routine with them that encourages them to spend more time outdoors.

You can also encourage them to improve their immune system with the help of supplements and vitamins. If they already take supplements, check whether they include vitamins like vitamin D, zinc, vitamin B6, and vitamin A. An easy way to help them build immunity is to buy the right dietary supplements for their needs.

Several products provide immune system support that may help your parents maintain a healthy immune system. Consider an organic mushroom complex or supplements that contain natural herbs, fruits, and probiotics. Do your research to pick the right company to ensure you're buying natural, immune-boosting supplements.

Gift them a meal service.

It's easy for you to lecture your parents about how their diet isn't supplying them with the nutrient content they require. However, it's not always easy for the elderly to maintain a healthy diet on their own. A balanced diet has numerous health benefits, so spend a little time coming up with a plan to help them achieve this.

Consider accompanying them to the grocery store. You can also shop for their groceries yourself to ensure their diet includes everything from oranges and strawberries to whole grains and seafood. Encourage them to eat more carrots, spinach, broccoli, and grapefruit. Also, encourage them to consume foods that contain beneficial antioxidants, vitamins, and probiotics.

If it's difficult for your parents to prepare healthy meals for themselves, gift them a meal service. Several services may offer nutrient-rich meals at affordable costs for the elderly. It's an excellent way to begin preventive care and keep your parents healthy. It may also help save money since a healthy diet may help cut health care costs in the future.

Double-check their health insurance.

The best way to ensure your parents have the care they need is to check their health insurance. If they already have insurance, contact their insurance company to learn more about their health coverage. Do they pay higher premium costs than they should? Do they have access to the best healthcare providers for their needs?

The health insurance marketplace can be a confusing place for everyone. There are many different healthcare providers, insurance companies, and health insurance plans. In addition to this, seniors may also be at risk of numerous healthcare scams. So, help out by spending a few days double-checking your parents' plan. Check everything from potential out-of-pocket expenses to emergency room exclusions.

Help sort out their finances.

Even if your parents have retirement funds, it's a good idea to sort through their finances. Ensure that they can remain financially independent by cutting costs and increasing income. Help them research the types of health insurance, savings plans, and investment options. Also, ensure they're taking advantage of all the tax cut options available to them.


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