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Returning Home in Mid-Autumn Festival

by DannyMox 2 months ago in art
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Seeing that the annual Mid-Autumn Festival is coming up, Zhao mother more and more homesick for her son who has been away for years, how much she hopes that her son will be able to come home for the Mid-Autumn Festival yo ...... day and night. Last night, the west wind is strong, it is difficult to sleep, Zhao mother has stayed up until the second half of the night to fall asleep. Sleep but easily dreamed of her son coming home on the Mid-Autumn Festival ......

  Zhao's mother is a farmer, from childhood at home suffering, married to the in-laws, the family has a lot of adults, she began to serve the old, take care of the young. Ten years ago her husband died of an illness, and the burden of the family's life was all on her alone. The good thing is that Zhao's mother is hardworking and kind, the work in the farmland is difficult for her, and the villagers are also willing to help her, she raised a son and a daughter to adulthood, the daughter has been married, the son also graduated from college, working in the provincial capital, life is hard, but Zhao's mother feels that she is worth the pain and suffering for the children.

  Tomorrow is the Mid-Autumn Festival, will my son really come back? Zhao mother again remembered last night's good dream, silently and the reality of the comparison, the son seems to have gone to school, work on holidays are rarely back, not son unfilial. When you go to school, you have to work during the holidays to earn tuition, and you're too busy to work, not to mention the Mid-Autumn Festival. Zhao's mother suddenly felt that she wanted her son to come home for the Mid-Autumn Festival is simply a luxury, last night's dream and son together for the Mid-Autumn Festival is really just a dream. Thinking of this, Zhao mother did not feel sad again, miss her son's mood more and more aggravated, a strong longing intertwined with strong loneliness and loneliness invaded her body and mind. The always strong mother Zhao suddenly sobbed, the past is like smoke, aggression like the wind, thoughts like water, she was beaten by the invisible pressure and impact, weakness, like a sudden serious illness, and lying down, covered with quilts, sleeping in bed, sobbing, sighing ......

  The son's side, the company is still very busy, although the Mid-Autumn Festival is also a holiday break, but the son as the head of the company's department, things are many, heavy task, but also some can not leave. The idea of homesickness and homesickness for your mother echoes in your heart all the time, but you can only suppress it. When he was dealing with the office, the deputy general manager came in and, after understanding the situation, persuaded him to go home and spend the Mid-Autumn Festival with his mother. The son suppressed his excitement and bought a big bag of things and rushed home. He did not call his mother, wanting to give her a surprise.

  In autumn, the hometown is particularly refreshing, walking home on the path, the fragrance of melons and fruits, you can also smell the smell of the earth. Autumn is high and exhilarating, stepping quickly towards home with the autumn breeze.

  "Mom, mom, I'm home..."

  My son started shouting as soon as he entered the yard.

  The first time he came home, he shouted, and his mother came out of the house in response. Today, there is no mom! The son shouted at his mother and pushed open the door.

  "Mom, I'm home..."

  He continued to call out to Mom and pushed the door into the house. He saw Mom lying on the bed.

  "Mom, what's wrong with you?"

  He hurriedly put down his things and went to touch Mom's forehead with concern.

  "Mom, you don't have a fever, where are you not feeling well?"

  Zhao's mother was awakened by her son's shouting and stroking.

  "My baby, you're back..." said Zhao's mother and tried to sit up. One was happy and the other wanted to prove that it was not a dream.

  "Mom, you lie down, where exactly are you uncomfortable ah, or go to the hospital to see ......"

  "My wa, mom is fine, just feel weak, I fell asleep to slow click on it", Zhao mother's eyes tears in the turn, which is happy.

  "My wa, mom did not know you were coming back, did not make you good food, this will go to you to do ..." said to get up and go down.

  "Mom, you sleep and rest, son go get you some food..."

  "My baby, what kind of food can you make?" Zhao mother heard her son say this, excited tears can no longer be stopped, down the cheeks dripped. She knew her son was heartbroken, her son hadn't cooked properly a few times since he was a child.

  "Mom, you just lie down properly". The son helped his mother to cover up the quilt and went out.

  In a short while, the son came in with a bowl of egg hanging noodles.

  "Mom, hurry up and eat something, eat something, let's take the medicine, and you will be fine ......"

  "Alas, my child, what delicious food did you make?"

  Looking at the egg hanging noodles brought by her son, the mother's eyes were filled with tears and a smile.

  After eating the egg noodles and drinking the medicine, the mother soon got well. In fact, Zhao mother itself is not sick, it is because too much miss my son, too lonely and lonely, now my son is back, even the dream has come true, with the spirit, with a good mood, the disease will naturally get well quickly.

  The mid-autumn moon is full and people are reunited, mother and son are happy together. Zhao's mother cooked her son's favorite meal, and his son brought back moon cakes and fruits from the provincial capital and put them on the table. Under the moonlight, mother and son sat around the small table, mother to son sandwiched dishes, son to mother fed moon cakes.

  "Mom, try this again, it's the best moon cake in the city", the son handed the half moon cake he had just opened to his mother's mouth.

  "Well, it's just delicious..." Zhao's mother, like a child, obediently took a bite of the mooncake and fed the rest of it to her son's mouth.

  Mother and son were eating mooncakes under the moonlight while reminiscing about the past. I remember one year, a neighbor's child was showing off half a mooncake in front of her son, who was drooling with hunger and came home crying and asking his mother for mooncakes. Mom could not afford to meet this small request of her son and had a hard time inside for a long time.

  "Mom, there is also this kind of moon cake is also delicious..." said the son, handing another moon cake to his mother.

  "My baby, mom can't eat anymore, she ate too much. This is the most I've eaten in my life, the best mooncakes, and the happiest Mid-Autumn Festival I've ever had ......"

  The most important thing is that you have to be able to get the most out of it.

  "Mom, it is the son unfilial, can not often go home with you, let you suffer ......" son knows the mother's mind, hurriedly self-reproach to the mother to show his feelings.

  "My child, Mom knows you are very busy, Mom does not expect too much, this is already very happy ......"

  Mid-autumn night, the moon is round, mother and son love is deep, sighs, praise, smiles, along with the whole night sky, the fragrance of moon cakes floating into the distance, the picture is fixed in this beautiful happy moment, the mid-autumn moon, mother and son love is permanently fixed ......


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