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Should You File For Divorce During COVID-19 Pandemic?

by Alex M Ferguson 6 months ago in advice

Factors we should consider before applying for divorce in COVID-19 situation

Should You File For Divorce During COVID-19 Pandemic?

It is safe to say that with COVID-19 pandemic, families are living in fear. This type of fear, stress and anxiety are universal emotions nowadays in every family. But, what should you do when your tensions become a marital argument, or your previous spousal case has made the lock down even worse? How can you deal with the divorce situation during this pandemic?

If you find yourself wondering whether COVID-19 pandemic is the right time to plan for divorce or not, here are some practical factors you should consider before reaching your conclusions.

Safety First

Health and safety of people are one of the significant concerns of family law practitioners. If you are suspected of domestic violence or physical abuse, get in touch with criminal law firms in Kanata for your safety and well being. This pandemic never means you should remain in an abusive home and even courts are considering many protection orders for emergency issues throughout the COVID-19 epidemic. So, if you find yourself in this type of situation, it is always better to file for a divorce.

Should I Go Or Stay

Most divorcing couple is facing main issues to live together under a roof that can lead to unhealthy tension or abusive acts. According to law, if you want to move out of the family home than you can. However, finding a new house during the pandemic is a complicated situation that can present unique problems. So, consider your family living arrangements before filing to separation.


This pandemic has led to significant economic instability, and the court depends on the income facts of both parties for spousal and child support. If both (you and your spouse) are dealing with reduced hours and lower earnings, this is not the best time for taking a divorce. In contrast, if you are facing increasing job insecurity for you or your spouse in the coming months, the pandemic is the best time for filing for separation process.

Speak To Professionals

If you are going through stress and issues you have with your soon-to-be-ex-spouse, get in touch with an experienced therapist who accepts your insurance. Besides, professional can meet via video-conference or telephone so that you maintain social distancing that is essential during COVID-19 pandemic.

The Coming Surge

According to a report, in China, a major rush in divorce cases was increased after the lockdown. Undoubtedly, nothing can bring attention to a dysfunctional relationship. A similar surge in divorce cases is also expected in other countries.

To maintain health and safety, many matters were cancelled by the court during this pandemic. That’s why there is an extensive backlog for hearings, settlement conferences and trials. The legal process can be more time consuming and expensive under this type of circumstances, especially during this pandemic. So, it may be wise for you to file sooner rather than later to save time in the divorce process. You can hire an experienced Kanata family law lawyer for getting help in filing for separation process from their spouse.


In case if you don’t choose to file for a divorce during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are specific actions you can take to speed up the process when you have decided to separate from your spouse. If you are planning for filing a divorce soon, make sure you get information on your house’s value, the mortgage against it, and the importance of any significant property or debts statements for retirement, pension plans and copies of life insurance policies. If you have this information at your case’s starting, you can save you time and money as well as make more informed decisions.

Experience Is Key

Whether you need a protection order, advice on timing a divorce, or want to speed up the divorce process, consider the Kanata family law lawyer who is accessible, responsive and are fit for your case. They can help you to reach a brighter future. Apart from this, make sure you hire an attorney who can communicate during the lock down.

The Bottom Line!

If you are planning for divorce during this COVID-19 pandemic and don’t know how to deal with this situation, you need to consider these factors first so that you can make the right decision regarding your divorce process. Moreover, you can hire a professional family lawyer for your case if you want to separate from your spouse without any hassle at this time. You can also get in touch with criminal law firms in Kanata if you are facing any abuse and domestic violence.

Alex M Ferguson
Alex M Ferguson
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