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Saving money

by Kelly Vedder about a year ago in values
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Saving Money

Everybody wants to save and have more money. One way that works is to put a percentage of

money away with all your income, after bills. A survey that I conducted showed most people

saved their money in a bank. Then, they use their credit cards for purchases. You can use a jar

for coins. After you break a dollar, just put your change into the jar. Another way is to stretch

your money is to label some envelopes: Personal, Private, Home, Shopping, Starbucks/coffee,

and Date night. You can use a personal or private envelope on those no-money days, even if it's

just a dollar. One dollar could make a difference.

According to an interview, a girl made envelopes for her upcoming wedding. If you know a

special occasion is coming, like a wedding or a trip, label each envelope for those occasions.

Some people keep a logbook of what they spend and record their receipts. No matter how much

money you make, any income, you can put a few dollars away. It adds up. Try to avoid using

any of the money you have put away until you need it for that category. Income can be anything:

Stocks, bottle returns, a job, or items you could sell, any cash you take home. Some people

have luck with direct sales. If you're passionate enough about what you're selling, you can do


People ask, "How can I save money at the grocery store?" It's easy! Let's start with the meat

department. Buying ground beef, or any meat, the grocer will place a sticker on the label that

says, "$1.00, $2.00, $5.00, or $10.00 off." Those are the type of meats to purchase. All that

means is that you need to use it immediately or place it in your freezer.

For salads, purchase a container of Spring Mix, portion it out into Tupperware containers with

other veggies, and you’ll have salads for a week. The trick to cantaloupe is when you smell the

end of the melon, and you can detect the sweetness inside. That is a good indicator that the

melon is ripe and sweet.

Something that may help if you grow your food. Backyard chickens produce eggs, gardens

where you can plant your produce, and cows can give you milk. Farming could be profitable and

can help you save money on food. It's healthier. You know where your food came from.

Always keep your eyes open for coupons and ads. Some supermarkets have better deals than

other supermarkets. So you shop around. Buying things in bulk helps too.

When you're low on funds, some of your monthly charges could be put on a temporary

cancellation or put on hold. Or that Starbucks coffee may need a break. Your funds will start to

add up. Focus on your needs, not your wants. Are you trying to find something fun to do and

save money? How about having a game night and making dinner together at home?

You can serve chips and salsa and a seven-layer dip. You can host a game or movie night and

have your chips and salsa or seven-layer dip all together at the same time. If it's a nice day for

grilling, you could have a little fire pit and cook some hot dogs and burgers. Cooking at home

will save you money. When you want to save money and can't afford the gym, you can exercise

at home. Youtube has many fitness videos to work out with within the comfort of your own

home. You could host a dance party. You could have movement songs like the Cha-Cha, the

Slide, or the YMCA.

Saving money can be difficult, but saving money can also be accomplished. If you have worked

out a budget, that may help you manage your money. Just trying to stick to a budget is hard too.

There are so many ways to make money and save money. Every penny counts.

By kellyE


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