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Remembering Grandma

by James 4 months ago in grandparents
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"At the Qingming Festival, it rains a lot, and the pedestrians on the road want to break their souls."

Remembering Grandma
Photo by Danie Franco on Unsplash

"At the Qingming Festival, it rains a lot, and the pedestrians on the road want to break their souls."

Another Qingming Festival has arrived, and the endless drizzle makes me sad from the heart, looking at the gloomy sky, my heart also becomes wet, my eyes also slowly become hazy, and through the haze of rain, thoughts also drifted with the more distant, I saw the familiar small cottage, full of grass is still so tender green, colorful wildflowers open lonely, and the clear river, all this makes me feel kind The scenery is still the same, but Grandma is long gone.


I remember when I was a child, my father was always away, and my mother had to take care of the farm work in the field, so she couldn't care about our siblings, my brother and I were received by my grandmother during the day, and then sent to my home at night. I don't know what to do, my brother and I always just peel the white layer to eat, and throw the black layer to the side, and grandmother did not blame us in the slightest, she always carefully pick up the black bun on the ground, while ranting and saying, you children, ah, have not suffered, do not know the taste of suffering ah. When she sent us home at night, Grandma always took a few pickled salted eggs or duck eggs from the jar and secretly slipped them to us ......

When it came to school age, mother had to be busy with work in the field, and grandmother went to the tailoring department to use the cloth they cut, these cloths are large and small, flowery and green, but these small scraps of cloth somehow in the hands of a grandmother like magic, and soon became a delicate small schoolbag, the pattern on the schoolbag a small triangle next to a small triangle, layer after layer, layer after layer is filled with grandmother's love for us, just like that Carrying grandmother's small schoolbag, walked through the kindergarten, through the elementary school, through the junior high school ......

Later, as I slowly grew up, I learned more and more about my grandmother, my mother told me that my grandfather died when she was very young, my mother's uncle and uncle also died early, and my mother's uncle also left three children, a boy, and two girls, all young, and my mother and their sisters three, six children were left to grandmother alone, many people advised grandmother to remarry while young, but grandmother never wavered, she said he Grandma said she could not let go of these children who opened their mouths to eat, so Grandma took the six children as her own, one by one, and brought them up and gave them a family one after another. Grandmother, however, is also old, 80 years old, her eyes are not blind, not deaf, but her legs and feet are not good, but she still can not be idle every day, making old tiger shoes for her grandchildren, grandsons, shoe mats, sitting at the door to show the way to passers-by, 84 years old, when grandmother went to the toilet, in order not to bother people, a person accidentally fell a foot, since then, grandmother's health is deteriorating. I was still in school at the time, and because of the tight academic schedule, I only went back to see my grandmother once, but I never thought that time would become forever. The day my grandmother died was the time for final exams, I cried and cried to go back, my mother said you have this heart your grandmother will know, I finally did not go back, I did not see my grandmother, which became my lifelong regret.

The swallow flew to the south, there is a time to fly back; willow withered, there is a time to green again; peach blossoms, there is a time to open again ...... but a dear grandmother, you have left us four years, standing in front of the grandmother's grave, granddaughter and you near, but the yin and yang, a thousand calls can not meet with you, there is the endless heart I have untold sorrow, pain, and despair in my heart.

The tree wants to be quiet but the wind does not stop, and the son wants to raise but his parents do not wait. My aunt stood at the grave with tears streaming down her face. Every year at Qingming, in front of this yellow earth, there is nothing more painful for adults than this. The tears that flowed in silence had much remorse and grief. They think of their deceased relatives, but also remember the old days of the silk ties ......

The grandmother of the nine springs: do you know that I miss you like the warm spring breeze, endless, and continuous ......

It's time to turn around and leave, in the firelight, the smoke slowly blurred the grave, the curl of smoke with thoughts pointing to the distant sky ......


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