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sad boy with teddy

by Artemis Pop 2 years ago in children
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even teddy bears wear mask

A sad boy with his masked teddy...he wanted to play with his school mates or the neighbour's children but his parents expect him to social distance. So, his only friend is the teddy bear.He put on it his mother's face mask because this is now his reality, mother wearing a mask. Mother cannot smile anymore with a mask on and he becomes so sad, he misses his mother's smile, he misses all the peoples smiles.

How many of him are in the universe?

How many children are confused by what's going on in the world?

How many children are stuck in the house with no friends to visit, no friends to play with? How will they turn out? How will they be when they grow up? Will they still keep the distance from others? Or they will grow up thinking that this world is a scary place where people are avoiding each other, where you get a fine for having too many people around?

When will they see a proper wedding for example? A BIG wedding? I remember when my cousin got married almost 500 people attended. When will they see a concert in an arena or a football game? When will they not see people in street avoiding each other and apologizing for getting too close?

We are already wiring their brain to believe the world is a dangerous place. How they will escape this fear?

I am in suffering now as my son grows up in these times and I don't want to sound harsh but if I knew this was going to happen I would have chosen not to bring him into this world.I know there has been struggles in the past but at least people were free. It took us centuries to gain our freedom only to loose it in few months over a virus.

What is is the quality of life now? Why doesn't anybody mention the suicide rate ? The increasing number of depressed people? And if the parents are getting low how do we expect children still to be happy?

And what about the children and women stuck in isolation with an abuser?

If I could I would erase this year from my life and from my son's life and everybody 's else's.

I just want to see children happy again, people smiling in the streets and freedom to do whatever they want to do.

I still keep the hope that everything will turn out well in the end and maybe we will cherish more the things we were taking for granted in the past and realise what is really important.

You cannot feel your mother's embrace from two metres apart.We are social creatures. Do not keep us apart because this will alienate us as a species.

What affects me the most in this corona time is the longing for people, the longing for an embrace from a friend, from my parents, my brother...computers and phones don't do the trick for me. I need the close proximity, someone dear to be in what is called "personal space".

The rule is 2 m apart because this is the distance beyond our personal space. They try to keep the virus away from our bodies but what about if our brains get the virus of depression and deep sadness, because of all the rules and regulations, all the restrictions? How will we enjoy life after all this is over?

We will not, not without professional help. But these professionals are affected as much as the rest of us by feelings of anger, frustration and grief. Maybe only someone like Sahguru or Buddha can remain in a state of pleasantness but I am talking here about ordinary people, me and you who are not trained or practising meditation like buddhists or shamans.

What am I teaching my child now? To social distance? To stay away from other people? Will he grow up with this idea in his head?

If you are born now, it will be natural for you to see people wearing masks. This will be your reality.

Do you think those children will find it hard in the future to not have the mask on and show all their face? Don't you think after being admonished every day for standing too close to other humans beings the outcome of that in time will be disastrous for their social skills and behaviour?

When you see everyday people apologising for being too close, will children consider being close to someone a terrible mistake and a way of caching a virus, when in fact being close to people should be the most wonderful experience?

Where is the understanding of the importance of being in the physical presence of others?

Without this, we will be dead inside anyway, so it will not matter if we have the virus or not. We all eat food that has been through many hands and sometimes even delivered by someone else, so what is the point?

Why don't they stop selling cigarettes because you can die from lung disease? They don't stop selling them because they generate a lot of tax.

Why are masks not free for example? Recently PPE has increased in price as the tax relief on them has been stopped. This is totally disgusting! What if someone is really poor and cannot afford them? Is it again a case of the poor being more likely to die anyway and we don't care?


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