Speak When the Baby Sleeps...

by Sophie Skipper 4 months ago in children

Why I decided to start sharing my stories.

Speak When the Baby Sleeps...

Because the world needs more mummy bloggers.

Mums are constantly on the go, right? Between night feeds, 2:00 AM resettling attempts, early morning rising, school drop off, work in the office or at home, social commitments, endless housework, and some form of exercise squeezed in there somewhere—there's barely enough time to scroll Facebook! And so, to add to my own currently chaotic plate, I'm starting a blog  #you'rewelcome

This first entry is simply an introduction as to the who and why behind 'The Mummalogue', because in today's society, we can't choose to do anything without needing to justify it to a world of strangers. Go figure.


To my darling husband I'm commonly known as 'Petty.' Don't ask. I don't even know why either.

To my tornado toddler I'm 'mum-mum.' But more often than not a shrill cry does the trick too.

To my golden retriever I'm just the one who collects tufts of hair around the house, and tries to cut her back on dinner time treats.

But otherwise, I answer to Sophie. Hey!


Why do i feel the need to share my ideas and opinions on yet another platform? (currently streaming my thoughts, feelings and flaws on Instagram—@sophskipper) A number of reasons, so I'm glad you asked!

My friends, family, and most people who meet me would testify I've always been a talker. I'm an extrovert who thrives on communicating with others, and my energy tank refills at lightning speed when I'm around (good) people. So when I finally became a mum, and suddenly found myself confined to the same four walls everyday (my own decision and demise) with a newborn, I felt the strongest urge to still connect with others, but from the comfort of my newborn baby bubble. And so began my appreciation for social media connections.

No doubt I will venture into my postpartum experiences and battles with anxiety in another entry, so stay tuned! But to briefly add it to my motivation to type, I found my mind resembling a washing machine. With thoughts constantly swirling around my head at full speed, and constantly threatening to bubble over, whenever I was able to engage in a conversation I could hear myself almost explode with words. It was as though I was talking AT people, not TO them. (Think 'Cady-Heron-vs-Regina-George-word-vomit') Not in a selfish way, but almost as if I had to get my daily word count out in one go or I would combust!

Chatting with medical professionals and friends, the idea of a social outlet sounded less crazy and more critical. Once I started opening up online I was amazed by the positive response. Having so many fellow girls/women/mums thank me for being honest and real, giving a voice to something otherwise considered taboo, or making them laugh and not feel alone in their daily stuff-ups, fueled my urge to do more, and gave a sense of purpose behind the chatting.

With my mind racing so loudly there was no chance of the infamous 'sleeping when the baby slept,' (and all the mamas said 'AMEN'), but I found a huge sense of release and recharge in speaking when the baby slept instead. A flicker of normality and 'the old Soph' started creeping back into my daily routine, and it was the most unexpected form of wonderful!

Teamed with the thrill of sharing, and that unbeatable sensation of tapping at MacBook keys that makes you feel so productive, like you actually could run a business or something, I have always wondered what a blog would look like for me. And on the plus side, if it can help anyone at all in the same way it has helped me, then it's worth all the potential social media scrutiny.

So, here's to experimenting! Here's to trying new things! Here's to giving it a crack, and seeing what happens! Would love for you to join me on the journey and have a laugh wherever it takes us.

DISCLAIMER: I speak fluent sarcasm to achieve an enjoyable experience, and so most of my content will need to be read with a large grain of salt/common sense when discerning between a lighthearted joke and a concrete conviction.

Example—when labelling myself 'world's greatest mum/wife/anything' this is more than likely not exactly the case, but rather for dramatic effect #onlyhuman.

Sophie Skipper
Sophie Skipper
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